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System Ea "Inwestor Fx" trader with 10 years of experience

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Old 08-05-2019, 16:03
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Default System Ea "Inwestor Fx" trader with 10 years of experience

Hello everyone, I hope this is the right thread to present what I created 7 years ago

At the beginning I will present my story ...

I became interested in the currency market almost 10 years ago, the first contact with the wonderful system lasted several days after which I lost everything. Subsequent payments are next losses. Juggling with "great" systems, which promised hundreds of pips and tens of percent per month, or even a day ... After losing a few ten thousand zlotys at some point, I told myself enough and decided to follow a different path.

After about 6 months I got the opportunity to practice in Poland in a company dealing in the trading of shares on the American market, I worked with people considered Guru in the Forex circle, these few months of learning were not in vain, but still something was missing ...

Less than a year later I started working on the currency market, where I managed the private money of the president of a large investment company. And only then did I understand where I made mistakes and what really matters. With tens of thousands of dollars on the market, I started cooperation with several investors developing an effective system that does not require dozens of indicators and based simply on "market feelings", an additional incentive to create such a system was my contract, which clearly stressed that with the loss of x% account I have to bear the consequences in the form of BIG financial penalty, therefore the system that has been created has a very narrow SL securing capital, there is no drive for several hundred pips, no pyramid of doubling the flight, etc. Meticulous adherence to the rules and withdrawing cash from the market, when it's at your fingertips. This method has been so effective that it has been used until today ...

The system is now 7 years old, after a few minor adjustments it has been refined to deal with every situation and you know what? he has been doing it successfully for 7 years and will be doing it for another 77 because it is based on factors that appear on the FX market every day no matter what the trend is

The above story is not sucked out of the finger, and all interested send documentation from the above places as evidence (of course, I still have confidentiality, so for obvious reasons all addresses, names and surnames will not be visible). Can anyone offering systems for sale show similar documentation?

Previously, the system was made available only to Polish citizens where he found more than 500 buyers. Last time on sale was available in 2015

Most of the systems published on the internet either worked previously, or were prepared so that the buyer would be aware that I was buying a wonderful and reliable system. I tested most manual and automatic systems and it always came down to one loss ... In the past and now most systems put up for sale is free (to find on the web), they change only the name to more "professional" to sell better

The system is easy to use, entry times are immediately visible, and TP and SL are set up in advance, but it is so secure that you do not need large funds on the account and the SL itself takes a fraction of a percent of the account. I myself doubted the effectiveness of this system (in my mind there was always a conviction that something is more expensive and more "developed" the more effective) ERROR! There was a purpose in simplicity. It's enough to stick to the rules to make money without any philosophy.

You probably will ask, if this system is so effective, why sell it? The answer is simple, I have a larger supply of cash to open larger positions (in particular for the so-called certainties that generates the system, but I mention this in the manual), and you get a system that, while adhering to the rules guarantees profit and return of purchase already in first day. You save your own funds and time to look for an effective system that is at your fingertips (it took me almost 3 years, lots of cash, nerves and time).

All interested people who have more questions I invite you to send messages to my email address

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