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brain22 07-02-2011 07:22

Forex strategy
The impact of major economic news can take some time before it has finished impacting the market, and the day trader can use this to their advantage – benefiting from the momentum generated by the order flow of the bigger players.

Sattvinder 11-02-2011 12:56

What are the best forex robots? Our advice is to research each of the software packages from the forex robot reviews above that we have given you and make a choice on the one that you feel is right for your trading needs. Also, you may want to learn more about trading foreign currencies and be familar with the risk factors involved. We are confident that forex robots ( is a reliable one ) can help make you a profitable trader if you use them as part of your overall strategy.

orni308 11-07-2014 15:56

Re: Forex strategy
This strategy is followed by most of the people as its relatively simple, you just have to analyse which direction is market going to be moving.

DirkNannes 23-08-2014 12:46

Re: Forex strategy
I personally follow my own trading strategy. I make my trading strategy by moving average, parabolic, And RSI. It's give me monthly 10% profit yet. I am still trying to update my trading strategy. I do not want to follow others trading strategy.

unclegober 22-09-2014 08:11

Re: Forex strategy
Hard to achieve a successful and easy to lose in forex trading because of our lack of understanding about forex trading, forex trading is a risky business, we must be able to manage the risks that exist before we can achieve our success. And to be able to manage the risks, we must increase our knowledge about forex and have more experience. Generate profits from forex trading is not making the exact analysis but placing an order at the right time and close at the right time.

Dikarolina1289 14-10-2014 16:19

Re: Forex strategy
I'm new to the topic and Forex Broker and I would like to help me know more about the topic. Thank you

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