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InstaForex 20-03-2015 04:31

Re: Instaforex Company News
Forex portal
Welcome to the universal portal for traders MT5 - Forex Traders Portal for MetaTrader users. At this resource you can hold the monitoring of accounts, follow the market trends, analyze the market statistics, have a full access to all informational sources starting from analytics and quotations up to InstaForex TV channel, etc.

InstaForex 20-03-2015 20:02

Re: Instaforex Company News
Corporate blogs
In Corporate Blogs section the official InstaForex Company blogs are presented. They can be found at the company's own portal, as well as at the popular public blog-communities such as Twitter, LiveJournal and FaceBook.

InstaForex 22-03-2015 22:06

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex TV
The international broker InstaForex presents the full-fledged Forex TV that contains a great variety of news, analytical reports and interviews.
The latest video materials that cover the latest trends on financial markets, the key events of the financial world will be useful for all traders whatever their experience and trading strategies are. With ForexTV you will be able to visit international financial exhibitions, learn more about the leading brokerage firms and see the world's biggest financial and cultural centers of Europe, Asia and America.
Every day a large staff of specialists prepares for you the new informational and analytical reviews, expert interviews and event reports.
Keep watching new video materials on Forex TV from InstaForex international broker.

InstaForex 23-03-2015 22:08

Re: Instaforex Company News
VIP affiliate program
Every partner of InstaForex has an opportunity to send a request for VIP affiliate program and gain additional advantages compared to a standard affiliate program. Priviledges include higher commission up to 2 pips per trade and individual approach to the account holder.

InstaForex 24-03-2015 22:19

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex – Forex Affiliate Conference platinum sponsor
InstaForex became a platinum sponsor of Forex Affiliate Conference that took place in Ukraine's Kiev. It was the first conference devoted to forex affiliate marketing in Europe that united movers and shakers of the industry. One of the main conference topics touched upon efficient schemes of traders' acquisition through affiliate channels.
Affiliate marketing is not a breeze, but conference speakers made everything possible to shed light on the hottest issues.
The report of Natalia Yakunina, the head of Ukrainian VKontakte, was a huge success. She spoke about nuances of target advertising. The presentation of Fx-Leads Ltd CEO Ran Cohen was also very catchy. It was about how to boost returns on investment in forex advertising campaigns. Alice Kirichok, head of Unisender email consulting department, was very interesting too with her report on effective use of mailing lists.
The audience also welcomed the presentation of speakers from InstaForex, Sergey Aleksandrov and Pavel Shkapenko. They told about how affiliates with experience in other spheres of online business can take their first forex market steps.

InstaForex 25-03-2015 22:13

Re: Instaforex Company News
Callback Customer Service
Please fill in the form below and choose the most convenient time for you when you would like our manager to call you and answer all your questions. This service is totally free.
In addition to the callback request (at present only English-, Indonesian- and Russian-speaking managers are available), you can also apply to one of InstaForex departments or find the necessary information in the Support section of our website created for our customers. The Support section contains much useful information, including answers to numerous questions arising in the process of trading, regardless of professional level and experience. The Support section subject catalogue is arranged in the easiest way for you to promptly get all the necessary information. The content of the section and its catalogue are regularly updated so they respond to the clients inquiries. In case you have difficulties in understanding a manager or the connection is poor, tell the manager your account number; you will then have an answer sent to the email address you specified at the stage of the account registration.

InstaForex 26-03-2015 14:22

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex has become a platinum sponsor of Forex Affiliate Conference

The modern economy is often called postindustrial. Simply put, it is a type of an economy based on innovations. Over the past 10 years, all industrial giants have slimmed down the workforce not only due to shakeouts, but also because of stable technological progress. On the contrary, number of job places from programmers to marketers in online business increased severalfold. These are results of a postindustrial economy.
The key to success is investing in education and broadening of experience. So various educational events geared towards boosting of awareness of people involved in business are crucial. InstaForex finds this approach interesting. That is why our company has become a platinum sponsor of Forex Affiliate Conference, the first conference on affiliate marketing in CIS countries. It took place in March 2015 in Ukraine’s Kiev. All visitors of the event made a really worthwhile investment coming there.
Affiliate marketing is not a breeze. You need to know what’s what in the industry having expertise in SEO and SMM, content marketing, payment systems, etc. Of course, it is a challenge to cover all these issues in one day, but star*studded speakers made that possible.
There was a definite buzz about the report of Natalia Yakunina, the head of Ukrainian VKontakte. She told about nuances of target advertising. Ran Cohen, CEO of Fx*Leads Ltd, was also very impressive with his report on how to bump up returns on investment in advertising campaigns on Forex. Alice Kirichok, head of Unisender email consulting department, spoke about effective use of mailing lists. Of course, the presentation of our speakers Sergey Aleksandrov and Pavel Shkapenko telling about how affiliates with experience in other spheres of online business can take their first forex market steps was also in the spotlight.
Investing in the knowledge economy has been a priority for InstaForex from the outset. That is why we are always on the lookout for improving our professional level and take part in various educational events throughout the world.

