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Old 16-05-2013, 16:10
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Default is looking for the best in forex

I wanted to reach out to you and make sure we are on your radar. We have recently established a liquidity arm that allows us to offer institutions - Hedge funds, Forex Brokers, etc - excellent feeds with great spreads.

Come talk to us and we can work out a deal based on your needs and your terms. Its as simple as that. You bring what you need to the table and we will take care of it from there.

For non-institutions - retail traders, up starts, etc - this liquidity arm of ours allows us to lower our spreads and give even better service and execution. Please note, we will not stop working at making Alpha Trading CM better, more efficient, increasing the quality of both our service and support.

We are flexible in our ability to offer rebates for trading. This means we cut trading costs. This is great for self traders. The more volume you do, the more we can bonus you at the end of the month.

Keep in mind this applies for introducing brokers as well as self traders.

Basically, the bigger you are, the more we can help to cut costs and increase revenue for you.

So if you are an Introducing broker, self-trader, Forex Broker, or an institution, lets talk. Alpha Trading CM has a solution for you.

Again, we are extremely flexible in structuring any deal that you need. So please, bring your needs to us, bring your terms in order to business and lets get it done.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

-- Best regards,
Dana O'Keefe

phone- 617.701.3458
mobile phone: 774-521-6394
Skype: forex-king
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Old 09-10-2015, 11:44
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Default My experience with

Alpha is a Market Maker broker..NOT STP lor ECN as they claimed and lied!!!!!!!! they will tell you the have many liquidity providers which allow they give low spreads and stuffs..its pure lie....Alpha has full control over the prices they quote in their MT4 platform..they give people no-slippage advantage but take somethings far worse from you!!!

***Manipulation of trades-this doesnt start at first,but the moment they discover you are a profitable trader,they flag your account and crazy things starts happening with your trades..they close your trades when you did not ask them..they open trades for you at times behind your back

**Spreads at Alpha can get over-widened beyond imagination..i have seen spreads widened to 1,250+points (125 real pips)...during a news release period..I have never seen such a widening of spreads with any other broker in the world...I recorded this on video and have live proofs to back my claims.
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