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EFOREX seeking IPs/IBs

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Old 21-09-2009, 21:30
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Default EFOREX seeking IPs/IBs

I do intend to post answers to normal forex questions on other parts of the forum, but I wanted to also take this opportunity to give some information on myself.

I represent the Asia division of EFOREX. We are a firm made up of partners from several different companies, including platform providers, forex educational companies, and forex brokerages. We have offices in Panama and Latin America, and we will also be opening offices fairly soon in the E.U. and Hong Kong. As we move forward, we are looking for partners to work to expand the EFOREX name. Each person in our ownership has been involved in the forex industry in all cases for over ten years, and all firms involved have been in this market for over ten years as well.

EFOREX is a partnership that resulted from the efforts of several experienced professionals in the market. We are working to provide a "one-stop shop" for all forex needs, providing brokerage services, market education and analysis, and partnership services, including IPs (Introducing Partners), money managers, white label, and prime brokerage services. Our application procedures are designed to be completely automated, meaning that we can do all the parts of the application process for your clients, allowing them to complete the application, go through our various compliance checks, fund, and be approved within a very short period of time. This means that clients can be trading within hours.

Our EFLEX technology allows you to trade contract sizes as low as one dollar. We provide numerous leverage options, and in the near future, we will be allowing CFD trading. Our multi-liquidity aggregator allows us to offer deep pricing during normal market hours.

We work to offer aggressive compensation for our partners. We will be starting up live webinars and recorded seminars to teach people about our firm's benefits, features, and tools within the next week.

On a personal level, I have worked in the banking and financial fields for over ten years. I am an extremely avid reader, devouring about 10 magazines and many books a month. I am a CFA candidate, and I am also pursuing several financial designations above and beyond that. I will also be registering with our Asian affiliate in Hong Kong, so I will be taking their leveraged forex exam. At this time, we are still working on the registration for Hong Kong. Once approved, I'll update this information.

Although I oversee Asian operations, I can refer any non-Asian partners to the appropriate person here.

I would encourage anyone seeking a way to expand their business to make contact with me via message, and my team and I will be more than happy to assist you.


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