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Best Books on Hedge Fund Investing

Forex Articles

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Old 21-08-2016, 14:45
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Default Best Books on Hedge Fund Investing

Hedges on Hedge Funds by James R. Hedges IV

Hedge funds are an effective way to invest your money. They are getting more and more popular and attract more wealthy people every year. For example, the capitalization of a hedge fund was $800 Billion in 2004, while it exceeded 4 Trillion in 2010. They use uncorrelated and hedging methods, which minimize the risk and increase the potential profits. Moreover, their stable performance attracts many investors. However, you need a basic knowledge how they operate before you trust your hard earned money to a firm. This book includes everything you need to know about hedge funds. It is easy to read and full of charts and graphical illustrations, which make it easier to understand. Thus, if you are planning to invest your money in one of the financial firms, we recommend taking time and reading this book.

Handbook of Hedge Funds by Francois-Serge Lhabitant

Hedge Funds are getting very popular in the recent years. The simple definition of those firms is 2-20. They manage your money for a profit and charge an annual management fee of 2% and a profit share of 20%. First chapters provide the history of hedge funds in the financial world. Alfred Winslow is considered the first hedge fund manager in the history. The author provides Alfred’s double alpha strategy approach and how he achieved success in this industry. Then, you will read the history of the most successful modern day investor Warren Buffet. The next chapters discuss how the Hedge Fund operates and what are the regulatory structures. It is important to know how the Hedge Fund manages its outside support vendors. If you are planning to invest your money in the Hedge Fund, you should do proper due diligence. This book provides the tips how to accomplish that. Moreover, you will be fully aware the main trading methods used for trading and investing in those financial firms.

Hedge Fund of Funds Investing by Joseph G. Nicholas

The author explains the fundamentals of hedge funds investing, such as a fund of funds. Hedge Fund is widely used investment instrument and more and more wealthy people trust them every year. Those financial organizations are considered better investment methods compare to portfolio diversification. You may be warned that it is risky to invest the money in those firms, but the numbers say the opposite. It is considered less risky and more profitable. For example, from 1990 to 2003 hedge funds earnings exceeded 390% while S&P performance was only 270%. If you are thinking to make investments, we advise reading this book. It will open your eyes in many ways, which help you to make right financial decisions for your future.

Stock Options and the New Rules of Corporate Accountability by Donald Delves

Donald was a CEO and director of several large companies. He shares his working experience with those corporations and their compensation schemes. The CEO total compensation increases every year. For example, CEO annually paychecks (including salaries, bonuses, stock option benefits) raised by 350% over a decade. The understanding insight of that corporation will help you to identify the real cost of stock options.

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