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ForexMagnates 12-08-2009 10:59

Regulation proposals
Hi all,

The regulators worldwide are finally waking up and realizing that it's about time they started regulated this massive market.

In the US the NFA forced the stupid FIFO requirements, Japan capped the leverage to 50 and 25 times the deposit, Switzerland finally introduced a regulatory agency (FINMA) and Israeli regulators finally issued a draft Forex regulation proposal.

I would to ask you what are the most important things you think the regulators should deal with next? Is it leverage, market making, uncontrolled robot trading or anything else?

ForexMagnates 13-08-2009 14:12

Here is the article I published about the proposed next regulation steps: Next steps that regulators worldwide should take: Yes to ECN, no to unregulated Robots | Forex Magnates

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