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FXBtrading 21-02-2018 03:30

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Fxb Signals App for iPhone and iPad

The app provides buy/sell signals, live rates, and real-time market updates, all in one easy-to-use interface, available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Receive forex signals notifications on your device and never lose an opportunity. Each signal will tell you the best time and best price to enter and exit trades (buy entry or sell entry, take profit and stop loss values). Our expert team is available to offer support in order to optimise your earning potential.

Get the tools used by professional traders in one convenient and functional app by downloading our Trading analysis app.

FXBtrading 22-02-2018 02:56

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners
Market Sentiment

Market sentiment indicators evaluate investor sentiment – whether investors feel bullish or bearish about the market. The data used to calculate these indicators is the accumulation of a variety of fundamental and technical factors which include price history, economic reports, seasonal factors, and national and world events.

To gain access to our Market sentiment indicators, register by clicking the button below:

FXBtrading 23-02-2018 04:32

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Virtual trading and the global economy

We have seen the rise of the virtual world in the twenty first century, which is a world that exists entirely on the internet. The currency that is used is known as bitcoin, but it does not possess any physical form. Bitcoin has now become a widely used currency, especially in China, the economic powerhouse. However, the lack of physical form makes bitcoin completely different to what money should be.

A long time ago, the value of money was exactly what it was made of. Gold coins were made, and their value depended on the amount of gold in circulation. Nowadays, most money is printed on paper, which does not have that much value. Therefore, the government can print as much money as it wants as long as it has the cheap materials needed to print the money.

Bitcoin is the next step in this worrying trend regarding the creation money. Bitcoins have no physical form, and they cost almost nothing to create. However, using bitcoin is very convenient as online transactions can be carried out using a currency which is suitable for expediting simple financial transactions.

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FXBtrading 26-02-2018 03:39

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Earn While You Learn
  • Master in-depth technical and fundamental analysis
  • Receive trading insights from experts
  • High probability dynamic trading signals

FXBtrading 27-02-2018 04:09

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Adapting to Bulls and Bears

Bulls and Bears characterizes and defines the volatile market conditions. Bulls and Bears is a term which is common in the trading world, increasing the hopes of traders as well as shattering their expectations! But what do they really represent?

Bulls and Bears actually describe market conditions, whether stocks and/or currencies are increasing or decreasing in value.

They also demonstrate the mood of the investor, and indicate subsequent market trends.

A bull market describes a market that is increasing which is shown by an increase in market share prices. This situation causes a psychological boom installing faith in investors and resulting in a positive long term trend. This tends to happen in countries with strong and solid economies with high employment levels.

A bear market causes the opposite psychological effect; it characterizes a falling market with share prices continuously falling, so results in a downward trend persuading investors that this market decline will continue over the long term. It leads to an increase in unemployment as employers begin to dismiss workers.

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FXBtrading 28-02-2018 04:19

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Fxb Training app

Learn to trade Use the FXB Trading Training app to learn the knowledge and skills to trade successfully.

The mobile app offers a financial toolkit which includes an economic calendar, trading strategies, forex eBook, a trading glossary, video courses and videos from Metaquotes.

Use this app to stay up-to-date with upcoming economic events that could affect the financial markets, read the 'Beginner's guide to forex trading', 'Trading glossary' and trading strategies, and follow our forex trading video courses in order to learn how to trade successfully.

What’s in the app?
  • Economic calendar
  • Trading strategies
  • Forex eBook
  • Trading glossary
  • Videos from Metaquotes
  • Video courses
  • Use the new Training app to learn to trade and optimise your earning potential.

FXBtrading 01-03-2018 03:24

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Bitcoin value can reach $50k this year

Bitcoin value has dropped by almost 45% after hitting a high of almost $20k this month but some experts feel the crypto currency is set to climb again in 2018

Investors who joined late will feel the latest headline about Bitcoin value is a bad joke. Most people who invested in Bitcoin recently are sitting on negative equity or have cashed out losing.

