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fxearlywarning 13-01-2015 04:25

A Complete Trading System for 28 Pairs
System Description:

1. Know the direction of the primary trend of a currency pair, you can use these simple simple exponential moving averages you can get free on

To determine this every day you review 28 currency pairs across various time frames with these simple trend indicators, by groups, i.e, USD pairs, EUR pairs, CHF pairs, JPY pairs, etc.

2. Then I set price alert on your trade platform at critical support and resistance areas, usually S1 or R1 and check the larger time frames for pip potential using the same indicators.

3. I monitor the news calendar for volatile news announcements, I use the one at

4. When the price alarms go off and the volatile news items hit, and generally after the London market open, I check The Forex Heatmap for entry verification. Only enter trades fully verified by the heatmap using currency strength and weakness.

This method works for very well for hundreds of traders in our community because you analyze the market thoroughly once per day and use almost no technical indicators, just simple trend indicators and entry verification using a real time visual map of the spot forex.

Scale out lots on profitable trades and move stops to break even, let it ride on the trend. This is simple but it is a complete method. You will see it works almost daily after some demo trading.

Good Trading

goldtrader 22-01-2015 13:30

Re: A Complete Trading System for 28 Pairs
i trade with some pair. i focus in it . i want to get best signal wil it. i need read and analysis all new about it. i can get better signal.

DirkNannes 30-06-2015 17:36

Re: A Complete Trading System for 28 Pairs
As a beginner, I have to depend on EURUSD trading currency. Because, I am able to predict its foregone conclusion with certainly, because of its slow motion. On the other hand, I trade lots of currency in my demo trading with GCI Financial for increasing my trading performance. Here, I am also able to trade gold, spot metal and CFDs. Therefore, I am getting very narrowest trading spread for trading all currency pair.

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