InstaForex 27-03-2015 04:19

Re: Instaforex Company News
History of InstaForex Company
InstaForex project birth is related to the year 2007. It was created by the InstaTrade Corporation as a Broker at Forex. The same year an agreement was concluded with the trading software development leader – Company MetaQuotes software. Agreements with the major counterparties which provide an access to the exchange market were signed during first months. For providing qualitative online informational support contracts on news supply were concluded with the major media-company in the field of financial markets Dow Jones News, USA. In this way the history of InstaForex development began.

The company focuses on qualitative services regardless of the situation at the market. Company’s stuff is professionals in the sphere of finance, legal support, and dealing operations. Our team is developing and attracting experts in different fields, connected with on-line trading services.

Trading conditions of the company always satisfy changes at brokerage services market. InstaForex company is trying to correspond with modern quality standards in trading and clients’ services.

Nowadays InstaForex is a Broker provided an access to the international financial markets around the world: starting form Forex ECN (electronic communications network) to derivative products such as CFD for the NYSE and gold trading tool. Maximum full line of financial services let us talk about the high level of company’s development for the given moment.To learn more about our company and its work, please see the ABOUT THE COMPANY section.

InstaForex 27-03-2015 13:57

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex in figures
InstaForex was established in 2007 by InstaForex Group for providing brokerage services of high quality in South Asian region. For the time being the company managed to demonstrate great achievements and earn international recognition.
  • More than 2 000 000 people are the clients of InstaForex.
  • More than 100 000 clients are in the InstaForex club.
  • More than 1 000 new accounts are opened daily.
  • Over 300 trading instruments are available for the clients.
  • 55% is the highest bonus granted for every replenishment.
  • 9 trading servers provide reliable services for the clients.
  • More than 250 offices are opened worldwide.
  • More than 200 professionals are working in the main office and branches.
  • More than 30 experts are in the team of analysts.
  • More than 10 000 000 was invested in the PAMM accounts.
  • More than 100 000 people are ForexCopy subscribers.
  • More than 500 000 is raffled off yearly among InstaForex clients as a part of contests and campaigns.
  • Over 2 000 people are winners of InstaForex contests.
  • More than 30 languages are available for the website users.
  • More than 20 of financial awards were received by the company during 7 years of working.

InstaForex 29-03-2015 14:43

Re: Instaforex Company News
IFX Option Trade for options trading terminal
InstaForex offers all its clients who work with options to download IFX Option Trade. IFX Option Trade is one of the components of the InstaTrader platform. The program, which is set manually to the trading platform folder (C:\Program File\InstaTrader), gives you a wide range of possibilities for working with options and, at the same time, makes your trading activity easier and more convenient. After installing IFX Option Trade, you will be able to buy and sell options as well as monitor your history of trades.
IFX Option Trade can also take place of the previously used method for options trading, i.e. via your Client Cabinet. IFX Option Trade is an extremely simple and user-friendly program.

InstaForex 30-03-2015 16:50

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex Great Race 2015
InstaForex hastens to inform its clients that the next season of InstaForex Great Race 2015 has kicked off. The registration of participants is already in full swing.
If you are a beginning trader and are ready to try your luck on Forex, welcome to take part in this contest! InstaForex Great Race 2015 is a matchless opportunity for demo account holders to test your trading skills going through a contest consisting of four stages and a final. Note that the contest is held every other month. The first step will run October 20, 2014 – November 21, 2014. Hurry up to register before October 17, 2014 and be a contender for a top prize of $6,000.

Every InstaForex customer can take part in the competition. However, you should register a new demo account for every step of the contest. Winners get bonus points and funds to their trading accounts. The finalist to get the prize money will be the one with the biggest deposit.

To learn about the rules and the main provisions of the contest, please go to the official webpage of InstaForex Great Race 2015. Register for the first step of the contest and you will be closer to your potential victory!

InstaForex 31-03-2015 13:13

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex announces suspension of cooperation with KROUFR.
Such a decision was due to fundamentally different views on the fulfillment of the Public Offer Agreement in the aspects not regulated by the existing legislation and therefore allowing different opinions. The suspension of KROUFR membership will give time to form a single position on the issue of fulfillment of all clauses of the Agreement that is considered by the Commission as the base of legal relationship regulation with clients in case a company becomes its member.

Currently, InstaForex still successfully cooperates with the Non-Governmental Civil Rights Organization Russian Financial Consumers Protection Union (FinPotrebSouz) what enables every client to send a claim to the company for consideration of FinPotrebSouz' experts and to settle the claim through their intermediary.

InstaForex 01-04-2015 19:04

Re: Instaforex Company News
CPA affiliate program
InstaForex offers its partners new type of affiliate collaboration — the Cost Per Action project. Our CPA partners receive a one-time commission for each new active trader referred. The commission level depends on the amount of the first-time deposit only. Trade volume and quantity simply do not matter as long as there is some trading activity going on.
The main advantage of CPA is its simplicity. There are no complicated calculations, requirements for an amount of trading lots, and points from a spread – only an initial deposit. This program perfectly suits webmasters, SEO experts, and specialists in online marketing, who do not have special knowledge about the forex industry. The conversion process is much easier now – open an account, make a deposit, and get an affiliate commission!

