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Default Re: SATYR is your automatic income. Robot from Simple Invest


New set on the SATYR robot!
- Balance: minimum recommended balance is 200$
- Timeframe: m15 (default)

For AUDCAD pair the return for 2022-2023 was 450%.
Maximum drawdown: 35%

For EURCHF pair the yield for 2022-2023 was 330%.
Maximum drawdown: 50%

*Drawdowns are indicated relative to the balance. In the history, the deposit was required twice.
** Drawdowns above the starting balance on both pairs were necessary twice.
*** The robot trades all the time, without stopping. With robot control, profitability can be increased / drawdown can be reduced by changing the lot size, expanding the trading time range or working with news.

In the next 24 hours the set will be uploaded to the servers in the Expert Advisors folder and added to the archives for downloading inside your personal account!

SATYR EA - 1.02 long-awaited update!

- modified operation of the cascade system
- added parameter of protection against slippage
- added parameter of protection of order opening at spread widening
- added parameter of closing orders at extended spread.

New set files have been added to the download archives.
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