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jonleung 18-02-2009 00:12

AUD/USD trading
Is there any interest in the AUD/USD? The Aussie had a dramatic run all the way up to near parity with the USD, but has come off nearly 40% since late 2008.

fxornot 03-03-2009 21:26

So how do you trade this?

waybeck 05-03-2009 20:53

AUD/USD - Range Bound
I would be trading it looking for the turns with candle formations, between .6550 and .6300(4 Hr). It has been range bound for the last month. The daily and weekly trends all seem to point south.

mphpopular 15-03-2009 02:36

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AU 15mar09

studyolic 27-03-2009 20:30

next stop 0.7600- 0.7650, train will be departing 30 or 31 March.


roberr 20-04-2009 03:35

we will be going down to 0.6770

Crossy 16-05-2009 00:25

whispers on the aussie are that the economy will be out of recession before the indicators indicate it is in recession. May be a good long over the short to medium term?

studyolic 16-05-2009 17:22

I agree, could be a good time to watch for a long opportunity.

eytanb 16-05-2009 19:09

how to trade this ?

Ljr 17-05-2009 17:40

I'm currently short from BEOB targeting around 7300 but agree trend is still up

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