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Old 17-02-2016, 21:44
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Default Forex Trading Tricks

What Are The Best Forex Trading Tricks?

Are you still looking for that strategy that will make you the extra money to buy the extra monthly things that never cease to come your way? Are you an experience trader whoís in a rush? This short article is to be considered as a guide if you are that type who came here looking for some Forex trading tricks as a fast way to increase his or her revenue.

The answer is that Forex trading tricks or cheats donít exist anymore. When online forex trading was still in development and the Meta Trader trading platform was still having bugs in relations to brokerís liquidity provider, such methods were possible.

Now that the bugs are fixed and the cheat positions are over, The only Forex trading tricks recommended are simply patience, self discipline and applying strategies that will allow you not to take big risks. In a way, all the trading tricks been replaced by decent trading strategies. The following are the reason as to why:

Patience: Although at one point in their investment experience or career forex traders understand that they cannot engage in a big position that can and most probably will result in a loss of their funds. Having said that, traders will decrease their trading position size and engage in smaller and lower risk positions. That same position will have smaller profits as well as smaller losses. This is a key money management aspect that many forex traders fail to comply with fully.

Strategies: There are many forex trading strategies online that will provide a trader with the knowledge to trade resulting as some sort of trading method. The average trader will have in an instant, mostly prior, during and after opening a position. As coached to many, when taking a position in the forex market, DO NOT change anything about that position. Keep your stop loss as where it was originally placed, keep the position size unchanged (unless you have made minimum 150 pips profits, which in that case you are allowed to open another position with a max size of 60% of the first position you have opened). Bear in mind that you need to keep it as simple as possible. There are no forex trading tricks, so donít listen to anyone that try to help or tell you otherwise. When a beginner trader engages in this market, he or she will look everywhere to find best results or best advice, this is wrong! Start by small positions, and after you do engage in those positions, leave your computer and donít touch it!

Many think that hedging positions can be great Forex trading tricks. However, itís far from the true. As a beginner, try to avoid hedging, it will complicate your life if you do not have the relevant experience. Hedging positions is equivalent to closing your losing position. Trade simple and follow the rules. Most times youíll be better of closing your trading position, even on a certain loss, and to wait patiently for the next opportunity to re-enter the market.

In conclusion Ė Donít look for any Forex trading tricks. If you apply proper trading and risk management strategies and stick to it with patience and self discipline, you will not need ones anyway. Or, carefully chose a money manager or a trading signals service that proven be reliable and profitable.

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Old 29-02-2016, 15:29
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Default Re: Forex Trading Tricks

Great post. Forex is very tricky and risky but if you have knowldge and skills then it would be a good life changing opportunity and you can make good money.

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Old 03-03-2016, 07:40
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Default Re: Forex Trading Tricks

I think any trick will work against you as its impossible to cheat market it always have odds that outweigh you.
I try to stick to MM with Hotforex and carry out quality trading analysis rather than finding "bugs" in the system..
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Old 04-03-2016, 07:10
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Default Re: Forex Trading Tricks

I thought there were tricks to forex trading, i guess not
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Old 11-03-2016, 03:08
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Default Re: Forex Trading Tricks

Forex is a good and profitable business for every one who which to trade. It has many advantage making it one of the most liquid market. Forex is also very risky and lossis part of the trade. To be successful you need to be determine to spend time and effort in gaining experience and being a good trade
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Old 10-04-2016, 11:17
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Default Re: Forex Trading Tricks

yeah, there are some things that would actually help u with forex trading, but in the end i can safely say it takes lots of patience and persistence to excel in this industry, but one step at a time, never rush it, like 4 years ago i started witha mere 150 with hotforex, blown a couple of account (thanks to me) till i started seriously paying attention to small details like over trading, greed, and luck. things that i had to avoid.. in the end any trader would make their way around in due time.
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Old 19-04-2016, 08:39
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Default Re: Forex Trading Tricks

Thank you for sharing your expertise so unselfish. You inspire us a great deal. Great article.
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