Ethereum and Ripple backers have similar stories to share with their Bitcoin owning counterparts. But for portfolio manager Jeet Sign cryptocurrency volatility isn’t surprising and he envisages Bitcoin’s value hitting $50k this year.

Singh gave his views about cryptocurrencies to RT while attending the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland. He’s been operating in the cryptocurrency space for the last six years. He’s seen similar volatility time and again. And he’s also experienced fluctuations by more than 80% and above on a regular basis.

Singh drew comparisons between cryptocurrency and the early performance of Microsoft and Apple stock.

“If you look at Microsoft or Apple when they went public their stocks were very volatile because the market wasn’t mature,” he said.

The lack of vendors accepting cryptocurrencies as payment results in cryptocurrencies being used more like as a store of value. However, in countries with high inflation (Indonesia and Thailand) cryptocurrencies are more readily accepted.

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FXBtrading 02-03-2018 02:54

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners
How do I buy cryptocurrency with FXB Trading ?
Buying cryptocurrency with FXB is very easy. Simply follow the steps below:

FXBtrading 05-03-2018 03:05

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Trading Calculators app

Use our Trading calculators app to make accurate calculations at the right time to make the most out of your trades. With our range of online calculators, you can complete a number of important trading calculations in order to help you evaluate your risk and monitor profit or loss for each trade you carry out.

Every calculator includes an explanation of how the calculations are worked out and allows the values to be changed depending on your needs.

In the app you will get a full list of foreign exchange rates, also known as forex rates.

FXBtrading 06-03-2018 04:24

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Join the few who gain from economic Armageddon

The warning signs that a market crash is looming are becoming louder and more frequent. Despite this, most market participants are behaving like it can never happen. In fact, bullish trading is pushing the markets to new highs on an almost daily basis. The warnings are seen, heard and then ignored.

Join the few who will take advantage of what’s about to happen. The same few who profited handsomely when billions were lost in the last global economic crisis almost a decade ago rather than those who simply follow the herd.

For most people these warnings are like the graphic images printed on today’s packets of cigarettes, they spell out the dangers and yet all the same people are still smoking.

Warnings about an impending market crash are being made by people who predicted with considerable accuracy in 2006 and 2007 what was ahead when the US sub-prime mortgage market collapsed and triggered the global financial crisis.

The one thing these analysts can’t predict is an exact time and place for when the crash will happen. It’s the same reason people continue to smoke; nobody can say with certainty the number of cigarettes required to kill a person.

So, trading continues regardless until the day the sudden dramatic drop in prices exceeds the 10 per cent threshold that officially marks the point that the crash has arrived.

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FXBtrading 07-03-2018 03:45

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Account comparison

FXB Trading offers a wide range of account types to suit the trading preferences of all types of traders. Have a look at our accounts, and if you have any questions, please get in touch with our support team by live chat or email

*Minimum deposit amounts are quoted in USD. Deposits made using other currencies will be subject to the prevailing exchange rate and must satisfy the minimum USD deposit amount stated.

FXBtrading 08-03-2018 04:52

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Do zombie banks provide real liquidity?

A zombie bank is an alarming characteristic of the modern economy.

What is a zombie bank?
The term zombie bank refers to a financial institution that has an economic net worth which is less than zero. Basically, it signifies that this financial institution is in debt. A financial institution that is in debt should not be called a financial institution as it does not have any money to provide to people. In addition, it should not be trusted with people’s money as this money may actually be used to pay off debts.

Nevertheless, even though zombie banks are in debt, they continue to be called financial institutions. They can continue performing in this capacity because their debts are settled through credit provided by the government.

What is liquidity?
Liquidity is a term used to describe a market’s ability to sell an asset quickly without lowering its price. This generally happens when the specific asset is in high demand, and will be sold off quickly regardless of the market’s requirements. For example, gold is an asset that is almost always in high demand. Therefore, the gold market has a high market liquidity.

