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Originally Posted by vanhook2 View Post
As Iím sure you know, each pair has its own personality.
So, to have 1 setting does not work.
I have this EA set up on several charts that I SCALP from & each is different.
I only use the 1 hr chart to determine a trend & TP points, and then look for my entry point on the 15M charts.
As for the 4Hr & 1D charts, I employ the AshFX-V2 system & put my S/L @ the swing high/low, as per the system.

What does trailing step: 1 (default) represent?
This is from the manual:
Trailing Step: Checks and modifies trailing stop loss after this number of pip
Thanks for this, I am aware of different personalities (Daily range/volatility) of each currency pair. I was asking an average range per TF, like 50 pips for
H1(GBPUSD works well) , H4 250 pips average or something similar.

This was a difficult question from my side.

For the pairs you trade on M15, what trailing stops settings do you find as ideal/optimal?

Thanks again
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