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Old 08-04-2012, 23:23
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Default Forex i007

Okay guys I am going to be departing from my usual style of just using expert advisors. I am going to be trying out forex i007 which is a signal service.

A couple of things.

First off I like there ideas about long term gains, they are right in line with my trading philosophy.

Second I like that there signals go directly to the broker, no need for me to set up mt4 and deal with trade copier software.

In all honestly I do not know these guys but from my research so far they seem very upstanding.

I have carefully reviewed there live track record and all I can say is wow! if these results can continue than there is no question there service is well worth it.

Besides I am pretty sure the commissions I will make off of each trade will make me more than my subscription price back.

Here is a link

here is a widget from one of the vendor's live accounts

here is another account

Looks very solid and as usual you can count on me to deliver my unbiased opinion.

BTW I am testing this service for one very important reason, well actually two very important reasons. For one as you all know, I believe in diversification. When my ea's experience a draw down period perhaps this signal service will be going strong


the real reason I am trying this service is because I have soooo many people that want to participate in the forex market and I get literally 100's of emails a week from people asking me what can they do while they are still learning.

This signal service is a perfect opportunity to "fake it till you make it"
The team over at PipInvestment does all the hard work for you. You don't need a vps and you don't need to know how to trade. It is truly set it and forget it. But I encourage you to continue to learn and grow as traders while using a service like this. Although it would be tempting to just sit back and watch the money start piling up :D

I'll keep you guys posted.
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Old 01-06-2012, 21:09
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Default Re: Forex i007

Any news with this signal provider.
BTW you myfxbook looks like it is not working for you accounts

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