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Originally Posted by jezzer1961 View Post
Is this what you want? I haven't tested it, but if you open the source file in the editor and search cwave, you'll be able to see the modifications that I've made.

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Here's the problem I'm having if you look at the white arrow it should have opened a sell on the open of that candle. I was in on a long position and it didn't do anything when it should have opened a sell and closed my buy. On the previous candle it closed below the 20 SMA and the AO Oscillator has to be red whether it's high or low just as long as it's red. Even though the previous candle is green it should still generate the trade becuase it just needs to close below the 20SMA.

I suspect the coding is set-up where that previous candle needs to be red in order for the trade to generate. If you could please look at that I would appreciate it so much.

Thank you for your help and I hope it makes sense what I just wrote.

Thank again,
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