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jan33 09-05-2017 18:54

Problems MT4
Apparently there is a virus that infects accounts in MT4, if anyone in this forum has had problems with this type of virus, please let me know, need to know what is happening.

BubbleGum 15-11-2017 05:22

Re: Problems MT4
Are you using any EA with your Mt4? If yes then it might be the reason for the virus infection, because I don't think that MT4 itself is having any issue for trading.

HockeyWain 16-11-2017 05:27

Re: Problems MT4
This kind of situation can be easily prevented. How? Well, instead of always trying so many new bots (which don't even work by the way), one should try to learn to trade manually. At least that way, you won't get this type of crap managing to affect, or rather, *infect* our machines. You never know what's lurking inside an EA without having the source code to inspect it.

BubbleGum 08-02-2018 09:48

Re: Problems MT4
Trading manually is the best way to be profitable for long-term and survive the market. But for that you need is discipline and risk management with your attitude towards trading work.

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