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Welcome to Followme cross-platform social trading. We believe you are familiar with social trading, copy trading, many Forex trading platforms can provide those services. Followme with the AI tech devotes to make social trading more difference, brings investors more wonderful new investment experiences. Hope it can surprise you.

Followme Executive Overview:
Followme provides trading communication environment, online forex account-opening guides, demo trading software, forex market trends, forex strategy analysis, forex copy-trading, investment encyclopedia, Trading Q&A.
With over 300000 community users, Followme becomes the most influential social trading network around the world. Followme supports cross-platform copy trading, which means that among 2000 brokers, traders’and followers’ trading platform can be different.

Social Trade makes trade different

Social trading creates a connected community of savvier private investors. They can not only Copy-Trade the excellent traders' signals but also learn and communicate with the professional traders via the social trading community.

Copy trading is one of the most excellent functions in Followme. It enables the first contact between a trader who made a signal and someone who replicates it.
Cross-platform copy trading in Followme, which means that among 2000 brokers, traders' and followers' trading platform can be different. Where magical happen is that an investor opened an account in A broker can follow a trader’s signals who opened an account in B broker.

Followme technology also supports real time copy trading, which means that the delays will be less than 100ms. Every trading activity is real in Followme, and followers can check the traders' profile to get detailed trading information, including open/close time, PNL, symbols.

Community makes trade fun
What social trade appeal among investors is not only copied trade function but also community interactions. Followme community makes use of AI technology to create an intelligent content engine. All the community users will automatically match with contents according to their interests.
Followme users can share trading ideas, industrial trends, and trading strategies. Apart from that, brokers, media, industrial institutions can also take part in Followme community, e.g., KVB Prime, FX Pro,, etc.

Followme make trade value
FollowCoin is another star in Followme. By using Followcoin(Followme official token), Followme encourages every user's activity. Every action that the user conducts on the community will contribute to the active points acquiring, such as post, like, comment or vote for the others' posts can lead to the active points accumulated for each user. By getting active points, followcoin(Fcoin) will be rewarded to the user to get community gift, such as Mac book.
"We aim to build up an eco-system for forex industry around the world" mentioned by Wayne Van, CEO of Followme social trading network, "By using AI technology and blockchain, we want to achieve the goal that Followme will become the most trustworthy, mutual and transparent social trading network in the world. Followers and traders can create a strong bond regardless of brokers' differences. I believe that Followme will be the most user-friendly social trading network around the world."

Summary & Conclusions
Followme cross-platform social trading provides practical solutions to the complicated trading market and provides a wide variety of tools, analysis, and signals for both beginners and well-experienced investors.
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