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effexx 15-07-2010 10:36

Daily Market update by UWC

The Chinese Data published this morning have been provoked the new wave of risk appetite on market. According to this fact European currencies strengthen against USD.
Today in the morning EUR/USD is in a consolidation position forming its today’s direction.
Gold keeps its uptrend and today may reach the new highest level.
The Bank of Japan expects the increase of prices next year according to the Consumer Price Index growth.

effexx 16-07-2010 11:23

USD/YEN is keeping its descending movement and today the pair is near to reach the lowest level of this year.

EUR/USD during the Asian session fixed a new maximum at the level of $1.2958.

Today the microeconomic data will be very important for all market participants. Economists expect that consumer price index in June will increase 0.1 % against last month.

effexx 20-07-2010 11:34

During the European session the Euro is up and has started to test the new stress area of the 1.3000 level.
GBP today is under the influence of the financial figures therefore the currency pending the data.
As for Asian trade the USD and JPY fall against the main currencies.

effexx 21-07-2010 10:36

Before Ben Bernanke comments USD fell against JPY during the Asian session.

USD will go down to the level of 86.00 if the expectations regarding recovery of the US economy are weak.

According to the economists data the growth of US Gross Domestic Product expects to be 3 % till 2012.

EURO, GBP and USD trade in the same way against each other but they dropped considerably against JPY.

EURO will be under pressure this week till the results of banks’ “stress tests” will be published on Friday.

effexx 22-07-2010 09:47

The most of Asian stocks today trade in downside according to the pessimistic comments of Ben Bernanke regarding economic perspectives of US economy.

Ben Bernanke’s views do not inspire investors, the markets fall today was a consequence of the economic growth uncertainty.

Bank of China announced that Chinese Yuan should take into account the world economic situation, now the Yuan rate is fluctuating in both directions and it means that Yuan is stable.

Yesterday was the worse period for the Yen because investors withdrew long-term funds to provoke mass buying of the risk assets.

effexx 23-07-2010 10:15

Stress tests results will be published today. It will be an analysis of 91 banks in the European territory and these results should calm down investors regarding the state of the European financial sector. The time of event is 17 pm GMT.

Due to waiting for these results EURO drops against USD during the European session.

Bernanke urged the legislators to reduce the Federal budgeted deficit in medium-term period. He said that it’s necessary to have US financial situation under control.

By the end of Thursday GBP bounded around 100 pips against Japanese YEN.

effexx 27-07-2010 12:57

YEN and USD grew up due to the consolidation of Asian stock market indexes.

If other stock markets go up, EURO may continue the uptrend.

The positive results of “stress tests” caused concern that these tests were too simple and didn’t reflect the real financial situation.

Investors start buying EURO because they rely on the tests results which show that European bank system wasn’t destroyed by the crisis.

UK retail sales increased considerably and demonstrated the highest level since 2007.

effexx 28-07-2010 13:41

Yesterday in the evening EUR/USD fixed new maximum and this fact stopped all attempts of EURO to continue its growth. So the uptrend of EUR/USD is failing little by little.

GBP/YEN trades next to the six-week peaks and it draw investors’ attention to this pair.

Until USD/YEN is below 88.20 the descending dynamics of the pair continues.

effexx 29-07-2010 12:10

It’s the second day when YEN becomes stronger against EUR and USD.

The data regarding US economic growth will be published on Friday and this event is considered as a one more proof of economic deceleration.

For the pair EUR/USD the level of 1.3000 is a psychological area.

GBP/USD tries to continue increasing, in the morning this pair reached the new high.

effexx 30-07-2010 11:36

With regards to the data of Centre for Economic Policy Research and the Central Bank of Italy, the indicator EuroCoin in July fell from 0.46 to 0.40. The indicator is decreasing 4 months running. And it testifies deceleration of the economic growth rate.

Parliament of Italy approved assigning a sum of $ 440 billion and 575 billion euros on creation of the Support Fund for the countries with high national debt.

The prices of OIL and oil products grew against USD. The USD weakness is pushing up the Oil prices.

