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Originally Posted by Timf1979 View Post
Hi guys i want to post my last trade Ashfx v2 with murrey math as a complementary. I've been a fan of MM for a long time, actually i think it gives better analyses in terms of support, resistance and reversal points. so here it goes. Notice for an almost perfect AshFX setup on the May 19 with both AC and AO on red and candle closing 58 pips more than 38pips is always good) below the 5/8 harmonic. i took it short because of that... Stochcastic is on oversold... but i managed to enter anyway. My current TP is on the 4/8 line (1.0742) after that reversal is expected.
What do you guys think of it?
I had MM on my charts as well for a while and then decided to take it down after things became way too cluttered. it is almost impossible to do any proper analysis with all those lines. A fib grid and an indicator showing daily, weekly, monthly pivots is more than enough IMO.
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