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FXBtrading 09-03-2018 03:58

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners
  • Select My Wallet
    Select My Wallet (on the left in Members Login area) and then select Deposit Funds. Choose your ‘Currency wallet’ (Select an Account) and select preferred payment method (Bitpay or Neteller). The deposit amount will be automatically exchanged into your selected currency wallet.

    Enter the amount
  • You will be directed to the payment page. Enter the amount you want to invest, tick the declaration box and press ‘continue’ button.

    Bitcoin wallet
  • The Bitpay payment page will show your invested amount equal to Bitcoin. Below, scan the QR code or copy the address and transfer bitcoin. Your account will be credited within 30 to 120 minutes.

    In order to deposit funds, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. Please note that Bitpay accepts funds from the recommended and trusted Bitcoin wallets such as:

    · BitPay Wallet
    · Copay Wallet
    · Mycelium Wallet
    · Airbitz Wallet
    · Electrum Wallet
    · Bitcoin Core Wallet

    Please visit this link to find out how to deposit Bitcoin with Bitpay

    Check your balance
  • Check your balance in the Members Login area or the exchange platform.

    Buy, sell and exchange
  • Buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies on the exchange platform.

FXBtrading 12-03-2018 03:28

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

FXB Trading MT4 Mobile
Trade on-the-go with FXB Trading MT4 mobile trading apps for Android and iOS. The worldÂ’s leading platform, MetaTrader 4, offers feature-rich functionality that frees you from the confines of your desktop and gives you the option to trade anywhere, anytime. Monitor open positions, respond quickly to market movements and analyse opportunities directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

FXBtrading 13-03-2018 02:47

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Why most traders do not succeed in forex trading?

Making profits through stocks and shares is not an easy job. Inadequate trading methods, lack of confidence, patience and discipline can lead to a lack of success in the stock market. A trader should really know the tricks of trading. Inexperienced traders, who lack insight, risk all their money in one stock without planning before investing. Planning is a necessary standard in the stock market as complex trading techniques and lack of planning will contribute to the failure of the trader; therefore, successful traders always develop a plan.

Lazy traders will definitely fail

Without significant planning a trader will fail. Many traders are too lazy to develop a successful trading plan as it requires a lot of effort. Effort is necessary for success in the stock market, not just luck. Traders who are too confident and lazy are always in a hurry to chance their luck, which results in failure.

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FXBtrading 14-03-2018 03:20

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Trade cryptocurrency CFDs and tap into the economy of the future.

Price movements on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are affected mainly by news and market sentiment. These sudden movements can result in price changes which make cryptocurrency CFDs an exciting product for traders. Speculate which way the price of a cryptocurrency will go without the need for a wallet. Take advantage of price volatility by trading CFDs without actually owning the cryptocurrency.

The following CFD cryptocurrencies are available:
Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin cash, Augur, Tether, Monero and Zcash.

FXBtrading 15-03-2018 03:59

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Why FXB Trading has chosen Bitpay

FXB Trading is accepting bitcoin payments through Bitpay, a leading Bitcoin payment service provider.

Bitcoin (BTC) is an online virtual currency with no centralized exchange. It is a unique electronic currency which is increasingly popular worldwide.

Advantages of Bitcoin

One advantage of Bitcoin is that there are no transaction costs. All bitcoin transactions are digitally recorded on public networks without banks or clearing agencies playing a role. There are normally no transaction costs involved in bitcoin, even for global transfers.

In addition, bitcoin allows customers to transfer in and out of bitcoin toward any local currency with minimum effort.

Furthermore, Bitcoin is particularly beneficial for traders from developing countries. This is because they have restricted access to wire transfers or credit card payments.

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FXBtrading 16-03-2018 04:13

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Select your ideal trading account

We have a great choice of Live and Demo trading accounts for you at FXB Trading, so whether you want to test your trading strategies in our demo trading environment or trade the markets for real by opening a live trading account, we have the solution for you!

Trade Live
Our range of Live trading accounts has been devised to meet the needs of any trader. So, whether you are new to trading, finding your trading rhythm, an experienced investor or a professional trader, you’ll find an FXB Trading account that surpasses your expectations.

