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Potential problem in MT4

General MT4 / MT5 discussion

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Old 11-11-2009, 12:48
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Default Potential problem in MT4

I came across an interesting item on another forum.

It referred me to a website with the following advice:-

I was not aware of this potential problem.


How do I delete my MT4 log files to keep my disk from filling up?

Solution Some subscribers may want to delete their MT4 log files periodically to prevent the VE disk from becoming full, which can lead to serious issues.
It is easy to do with a scheduled script.

Here is how:

Open notepad and enter the following line exactly as it is here:

del /S "C:\Program Files\*.log"

Save the file to your C drive as-


Now to configure the script to run on schedule go to...

start->control panel->Scheduled Tasks->add a task


start>Administrative Tools>Task Scheduler

Click "Next" then "Browse"

Navigate to the file you just saved,

C:\deletefiles.BAT and select it

Under "Perform this task", select "daily" and click "next"

Set a time to run the batch and click next.

In the user name field, enter "Administrator"

Enter your Administrator password in the password fields

Click "Finish"

The MT4 log files will now be deleted every day at the time above.
Note the current log file will not be deleted as it will be in use.
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