EUR/USD dropped today because of markets feverishness.

USD/YEN decreases due to unfavorable situation on Asian markets.

jackie101 31-07-2010 15:25

The Dollar weakened against other major currencies as data showing a drop in jobless claims (457K vs. 468K prior), failed to offset fears over a slowdown in U.S. economic growth. NASDAQ and Dow Jones declined by 0.57% and 0.29% respectively, crude oil rose by 1.8% closing at 78.3$ a barrel, Gold (XAU) strengthened by 0.7% closing at 1168.4$ an ounce.

effexx 03-08-2010 06:51

EURO continues up;
1.3150 against USD.

USD loses against
most currencies.

Fires in Russia give boost
to agricultural commodities.

Crude oil jumps 5 %
and reaches USD 53,50.

effexx 05-08-2010 06:22

Yen reaches highest level
towards USD in 15 years

EURO stabilizes on 1,3150
against USD.

GBP continues up.
Oil stays above USD 82

effexx 06-08-2010 11:04

Yen reaches new records
against USD.

EURO/USD stabilizes
around 1.32.

Wheat prices jump on
Russian heat crisis.

Oil stays on USD 82

effexx 09-08-2010 10:49

Weak employment numbers
leads to continued USD weakness.

Strong YEN hit by slower
Japanese export in July

Oil steady abover USD 80;
Gold and silver increase

effexx 10-08-2010 07:53

USD and Yen strengthen
on speculation of
slower economic recovery

Strong Chinese export and
import figures for July

Oil stable on 80 - 81.
Gold stays on 1200

effexx 11-08-2010 11:07

US Federal Reserve
confirms economic slowdown.

New fears for double dip
recession hit markets

Oil below USD 80.
Yen reaches new highs

effexx 12-08-2010 09:00

EURO falls 2 %
towards USD

Oil prices fall on
weaker US growth

New turmoil and
market uncertainties

effexx 13-08-2010 07:40

Yen looses from
15 years high

Export concerns
lead to strong
political pressure

Gold climbs as
market volatility

kevjackson 16-08-2010 01:19

Is there anybody here that can offer or share free analysis of the EUR/USD for the week. I am just curious...

effexx 16-08-2010 08:28

China overtakes Japan
as second biggest
world economy

Euro slightly up
against USD - 1.28.

Gold continues to
climb reaches 1220

effexx 17-08-2010 07:36

China reduces US-
treasury exposure

Leads to weaker USD:
Euro and Yen strengthened

Gold back as "safe" haven
reaches USD 1223

effexx 18-08-2010 08:34

YEN continues to
demonstrate strength

USD strengthened
towards EURO and GBP

Gold at six weeks high.
Oil at $ 75 - 76 level

effexx 19-08-2010 10:26

Concerns on European slow
down weakens EURO

Speculation on Central Bank
intervention for weaker YEN

Gold stays on 1225
Oil stabilizes on USD 75 - 76

effexx 20-08-2010 08:13

Uncertainties continue to
dominate currency markets

Commodities hit by
slowing economy

Gold seen as safe
haven reaches $ 1232

effexx 24-08-2010 12:37

The British government plans on reducing their expenses expose to danger GBP exchange rate.

Analysts of exchange market have a pessimistic mood regarding GBP.

USD/JPY fell to 84.20 because of Japanese speculators who organize the massive selling of the pair.

EUR/USD falls back from the August’s high and reaches the 6-week low (1.2605).

effexx 25-08-2010 09:46

Stock markets plunge
on US housing datas

Oil prices down to
USD 71

Gold and USD again
seen as "safe" havens

effexx 26-08-2010 11:56

Nervous markets fear
double dip recession

EURO/USD stabilizes
on 1,27

Gold and silver

effexx 27-08-2010 07:30

World central bankers
to discuss growth and
currency perspectives

US and EU differ on
strategy and outlook

Oil recovers slightly
Gold stays strong

effexx 30-08-2010 07:02

Japanese Central Bank pumps
100 trillion YEN into system
in effort to weaken currency

Asian markets soar in
expectation of weaker YEN

Australian Dollar strengthens

OIL prices back
on USD 75 level

effexx 31-08-2010 13:10

Today Asian markets fall because of Japanese stocks which were at new 16-month low. Investors are anxious about influence of the yen on the Japanese economy.