FXBtrading 19-03-2018 02:57

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Trade CFDs on commodities

Discover the potential of the commodities market by trading CFDs on the world’s most popular commodities. Trade CFDs on products such as gold, silver, and oil. Diversify your investment portfolio and take advantage of price movements.

Why trade commodities with FXB Trading?

FXBtrading 20-03-2018 03:19

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Rule the market through a confident trading approach

The foreign exchange market is a decentralized market that is meant for trading currencies. The forex market determines the value of currencies. The magnetic power of money has motivated the investors to invest in stock markets. Earning money through equities is not an easy task. You need extensive research and lots of discipline, patience and confidence. You need to be able to interpret the market. Due to the volatility of a market, investors are in a continuous dilemma whether to invest or not. Market volatility causes the investors to lose trust in the stock market and shut themselves off from stock markets. Ideal investors must know how to deal confidently with this volatility. People who lack confidence cannot sustain the highs and lows of the marketing trends.

Thinking about the winnings
You need to be confident in order to trade efficiently. Trading efficiently helps to develop confidence. Confidence and perfect trading habits are almost equivalent. Low level of confidence can negatively affect trading performance. Thinking about your winnings can make you a winner. It is necessary to think about your wins, and it is necessary to consider the factors that result in the win. Important factors must be noted in a trading journal to record the trading policies that prompted the win. You must memorise trading techniques in order to acquire trading skill which will make you more confident in trading.

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FXBtrading 21-03-2018 02:47

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners
Introducing Brokers

FXB Trading sets an extremely competitive IB commission rate and offers one of the most innovative tracking tools for introducing brokers in the forex marketplace.

FXBtrading 22-03-2018 03:32

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Litecoin rising. Momentum returning to cryptos?

Litecoin value has almost doubled in two weeks and stands out amongst general increase in prices among main cryptos recently

There are signs cryptocurrencies are on the rise with Bitcoin near $10,000 (February 16) and a Litecoin surge grabbing attention.

As the case with most cryptos Litecoin recently dipped following record highs. However, it broke $214 (February 16) from a low of $110 on February 2 suggesting further price increases are imminent. Litecoin’s gain has stood out amongst a general growth pattern seen in many leading cryptos this month.

Since its inception Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has positioned his creation as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. The main benefits of Lee’s digital coin over Bitcoin are twofold.

Michael LaVered of Oracle Times explains: “Litecoin combines all of the benefits of Bitcoin, but with shorter transaction times and lower fees.”

LaVered believes that Litecoin could potentially overtake Bitcoin in price because of the difficulty the leading cryptocurrency faces in scaling.

However, one of the driving factors behind Litecoin’s recent rise is the announcement of a potential hard fork called LitePay.

LitePay will enable Litecoin users to make purchases through businesses with a flat 1% transaction fee. Litecoin founder Lee has disassociated his digital coin from the spin off, denouncing it as a “fraud”. However, Litecoin users are being attracted with the offer of 10 coins of litecoin cash per coin held.

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FXBtrading 23-03-2018 04:27

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners
FXB Trading Corporate Account

The FXB Trading Corporate account is a superior account specially designed for financial institutions, brokers and professional traders. We offer a complete solution based on sophisticated technology, a huge range of markets and dedicated support.

FXBtrading 26-03-2018 04:01

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Cent(Micro) Account

What is a Cent(Micro) Trading Account?

A Cent Account has been designed for beginners that want to develop their knowledge, strategies and skills in a real trading environment. Cent accounts deal with only cents. Regardless of how much money is deposited, the balance will always be shown in cents. If you deposit 5 dollars, your account will have a balance of 500 cents.


Why Open a Cent Account?
  • Fast and efficient access to the markets and live trading with a minimum deposit of $5.
  • Ideal for beginners as it offers the opportunity to become familiar with online trading and real market conditions.
  • Experience the full variety of services offered by FXB Trading such as fast order execution, high leverage, a wide range of markets, unmatched promotions, user-friendly trading platforms, numerous tools for analysis etc.
  • Discover and enhance the basics of risk and money management.
  • Fast withdrawal of funds
The Cent Account is ideal for small depositors and new traders as it gives access to the markets to everyone that wants to experience a live market environment by simply trading in cents.

