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paulobona 02-05-2011 11:44

Anyone traded with FSIFX?
im 26 year old and im just about to graduate form Pace U having MA in Finance but i want to become a trader.
i am highly interseted in quant analysis. I came across this company (never hear of them) FSIFX
any one had experience traing with them?

johnyueyou 04-05-2011 03:43

I got mini account with FSIFX since 2010. so far so good Ö.not much of major problems with regards to my trade. E/ U is 3 pips, G/U 4 . I\'ve seen tighter spresds but the execution sucks.

brettallen 04-05-2011 08:37

Where is this FSIFX located? Is it registered with CFTC, NFA or any governing body where is it located? Well it is better to be safe than sorryÖ

davidthornton 05-05-2011 05:55

I checked the website . They got offices in Asia and New York ..yet off the trader company...

brettallen 06-05-2011 07:30

I see. But is FSIFX registered with CFTC or NFA?

paulobona 10-01-2013 07:50

Re: Anyone traded with FSIFX?
im not quite sure if they are registered with CFTC or NFA... does it matter anyway?...

PapiaKhatunAsha 17-02-2020 18:32

Re: Anyone traded with FSIFX?
No, I trade with FreshForex which is amongst the finest broker out there having all kinds of benefits from low spreads to fast execution of trades and also got fantastic rebate program, which helps me move towards the direction I highly desire to reach.

mlawson71 06-03-2020 15:14

Re: Anyone traded with FSIFX?
I've never heard of FSIFX and I cannot find any information about them, which means that they likely are not registered and don't have a proper license. Trading with such brokers carries a certain amount of risk and I would advise caution.

dangtrader 17-03-2020 04:26

Re: Anyone traded with FSIFX?
I only tried Hotforex, don't know anything about FSIFX. It's a new name and the rule of thumb is to avoid new names in this industry.

PapiaKhatunAsha 03-05-2020 19:06

Re: Anyone traded with FSIFX?
No, I havenít and I seriously donít wish to do either. Itís too risky to trade with such brokers, as itís something that would only lead to losses and thatís where we need to be extremely careful with our broker selection.

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