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Toney0198 13-09-2017 05:53

Revolutionary hedging expert advisor on Forex - DoubleHedge EA
RevolutionaryExpert Advisor which is based on correlation decline between currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD. With each new bar it analyzes correlation and if there is a very huge correlation decline it opens double hedging position (long and short). Then it closes long or short positions by specific profit level in USD (Target profit parameter) and the rest of positions by specific loss level (Target loss parameter). Each trade set is secured by loss threshold level.
Key facts

• 18% of maximum equity drawdown for testing period of 11 month;
• +400% of profit for period of 11 month;
• Current market situation does not matter;
• Max. risk for each trade set no more than 20%;
• Auto money management system which controls parameters for target profit and loss levels, loss threshold and order volume in depends on current account balance;

Here you can see backtesting results for period 01.10.2016 – 01.09.2017 with Auto_MM mode on M15 timeframe and starting deposit 1000 USD. Backtestingwas performed with real market ticks by using testing method – “Every tick based on real ticks” in MetaTrader 5.

More info here: DoubleHedge EA - HEDGEXPERT.COM

BubbleGum 23-10-2017 05:33

Re: Revolutionary hedging expert advisor on Forex - DoubleHedge EA
New EA to test out. I have never work with any hedge EA so it is totally new to me, Hope I will learn something new from it.

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