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What is Currency trading?

Forex Discussion

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Old 31-08-2019, 16:04
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Default What is Currency trading?

Why work in the currency trading market?
As you know, there are many types commodities that can be traded such as stocks, commodities, bonds and many more.

Each example of commodity has its own lineage, where one chooses one or more of these cases to sell.

On that point are a mass of reasons why the currency trading market is better than trading other types of markets and the most significant of these causes:

The currency market is open 24 hours a daylight
For direct exchanges, a limited period of time is used every day as the bourse opens at the dawn and closed in limited time.

For instance, if you require to trade US stocks, you can exclusively buy and sell when the New York Stock Exchange opens at 9am (EST) to 4pm at the same time.

This implies that you are restricted at this time to monitor the securities industry, which requires full-time, and this gives to all other stock exchanges, each according to the timing of the state affiliated to it.

If you turn in a Gulf nation and desire to trade on the New York Stock Exchange, you are restrained to run between 4 pm and 11 pm, which corresponds to the timing of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange for most middle eastern countries.

Such a divergence in working hours causes many troubles and difficulties in the long term.

On the exchange of currency market and because there is no specific central office, and because operations are transmitted out by computer networks, work along the exchange does not stop the currency 24 hours.. Just market has just been off two days a week (Saturday and Sunday).. !!

Banks and financial institutions open in Japan at 12 am GMT (8 am Japan time), buying and selling begins and the Japanese institutions are closed only at 9 am (5 pm Japan time).

But the work will not stop because once the Japanese and Asian institutions are shut down and the most important ones are in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore so that the European institutions and the most important in London, Frankfurt and Paris have opened their doors. , And when the American institutions close their doors to state psychiatric hospitals in Australia and New Zealand in circulation, and before closing the last doors of the Japanese institutions have begun a new day at work.. !!

Thus and depending on the timing of each state it will be for you to trade continuously for 24 hours.

Except on Saturday and Sunday.. Because it is a holiday in all nations.

When US institutions close on Friday at about 10 pm GMT it will be Saturday morning in Australia and New Zealand which is a holiday as you know so work stops until Sunday evening at 10 pm GMT, where Monday morning in Australia and New Zealand will be back for the next week Behind the daylight. In each country and granting to its timing to the close of the following week and so on.

Of course you will not mete out with all these introductions in all these countries separately, but will distribute with the forex broker company, which will unite you in turn with all other establishments across the universe.

What we are interested to know here is that currency trading goes on 24 hours a day, and this gives you the opportunity to take the time that suits you best without fear of "arriving late" in the currency market cannot get too late, Because opportunities are many and round the clock.

currency trading

Working in currency trading on the international exchange of currencies

You are today learning how profits are realized in currency trading in principle.

The principle of currency trading is non dissimilar from the principle of trading any other good.
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Old 20-10-2019, 20:25
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Default Re: What is Currency trading?

You got to be extremely careful with any kind of trading, as itís too risky and this is where we need to be careful. I am always wise with how I approach things. Itís so much easier with broker like FreshForex, as they are superb having lowest possible spreads, lightning fast execution of trades and I also love cashback facility. It just makes working nice and easy.
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