FXBtrading 27-03-2018 03:36

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies with the FXB Crypto Webtrader

The FXB Crypto Webtrader allows you to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies directly from your web browser in a couple of clicks with no additional software. All you need is an internet connection and a PC. The Crypto Webtrader is a regular part of the desktop platform. The application is safe to use – all transmitted data is securely encrypted.

Crypto Webtrader Features
  • Trade directly from any internet browser
  • Compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Reliable data protection
  • Maximise your opportunities with real-time instant quotes

FXB Crypto Webtrader offers a reliable and secure platform where you can buy, sell and exchange popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, etc.

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FXBtrading 28-03-2018 03:49

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

  1. Choose which currency you are buying in and the amount e.g. 1000USD
  2. Choose which cryptocurrency you wish to buy e.g. Bitcoin
  3. Click BUY to purchase your cryptocurrency.

FXBtrading 29-03-2018 03:41

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

The Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple & Ethereum survival guide

Are you still confused about Bitcoin? Or maybe you don’t know what cryptocurrency is and why it is so significant. Our Bitcoin survival guide will outline everything you need to know and help you make the right decisions when investing.

Throughout this guide I will refer to Bitcoin, but the information applies to Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum as well. Read on to find out all you need to know about Bitcoin and surviving the market trends.

What is cryptocurrency?
A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography to secure its transactions.

How can cryptocurrency be used as money?
Currency is a system of money and a form of exchange in general use in a specific country. At present, the Dollar is the most widely used currency around the world.

Anything can be used as a form of exchange, and this includes cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is a ‘cryptocurrency’
Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. There are many other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, etc.

Bitcoin is the most popular because it was the first successful cryptocurrency to emerge. It is a digital currency that can be used to complete a transaction between two parties without involving a middleman. It allows direct, private transactions between users with almost no transaction costs. This is achieved because it is powered by blockchain technology.

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FXBtrading 30-03-2018 03:05

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Fed rate monitor tool

Interest rate changes in the US are felt throughout the markets, where even a 0.25% increase or decrease is capable of triggering volatility. This tool gauges expectations from market participants about the probability of a change in interest rates when the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) next meets to discuss monetary policy. The further beyond a 50% probability the indicator suggests an interest rate hike is likely, the higher the likelihood that the FOMC will increase interest rates. Anything below 50% probability reflects the sentiment that a rate rise is unlikely.

To gain access to our Fed rate monitor tool, register by clicking on the button below:

FXBtrading 02-04-2018 03:05

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

FXB Trading has applied every possible safeguard to ensure that your funds are safe with us.

Segregated accounts
When you trade with FXB Trading, your funds are held in segregated accounts and will always be kept completely separate from company funds.

Capital adequacy
FXB Trading is a member of the Financial Commission, an external dispute resolution organisation, which ensures that your funds are insured up to 20,000 USD.

Risk management
Managing risk is the key element and we have implemented stringent risk management and capital adequacy controls to give you the assurance you need.

SSL encryption
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protects your transactions and guarantees that all information is kept private and secure.

FXBtrading 03-04-2018 04:45

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Is Ripple the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

Ripple is emerging as the cryptocurrency with the most real world use as more financial institutions partner with it to provide payment solutions

Ripple is emerging from the pack of cryptocurrencies as one of the most likely to make a big impact in the financial services sector. Major companies are partnering with Ripple on payments projects to use its platforms. If these prove fruitful Ripple’s blockchain technology will take a step closer to becoming anindustry standard.

Saudi Arabia’s central bank announced on February 14 that it was partnering with Ripple on a payments ledger. The system enables local banks to deploy Ripple’s xCurrent for cross-border payments and will save up to $400 million per year, according to Moody’s Investor Services.

