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What kind of Forex Analyst are you?

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Default What kind of Forex Analyst are you?

Online forex trading has a lot of twists and turns in the way the market works and even in the way the technology works, hence itís not an easy task to be a forex trader. What makes things simpler is the traderís basic instinct to analyse everything he is presented with. If traders enter this industry without possessing this talent naturally, it will most certainly come to them a short time after. The way traders analyse each individual aspect of trading, is key for their success and that is why it is a skill that should be both harnessed and sharpened to the max if one is to get their name on the top traders list. There are two ways of analysis mostly observed by forex traders.

The first type of analysis is called ĎTechnical Analysisí. Technical analysis is all about knowing what happened before. A trader using this technique usually studies all past data on the market, he is watching and following the trend that may have occurred previously. Itís quite often that patterns occur in the market, especially after specific economic events, thatís why this technique has been quite successful to its users. Using past patterns to their advantage traders and investors can gain an attractive amount of profit without much risk and without using up too much of their capital. What makes this technique difficult though is when the trader is not experienced enough to notice the string of correlating past activity in the market with the current one and therefore lack of knowledge in interpreting the language of the charts leads to an overwhelming amount of missed opportunities.

The second type of analysis is called ĎFundamental Analysisí. Now this technique asks for the trader to dig a little deeper than just the surface of whatís going on and what was going on in the market in order to know what follows. This technique involves the trader studying the businesses own financial status and transactions along with the amount of assets, liabilities and earnings that have occurred in the businesses of interest in order to create an overall picture of how these businesses will be performing in the future. This kind of deep digging also enables the trader to map out what other kinds of businesses will be sparking off a trend and making an upward motion in the market.

Every trader has his own way to prepare for his next move in the market, where information, data and numbers are processed in various ways depending on the traderís own personality. Regardless of the method used to analyse, a good trader will fall under one category or another because to analyse for a trader means to arm himself with as many weapons as possible in order to conquer in this vastly moving world of numbers called the online forex industry.

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