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Old 08-01-2019, 17:43
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Default RichTL / Trade Objectively / Rule-Based Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is classified into two different types: Objective and Subjective.
Trend lines are perhaps the most used and abused tool in modern technical analysis. However, many traders do not trade/like trend lines because of its subjectivity.

Do you ever feel yourself second-guessing your trend lines? If you give two traders the same chart and ask them to each plot a line – you will probably see two very different results.
This subjective viewpoint can negatively affect decision-making because it’s based on feelings and opinions rather than preplanned strategies.
To be profitable, a trader must trade and think like a robot, remove emotions and subjectivity at the door and execute a strict set of rules laid out in the trading plan.
You might have heard this before and it is so true “Plan your trade— Trade your Plan”.

That is why we created RichTL indicator; to help traders draw trend lines objectively by pointing out the swings to connect. Thus, Focus on the Trade, Risk and Money management.
A picture is worth a thousand words. So let us keep it short and show you an example of the indicator in action.

RichTL / Trade Objectively / Rule-Based Technical Analysis-1.png

As we mentioned earlier, the indicator points out strong swings using a special algorithm created by theSignalyst team
All you have to do is draw trendlines by connecting at least three objective swing highs/lows.

RichTL / Trade Objectively / Rule-Based Technical Analysis-2.png

In this particular example, RichTL swings helped us detect a Symmetric Triangle Objectively.

RichTL / Trade Objectively / Rule-Based Technical Analysis-3.png

Here we have GBPUSD H1 chart zoomed out showing 4 Objective Trendlines we could draw by connecting at least three RichTL swings.

RichTL / Trade Objectively / Rule-Based Technical Analysis-4.png

6 Potential setups on this EURAUD H4 chart using our RichTL indicator to spot Objective Trendlines.

RichTL Swings:
• AND ANY TIMEFRAME (we recommend M30 and above)

🔴 After the purchase, you get:
-Lifetime RichTL Indicator License
- RichTL Manuals, Strategies, and Tricks.
- 24/7 Support while you are practicing
- 3 Months Free Access to our Premium Group where we Share our personal Weekly Setups and Analysis.

🔴 Join our Channel for Free Weekly Setups and Technical Analysis

🔴 Instructions and Proof on Youtube:

🔴 Website:

✉ Feel free to contact us:
Telegram: @RichTLsupport @theSignalystsupport
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