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marctrader 05-12-2011 19:49

PipsTiger fx 2.0
Hi everybody, I open this discussion to talk about this robot I found on the web some time ago .... I tried the demo version, but I was dissatisfied with it so I set aside.
I'm back now on the official website, and I saw that version 2.0 came out, and looking at the statement of myfxbook, from August to now, seems to have gone fine.
I gave an eye also to the history, and especially on EURUSD and USDCAD has operate a lot and well.
the only problem is that unlike the old version, the 2.0 is not the demo .... I wrote to their support and they told me that the BT function only after activation.
If someone has to live results, and has a version that has run the bt, please can post it?
I would appreciate seeing that I'm interested in this version, but before I make a purchase I'd like to test it.

marctrader 05-12-2011 21:47

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
no answer??

Andre987 06-12-2011 13:03

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
hi marctrader, I run it from october 2011 and it gained +85 pips. I had already purchased version 1.0, so I had a free upgrade to new version.
If you want I can send you my license, although I think it will not work

marctrader 06-12-2011 14:39

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
thank you, try to post the license. In any case, may you also post the results of some backtest?
before buying it, I'd like to see the performance.

Andre987 06-12-2011 16:32

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
3 Attachment(s)
hi marc, if you want to try my code is 855, and attached my license file, you put in libraries folder....I attached also bt with alpari ru 2011/01-2011/11 on eurusd...when I have a moment, I will post more backtest on other pairs

marctrader 06-12-2011 17:27

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
a big thanks, I try to attach to mt4....I see your bt, it's very good result....18000$ profit with only 39% your live account, are you using the same settings you used in the BT?

Andre987 06-12-2011 20:03

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
all default parameters, except the risk that I've kept to 5

marctrader 06-12-2011 21:00

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0

Originally Posted by Andre987 (Post 10906)
all default parameters, except the risk that I've kept to 5

I try to run with your code, but message give me Invalid License.....has anyone educated version of pipstiger?

marctrader 11-12-2011 17:11

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
hi andre, I finally decided and I bought it last week, after all $79 is an acceptable cost....I am very satisfied, only the day 12/09/11, earned +30 pips on USDCAD and have already repaid its cost.
I use thinkforex, but unlike their statements it have not made ​​the trade of GBPUSD on 12/08/11 ...
what broker do you use? have you got gbpusd trade?
for the moment seems to be a very profitable robot....I will see next week

marctrader 14-12-2011 10:17

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
it's very good start week +123 pips....andre which pairs do you use it?

pippip 15-12-2011 20:42

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
was thinking to buy.

but could it be tested on demo account before buying?

pippip 15-12-2011 20:57

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
Can I install PipsTiger Fx on multiple PCs?

Yes it is possible, but for each PC on which it is installed, you must purchase a license.

Can someone create one demo account on his PC, then let me view the demo account?

smithcharles 19-12-2011 08:11

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
How em i supposed to create a demo account on my pc?

smithcharles 19-12-2011 08:31

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
Or else you can tell me the procedure to create one?
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pippip 20-12-2011 16:00

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0

Originally Posted by smithcharles (Post 11055)
How em i supposed to create a demo account on my pc?

you bought it?

pippip 09-01-2012 15:47

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
Anyone who considers to buy Pips Tiger 2.0 or Pips Tiger 2.5, please think twice as this EA is totally stupid that made you suffered huge amount of losses but when come to earning trade, the amount is very less.

Johnnykanoo 31-01-2012 18:13

Re: PipsTiger fx 2.0
pippip thanks for the update. It is always helpful to know what ea's are crap

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