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Originally Posted by AshFX View Post
This new thread has been opened for members who feel they can add extra value to AshFX V2 with their own method(s).
I can't say I have anything of "extra value" to add yet, but hopefully it will be o.k. to debut this thread with an observation regarding CCI Divergence, and anyone who knows more about it than I do can feel free to correct it (which is probably about 99% of the human race :o).

Attached is a chart for AUD/NZD. On May 5, CCI was at 99.05 at the end of the trading day. This followed an uptrend with definite CCI divergence. With that scenario in mind, am I correct in understanding that would be a logical place to place a Short trade in anticipation of an upcoming AshFX trade? The AshFX signal came on the 11th of May, but it appears one could have jumped into this trade about 150 pips earlier based on the CCI signal. Is that a correct interpretation? Any insights would be appreciated. :)
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