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FXEQBDRE 16-10-2011 10:16

Economic Calendar
I love economic calendars, they tell you when to make your trades. The principle is simple; trade after the new data is released from the statistical agency. The results often change the price of any effected currency. Here is the URL for the Calendar I use.

henryduncan12 16-12-2011 11:11

Re: Economic Calendar
I visited your shared site and found Economic Calendar. It is really very useful for traders to analysis different currencies at different time.

priceactrader 09-07-2012 23:47

Re: Economic Calendar
I dont give news that much importance, wait for the news and then look at the charts

PrinceofTower 07-02-2013 06:39

Re: Economic Calendar
If you're into news trading, the economic calendar is your best friend. Personally. I prefer both fundamental and technical analysis.

robotengineer 14-04-2014 01:16

Re: Economic Calendar
Yeah I love nonfarm payroll. It is the only way some big firms saw any profit during the crisis years.

DirkNannes 14-04-2015 14:59

Re: Economic Calendar
In my trading career, I am very much dependable on my live economic calendar especially the news time. And, I am very lucky to select GCI as my trading platform which is providing me all important and financial indicators that drive the whole market place by their live economic calendar. So, very rapidly, I am becoming a knowledgeable trader.

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