It’s not the first central bank Ripple have cooperated with. The Bank of England (BoE) successfully completed a proof of concept eight months ago to synchronise a payment between two central bank systems. It was part of the BoE’s exploration of solutions on how to update their payments systems.

Then, Mark Carney, governor of the BoE, said the cryptographic system that underpins virtual currencies is “not sufficiently mature” to support the scale of the bank’s payment requirements. However, the test “highlighted areas where we would like to conduct more exploratory work.”

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FXBtrading 04-04-2018 03:35

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

MetaTrader 5 platforms

MetaTrader 5 offers all the innovative features that MT4 has to offer allowing you to analyse the market with a wide range of pre-installed technical indicators and graphical objects, and functions as a platform where you can place your orders. The platform provides everything you need to trade the financial markets.

Trade CFDs on forex, indices, commodities, and shares from one platform with no rejections, no re-quotes and flexible leverage from 1:1 to 1:500.

MT5 desktop application
If you prefer to trade directly from your desktop, the advanced MT5 desktop platform puts you in control when trading the world’s markets.

Key features:
  • Spreads as low as 0 pips
  • Tick chart trading
  • All order types supported
  • Over 80 technical analysis objects
  • Market depth information
  • Market execution

FXBtrading 05-04-2018 03:17

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Wall St strategist: $25k Bitcoin by year end

Bitcoin value currently around $10k but will be worth more than double by year end says Fundstrat

Fundstrat, one of Wall Street’s leading investment advisories, believes Bitcoin will soon return to the $20,000 value reached in 2017. Tom Lee is Fundstrat’s co-founder and has been a leading Wall Street strategist for 25 years. They published a cryptocurrency report (February 28) with analysis on price expectations also highlighting notable companies like Rakuten and plans to launch their own Rakuten Coin.

CNBC spoke to Lee about the report where he added that he expected Bitcoin to reach $20,000 by the middle of the year. He also expects it to reach $25,000 by year end based on historical price trends and crypto-related announcements by major companies.

Lee said: “The announcement by Rakuten is another example of positive developments in crypto in 2018, suggesting the large sell-off in Bitcoin and others at the start of the year was an overshoot to the downside.”

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FXBtrading 06-04-2018 04:03

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners
Affiliate Program
The most competitive CPA payment plan – earn up to $600

The FXB Trading Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity for affiliates who wish to earn a competitive lifetime payout (up to $600 CPA) on every qualifying referral.

To aid your marketing efforts, the FXB Affiliate Program offers access to cutting edge creative and generous acquisition promotions to help you produce the results you want and increase your affiliate income.

Give your clients the performance they expect from a leading broker like FXB Trading.

FXBtrading 09-04-2018 03:42

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Forex slippage and price improvement

Slippage is a phenomenon where prices may change as a trade is being placed; therefore, traders may enter or exit a trade at a price that is higher or lower than they wanted. This occasionally happens because of high volatility, unexpected market news, economic data and news releases, opening and closing hours. Whenever there is an imbalance of buyers, sellers, prices and trade volumes, prices will need to change and trade orders have to be adjusted to the next available price.

Can slippage be avoided?
Slippage cannot be completely avoided, but it can be reduced. One way for traders to reduce the risk of experiencing slippage is to confirm that their brokerage works with a number of liquidity providers. Another way for traders to avoid slippage is to try to avoid trading during periods of high volatility. Volatile trading environments usually increase the chances for slippage as price moves at a faster pace and at wider intervals. FXB Trading works with a number of liquidity providers to ensure that our clients always receive the best market prices.

Slippage can be a positive phenomenon
Slippage is not always considered by traders to be a negative phenomenon. Occasionally, positive slippage or price improvement can occur in a trader’s favour and actually widen the amount of profit he could make on a trade. Therefore, that is why traders should carefully think about the amount of slippage they are willing to bear before entering a trade.

FXBtrading 10-04-2018 03:21

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Ethereum for beginners

Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation. The total value in the market is approximately $85 billion (value correct on 28/2/18). Even though it is considerably behind Bitcoin, Ethereum is well ahead of other major cryptocurrencies such as Ripple and Litecoin.

