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jakewalker 29-07-2014 07:21

Trendicator by Anna Monti
Hi everybody! Anna Monti released their new product - Trendicator. If you want to faciliate your trading it's your choice. It shows when to open postion and take profit/stoploss levels. It also has alerts, which will save you from daily routine. Watch screenshots and profit report via

NickPipsMaster 01-08-2014 06:39

Re: Trendicator by Anna Monti
Hi Jake, i'm trading using this indi right now and it seems to be good.
It cathces trend not with 100% accuracy ( i have 67% win ratio ) but anyway, trading is not a simple following signals, it's much more complicated, you always have to use you brains to take profit.
So I say, this indi worth its money.

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