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5K high performance managed accounts

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Old 13-04-2010, 04:06
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Default 5K high performance managed accounts


I understand that this forum is focused on self trading and automated systems. But I think even if you trade your own system, diversifying across several strategies could protect your equity from large drawdowns that every single strategy portfolio can be prone to.

We launched our company to serve the managed forex community and to promote managed forex as an alternative investment that should make up a portion of every portfolio.

Managed forex strategies are absolute return investments. They are able take advantage of rising and falling markets, in fact, our traders made some of their best returns during the more volatile periods that were witnessed in the last couple of years. This element makes them very lucrative as a non correlated investment to include in a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Over the last few years we have learnt a few lessons the hard way. We learnt that finding the best trader with the best track record is not enough to survive in the forex market, let alone make money. The investor is faced with many risks. Apart from the general risks that any forex investor must accept, there is also single strategy risk (a strategy can stop working or not be adaptive to a change in market behaviour). The solution to that is obvious. Diversification!

A diversified portfolio of non correlated forex strategies will exhibit lower overall volatility and have a much smoother equity curve. I will also reduce the risks associated with a single strategy.

It is simple. However, finding more than one trader that fits the criteria (long live track record, disciplined, profitable, low minimum investment) is the difficult part. After eight months of rigorous research, and sorting through a list of over 400 professional managers from all over the world, we short listed six programs that we would be confident to invest with and offer to investors. We have only introduced two for now, and will be introducing more in the coming months.

Our aim was to create a one stop shop for forex managed accounts. An investor will find some of the best programs around under one roof, have a single point of contact and be dealing with a single broker (convenient to create new accounts from existing account funds and transfer across accounts). Due to the fact that we are managed account investors ourselves, we took this company as an opportunity to make our services fair to the investor (as we would have wanted them to be for ourselves) and have given it the features that we would have wanted to have as forex managed account investors.

We have dropped the minimum entry levels to 5K to promote diversification to more than one strategy. We have also dropped some fees that a few of our traders have normally charged, like management fees. We do not believe that traders should be earning any commission if the client is not making profit; this aligns the managerís interests with that of the client. We have also dropped some of the performance fees by giving up a portion of what the traders were offering us as a commission for our services. We wanted to make all the fees fair, and at the levels we would have liked them for ourselves.

Performance At A Glance:


Average Monthly ROR: 17.13%

Most Recent Month: MAR 33.85%

2010 YTD: 51.16%


Average Monthly ROR: 11.57%

Most Recent Month: MAR 17%

2010 YTD: 67.2%

Please visit our website ( for more details. Feel free to email us on if you have any questions.

FX Managed Investments

AR Managed Investment Pty Ltd
Rialto, Level 27, Rialto South Tower
525 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia 3000
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