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nitherall 12-02-2009 00:48

FX Pro anyone?
Does anyone know anything about FX Pro??

I've read mixed reviews about them, but all I wanna know is, IS MY MONEY SAFE?

saucebook 12-02-2009 15:42

Depends what you're trading! I found them very professional about the opening and management of the account. Main problem for me was that they don't do microlots - lowest is 0.1 and stepsize is 0.1 too. That proved too high for my limited deposit.

James Cole 05-03-2009 19:21

I heard nothing but good things about them... specially for futures.

kevinb1914 05-03-2009 19:33

Their platform has been disconnecting quite a bit lately. I have a demo account, but I have read the same thing with other people's live accounts.

ialex 05-03-2009 20:11

there are many other brokers available in the market

like activtrades alpari and fxcm

nitherall 12-03-2009 23:11

thanks for the feedback guys. i've been doing more research on them, and i think they seem ok.

bigredash 24-03-2009 10:23

Broker Talk
You go crazy read all the forums on brokers.

enxox 24-03-2009 11:51

i'm on It, seem good, some disconnections on demo account, but affordable on live.

kramer 24-03-2009 12:29

FxPro is a great broker. Besides Forex, they let you trade gold, silver, oil futures, US stocks, Index Futures. You can deposit and withdraw via credit card. The only thing I'm missing is microlots. Bye.

Niaoson 24-03-2009 15:46

They allow deposits via PayPal which is a big plus for me since I can just upload funds from my bank account to PayPal.

They also have a 0.x pips feature which allows you to make money of even very small moves! Quite a nice broker, I would say.

kramer 06-04-2009 15:08

Award for FxPro
Besides, FxPro won at the Financial Technology Awards by winning Best Forex Broker, Europo 2009.

jcf 19-04-2009 22:54

I have an account with them with no major problems. I haven't done a withdrawal yet , so don't know how smooth it will be.

piplaser 25-01-2016 11:57

Re: FX Pro anyone?

Originally Posted by ialex (Post 610)
there are many other brokers available in the market

like activtrades alpari and fxcm

For your information, Alpari and FXCM were fined for breaching NFA pollicies, According to the Finance magnes, FXCM failed to report their financial data while Alpari canceled illicit traders trades. Though those allegations were resolved, you have to be cautious with them!

PapiaKhatunAsha 21-07-2020 12:32

Re: FX Pro anyone?
No sir, I'm currently using FreshForex broker but yes I tried to them but unfortunately they did not accept my MasterCard which is why I had to go another broker. Anyway now I'm happy with my broker as they have all services I need.

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