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Originally Posted by vanhook2 View Post
On pairs such as G/U & E/U, depending on the day, S/L 20 to 50.
On the G/J, 50 to 100.:eek:
Hope that helps
Thanks all help. I am not experienced in using pip value trailing stops so far in my trading journey...

I keep reading others work. I use trailing stops manually from one swing high/low or a strong fib cluster of S/R.

If I were to use any of the three trade management EA freely available,(Your being one of them) I would not know where to start.

Before I get asked what are the other two trade management EA's please use FF search to find them or Swingman's thread on FF(Both are mentioned there H1Scalper System (MTF D1,H1,M5) - Forex Factory).

Thanks again for your help
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