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HotFsignal 22-01-2019 17:14

GBP/USD: Has a fading opportunity arisen or augmented just stay when the soft Brexit trade?

GBP/USD has been enlarged bid since the meaningful vote a proposed speaking speculation that Brexit will all come comfortably in the ensue less, or not at all.
The hours of day's until the lawmaker's decision upon a proposal to shove assertion Article 50, led by Tory MP Boles and Labours Cooper, are going to be affected and go.

Chips are the length of for a soft Brexit, an explanation of Article 50, a second referendum and BoE hiking rates upon certain Brexit consequences for the UK economy.
The bears have started to recognize terms gone the fact that the state is of the mind that Parliament will not let a hard Brexit to offer the place. It is apparent that MPs will force PM May to extend Article 50 until the impasse can be firm and a soft Brexit accord that can be attributed in The Commons and finally applied.

Hence, then that we see hermetic UK data, it raises the odds of a BoE rate hike considering the Brexit dust has approved which would take an undervalued pound sterling much future and the to the lead flora and fauna have been out catching all the worms ever since the meaningful vote.

mlawson71 23-04-2020 16:46

It is consolidating around 1.2365 but we may see it rallying by the end of the week, I think.

mlawson71 26-04-2020 17:29

Sideways consolidation continues but next target is likely 1.2400.

mlawson71 29-04-2020 16:30

There is almost no volatility, GBP/USD remains undecided for now.

mlawson71 03-05-2020 13:12

The pair remains undecided, let's see how it will develop next week.

mlawson71 06-05-2020 15:55

Sideways consolidation continues, next target may be at 1.2300.

mlawson71 09-05-2020 14:17

There were no changes next week, hopefully it starts rallying in the next few days.

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