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DirkNannes 02-12-2016 10:03

what you think about broker choosing ?
In order to my trading experience, I have seen that credible trading broker always make sure security of funds, low transaction cost, easy withdrawal system without long time process , free demo trading for practicing , proper customer services and much more real trading facilities that are very supportive to lead a flexible trading life.

Uncle 29-12-2016 09:38

Re: what you think about broker choosing ?
For leading a comfortable trading life with certainly, we the traders have to invest credible trading brokers which guarantee their clients funds with a wide range of trading technologies.

CurrentDurrent 29-12-2016 17:06

Re: what you think about broker choosing ?
Spreads + commissions. Those are the big things I think of first when choosing a broker. Other stuff is important too but those are the main ones

PapiaKhatunAsha 17-09-2019 21:23

Re: what you think about broker choosing ?
There is no rocket science that broker has to be the best and I am happy to say that my broker is indeed that way in FreshForex. Itís amongst the best broker out there with all features and facilities from low spreads to high leverages and then there is lovely Rebate Program too, so all this works so much in your favour to help you perform.

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