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boylan 14-10-2010 14:37

Quick Trailing EA
Does anyone has manual or setup instructions for Quick Trailing EA by Quiksilver?

boylan 07-07-2011 09:57

quick trailing EA
Hi guys,
Anyone out here with ideas how to set up quick trailing EA by Quik Silver?



Webster 13-07-2011 20:13

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:DI think this may be it

xclgreen 14-07-2011 06:55

Thank you so much. I am needing this, too.:)

JBill 13-09-2011 18:16

Download link
Can you please post a link to download the Quick Trailing EA

phreak 15-09-2011 11:05

freemenn 30-09-2011 10:11

Re: Quick Trailing EA
hello all.
is there a way to hide TP/SL for brokers?


fxarcher 18-04-2012 15:43

Re: Quick Trailing EA

Originally Posted by Webster (Post 9646)
:DI think this may be it

Hi Webster
I have been using the EA successfully for just monitoring trades and taking 100% profit, or placing a stop loss and Break even.
I am having problems getting a % scale out to work.
Did you ever get that to work?
Can you help me out on this? I have been trading for a few years and I have a few things that I am sure you would love to have.
Thank you very much.

Endowed 28-09-2012 12:49

Re: Quick Trailing EA
Hello, Please i try use the First TakeProfit Percent which i set to 50% at +30pips but it closes the whole trade. Please how do resolve this because i just want it to close part of the trade not all. Thanks

jonesmith 03-10-2013 19:35

Re: Quick Trailing EA
Once again thanks , I need this too

samuelp80 20-10-2013 13:50

Re: Quick Trailing EA
is this EA good and work great for you???

fxarcher 21-10-2013 15:38

Re: Quick Trailing EA
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Originally Posted by samuelp80 (Post 18911)
is this EA good and work great for you???

I use it to manage all my Scalping trades..Make sure you click off on the Tools>Options>Charts>"Show Trade Levels" Otherwise you can not select the lines to drag them on the chart.

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