If you want to find out about Ethereum, what it can be used for and its potential then this guide is for you.

What is Ethereum?
Ethereum is a decentralised programmable blockchain based software platform that runs smart contracts. The network is based on the blockchain technology and enables you to build decentralized apps and use the network if you have Ether. Ether is the cryptocurrency which helps in running the platform.

Basically, Ethereum functions as a platform through which Ether tokens can be used to create and run applications and smart contracts.

Ether is also used as a cryptocurrency and is traded on different exchanges.

What is a smart contract?
A smart contract is a blockchain based protocol that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between two exchanging parties. When a smart contract runs on the blockchain, it automatically executes under specific conditions. On the blockchain, smart contracts run exactly as programmed without any downtime, fraud or third-party interference. They solve a real problem by making existing systems better.

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FXBtrading 11-04-2018 03:01

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners
FXB Trading Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Protect your trades with fast, reliable execution
As our high spec server is located as close as possible to our data centre in Paris, you benefit from ultra-low latency and some of the fastest execution times around. Plus, your FXB Trading VPS means that you can step away from the trading platform knowing that your expert advisors will continue to operate non-stop and cannot be affected by power cuts, Internet connection speeds or unexpected interruptions.

FXB Trading VPS Specifications
FXB Trading VPS gives you access to a Windows 2012 Server with 8 GB RAM, 250 GB of SSD and 4 dedicated CPU Cores that will keep your EAs running smoothly, even when your computer is turned off!

FXBtrading 12-04-2018 04:02

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Automated forex system trading

What is the advantage of automated forex system trading?

Forex trading now offers millions of people with an automated Forex system trading so that traders can employ a pre-programmed trading system for their Forex trade. There are many advantages to these automated trading systems in Forex market. However, it is essential to understand how it works before using an automated trading system.

Idea of automated forex system trading
An automated Forex system trading is the trading in Forex market that is performed on the basis of computerized programs. These programs are developed on the basis of best strategies for trading. This program can be developed according to the trading approach. This would be a customized automated trading in Forex market, but you can also get the pre-programmed automated systems that can be installed on the computer. These automated systems can run on the basis of robotic Forex trading. In addition to this, these programs can also be created on the basis of signal based trading.

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FXBtrading 13-04-2018 03:55

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Depositing and withdrawing funds is quick and easy at FXB thanks to the sheer number of trusted, secure payment methods we offer.

We don’t charge any deposit and withdrawal fees at FXB Trading. Banks and other payment providers may charge fees which you will be responsible for. The amount that is deposited in your account is the net amount we receive from your chosen payment provider (after they have deducted any fees). Please check fees charged by banks and payment providers before initiating a deposit or withdrawal transaction.

FXBtrading 16-04-2018 03:36

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

FXB Trading app for the on the go trader

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FXBtrading 17-04-2018 04:27

Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Why less is more in forex trading

Three top tips for trading the markets like a pro

Developing and sticking to your trading strategy is crucial if you trade CFDs on forex, commodities, indices and shares. Simply put, veering from your forex trading strategy is a risky move that could see you lose funds, and that’s something that no trader wants to happen.

The fact is though that many traders slip into negative trading habits such as trading intra-day price variations or withdrawing a cost-effective trade simply because the market started retracing against a position. These kinds of trading habits are counterproductive to your success as you are overreacting to normal price variations in a market.

Why less is more

Less is definitely more when it comes to trading the world’s markets – it really is crucial. To hammer this point home, we’ll look at 3 key points: market dynamics, price action and how not to react to every market fluctuation.

In trading, ‘a freight train’ refers to trends with tonnes of momentum behind them. If you look at the charts, you’ll soon realise that EURUSD, USDJPY and AUDUSD have long multi-month trends. These trends, just like real freight trains, don’t alter direction quickly or easily. Our freight train analogy brings us to my 3 tips to ensure that you instill ‘less is more’ in your trading strategy.

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