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Currency pair

Forex Discussion

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Old 28-10-2017, 17:45
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Default Currency pair

Currently I am trade on GBP/USD and GBP/JPY , my analysis for this pair still n bearish pattern for weekly timeframe and from monthly timeframe also figure out bearish pattern we can see on two monthly candle.
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Old 23-11-2017, 04:46
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Default Re: Currency pair

What is important to note is that the best pair is the one you are most knowledgeable about. It can be extremely useful for you to trade the currency from your own country. This is only true if your local currency has some nice volatility, too.
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Old 22-03-2018, 21:11
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Default Re: Currency pair

I have seen according to my trading experience by and large traders in particularly the newcomers depend on only EURUSD which is mainly considered as a bass currency pair in this market place. but I think for increasing our trading experience very rapidly we the traders have to trade other major currency pair.
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Old 24-03-2018, 02:27
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Default Re: Currency pair

I have always work with EUR/USD but sometimes I have also worked with JPY pairs, they are also having high movements so you can get a good amount of pips if you know how to deal with them.
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Old 21-05-2018, 10:38
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Default Re: Currency pair

The following are not necessarily the best Forex pairs to trade, but they are the ones that have high liquidity and occupy the most foreign exchange transactions:

EUR/USD (Euro – US dollar)
USD/JPY (US dollar – Japanese yen)
GBP/USD (British pound – US dollar)
AUD/USD (Australian dollar – US dollar)
USD/CHF (US dollar – Swiss franc)
USD/CAD (US dollar – Canadian dollar)
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