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Default Re: Money management for beginners

Originally Posted by Angelnish View Post
Don't forget the thread was for beginners not for 'Great Traders' :confused:
Everybody is afraid of loosing their money in this market as these markets are risky and unpredictable as well, so the fear of loosing money is always there. A newbie needs to learn how to always trade by using proper money management and put stop loss to his trades so that the losses will be minimum if the markets reverse from direction of his trade. At the same time he needs to control his fear as well to perform quality trades.
Putting a stop loss is right. But why did you say that newbies don't need to learn control their risk? Please be a responsible person because there are so many newbies coming to the forum to learn.

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced trader, this is the very basic knowledge that one would need to know. We should never risk more than 3% of our total capital per trade.
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