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Okay guys I wanted to share my strategy for earning a lot more money with this ea.

This ea has been performing well so far. It has had 53 trades and a net pips of +208.6 That is not bad!!! In my account it has earned around 25% so far in under 2 weeks. Here is the great part I also earned 60% commission on my trades. Overall my commisions in this one account have grown to a over $113 on an account that is presently $812 or about 14% of my account!

so right now I have a net total gain of around 40%

That is my goal number per month right there!

So the easy way to get these back end earnings is to sign up as an affiliate

Once you sign up and get approved as an affiliate, you than simply open a trading account through your own link and you will earn 60% commision on all your trades.

I also want to add that this is perfectly legit. As far as I know there is no problem with opening an account under your link, but if you are not sure I suggest you ask support. If you want to be on the safe side perhaps use a different email address.

[COLOR="Red"]**I just checked through there whole website and I don't see anywhere that says you can't sign up under your own link.[/COLOR]

But again if your not sure check with them.

Once you are signed up as an affiliate, then you open your trading account. This part is surprisingly easy. I have signed up for literally 15-20 different brokers and I can say with confidence hotforex makes it easy. You fill the app online than you scan and securely send some id an proof of residence and they approve you within minutes.

Now your ready to fund your account. You can use credit card or an any of a number of other ways to fund.

Right now hotforex is offering a 50% matching bonus. It is a sweet deal but Be careful. Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. This bonus also makes you a little over leveraged at first. It can be deceiving when you are figuring out your risk. In reality at first you end up risking 50% more by accident. Here's why...

You open an account and they give you a bonus, but you must "qualify" before you could ever withdraw it. I believe the way to "qualify" is basically you have to pay out in commissions what the value of the bonus is before you can keep it. So even though it's in your account, if you were to be near margin call without it, you would be near a margin call period! However as you can see MDP trades quite frequently and you will meet the required trades in no time. The easiest way to avoid over leveraging your account until the bonus "clears" is to pretend the bonus is not there and set your risk lower at first. For MDP you would risk 1 instead of 1.5

So you get a bonus and you get 60% commission. It all works out.

If you decide being an affiliate is not for you, than you can still enjoy the bonus and very low spread by signing up for a regular hotforex account.

So that is my strat. It is a part of why I love MDP.

I will talk to you soon...
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