In Asia the EURO and the USD fall against the YEN.

Today the EUR/USD pair demonstrates a positive way. The session’s maximum was at 1.2698. Then EURO has turned and currently is near to $1.2670. The pair has to speed up over 1.2710 to prove its uptrend.

Yesterday weak US data had an impact on the markets. Therefore now investors are waiting for Friday’s employment data to find out if there is reason to expect a double dip recession.

effexx 01-09-2010 13:45

The USD dropped against the major currencies as a result of the ADP's data.

The oil continues its uptrend: the oil prices were supported by the news from the US private sector enterprises which discharged 10.000 workers in August.

The same situation is with gold prices. The figures of private sector in the US supported the gold growth.

In investors opinions the Yen will stand strong during whole week.

China’s figures published today showed the stable growth in the national economy and traders were encouraged by this fact because Chinese economy is considered the second largest economy in the world.

effexx 06-09-2010 09:33

Better US job numbers
create new optimism

Double dip recession
seems to be avoided

Gold climbs to all
time high USD 1249

EURO strengthens
towards USD: 1,30

effexx 07-09-2010 07:12

YEN continues

Bank of Japan decides
to not intervene

EURO weakens on
banking rumours

effexx 08-09-2010 08:53

The Japanese economy shows signs of gradual recovery.

YEN rallies to 15 years high against USD.

Gold breaks new records and reaches USD 1259.

Turbulence continues with falling Asian markets due to the strong YEN.

Today the Federal Reserve will publish its report on current economic conditions (Beige Book).

effexx 13-09-2010 11:27

Week is starting with markets soaring in Asia.

Today the Euro increased according to the positive China’s data. It was good news because as everybody can see the Euro is following the down trend against the USD during the whole year.

Oil prices increase on weaker USD and strengthening Euro.

Gold declines from peak to USD 1246.

The Chinese Yuan exchange rate against the USD has reached the maximum level of modern times.

effexx 14-09-2010 13:59

The Japanese currency hits again a new high against the dollar. Today has been registered the lowest USD level (83.05) against the Yen since 1995.

The US retail sales figures in August increased: July’s indicator was equal to 0.3% and now it reached 0.4%.

At the beginning of the European session EUR/GBP fell around 50 pips and the positive US retail sales data held the pair on its lows.

Today during the European session the crude oil contracts traded above 77 USD.

effexx 15-09-2010 11:32

The USD went up to 85 YEN after receiving the news about the Japanese government intervention. The sum of this intervention isn’t established and investors expect amounts of 200-300 billion Yen.

The Oil prices decreased in the morning because of the strengthened dollar.

The Gold quotes below the fresh high level which has been reached on Tuesday.

Today the employment data were published in UK; these figures indicated the fact that jobless claims increased in August in spite of expectations.

effexx 16-09-2010 11:32

The YEN recovers after the Central Bank intervention. Today the Bank of Japan continues to weaken the yen by adding 1 trillion yen more to the market.
After the government’s intervention stock markets in Asia went down because all investors were waiting for the next intervention.

The gold reaches all time high and today its area is USD 1272

The USD regains losses against EURO/GBP.

EUR/USD has hit the next high level and confirmed its uptrend again.

The oil prices are moving gradually in the direction of the level $75.

effexx 17-09-2010 11:36

Today during the Asian session the USD was down against its principal competitors.

The general situation on markets remains same because of the first Japanese Bank intervention. And it will not be changed while all traders are waiting for the next intervention.

The US Secretary Geithner criticizes China and claims higher Yuan.

Currency turbulence continues while US-China trade war lurks.

Gold and silver skyrocket: Euro/USD reaches 1.31.

The oil stays on $75: before the European session hours the crude oil contracts traded on higher level than usually.

All times are GMT. The time now is 05:54.

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