InstaForex 02-04-2015 19:26

Re: Instaforex Company News
500$ Affiliate Reward!
Being a partner of InstaForex, you have an outstanding opportunity to take part in a new campaign - 500$ Affiliate Reward - to receive extra money.
Under the terms of the campaign, in order to get 500$ to your trading account, you need to refer at least 10 customers to your affiliate group. After you have referred 10 customers, send a request for 500$ Affiliate Reward to the InstaForex Partner Relations Department. As soon as your application is considered and approved, 500$ will be transferred to a trading account opened specifically for you by InstaForex. The credentials will be sent to an email address you provided at the stage of registration with the affiliate program.
Should you like to learn more about the terms and conditions of the 500$ Affiliate Reward campaign, visit the Rules page.
If you have any questions about the bonus campaign, please email us at

InstaForex 03-04-2015 18:47

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex QR code
InstaForex provides its partners with up-to-date marketing instrument QR code, which you can generate in Partner Cabinet right now. QR code is graphical code conatining encoded information. The information may be in the form of image, text, or affiliate link. Anyone who has a mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, or tablet with a camera can read the information. Thus, QR code allows a partner to place information, for example affiliate link both in digital form and on the data storage device.
InstaForex offers its partners to generate in Partner Cabinet a personal QR code with corresponding affiliate link and place it on various promotional materialsby InstaForex.
Placing QR code with your affiliate link on banners, leaflets, business cards, T-shirts, posters, stickers, etc. you may be sure that information contained in QR code will be distributed and saved in mobile devices of your prospective clients.
InstaForex recommends its partners to use this marketing instrument for attraction of new clients for it is application is very simple and demands minimum expenses.

InstaForex 03-04-2015 19:16

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex brand products shop
InstaForex Shop presents a great variety of InstaForex brand products.
We thoroughly develop the brand production, so every item from the catalogue is of highest quality and exclusive design. We hope that each business souvenir you choose will remind you about pleasant and fruitful cooperation with InstaForex Company.
We would like to turn our clients and partners' attention to the fact that they can pay up to 50% with InstaForex bonus points at our online shop. InstaForex bonus points are credited automatically: on trading accounts - for every closed trade; on affiliate accounts - for trading activity of referred customers. You can find out your bonus points statistics in your Client/Partner Cabinet on InstaForex official website.

InstaForex 03-04-2015 19:20

Re: Instaforex Company News
WebTrader - full-featured web platform by InstaForex!
InstaForex is glad to offer its clients a new exceptional product, trading platform InstaForex WebTrader. WebTrader by InstaForex enables clients to trade on financial markets directly in a web-browser enjoying the whole range of features available to regular desktop applications.

All existing cutting-edge technologies of trading on the forex market have been implemented in the trading platform InstaForex WebTrader. InstaForex novelty suggests that clients can choose from the three multifunctional interfaces for more convenient trading: classic, dasboard, and chart. Each of them has its particular features; hence, you can pick a certain interface depending on your trading strategy. Apart from trading advantages, WebTrader users can inquire about current news, up-to-date analytics as well as real-time market quotes. To trade via WebTrader, clients can use all types of trading accounts with InstaForex and all trading instruments, such as forex, metals, and CFDs.

InstaForex is eager to provide its clients with unique services and products which have to facilitate trading activities of its numerous clients in the most comfortable and efficient way. So, implementation of in-browser trading platform WebTrader is one more breakthrough.

Trade everywhere and always with InstaForex!

InstaForex 05-04-2015 15:36

Re: Instaforex Company News
Forex trainer: new options for successful trading
Forex trainer by InstaForex, a software for testing strategies based on technical analysis, has been upgraded. In particular, such graphical elements as horizontal/vertical/trend lines, rectangles, and triangles have undergone some modifications.
From now on, you can paste an object by right-clicking or via main menu. You can move almost all the objects using the mouse. To increase or decrease the size of rectangles and triangles in one or more directions, drag asizing handle away from or toward the center. A trend line can be changed the same way. Being in a half line or ray mode, a trend line can rotate around its initial point. The list of all objects can be opened by right-clicking or keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B. This method also might be used while deleting objects.
We upgraded the properties of each graphical object as well. In addition, you can adjust a description, color, width, and line type. Besides, from now on you will be able to set coordinates of the starting and ending angles as well as trend lines type (a half line or line segment.) After closing Forex Trainer, all the created objects are saved automatically.
The improved version of Forex Trainer will come in handy especially for traders who do not have wide trading experience on the currency market. The software will give newbies a chance to understand all the nuances of forex trading and develop their own effective strategy.
To download Forex Trainer, click here.

InstaForex 05-04-2015 15:41

Re: Instaforex Company News
Trade bitcoins with InstaForex
InstaForex is pleased to inform its clients that now they can deposit their accounts and cash out their profit in a populac electronic curency - bitcoins.
More than that, InstaForex clients can now use bitcoins as an extra trading instrument. It is possible to trade bitcoins in InstaForex platform with the leverage up to 1:25. Bitcoin trading is performed with no actual delivery of the currency (#Bitcoin symbol). Thus, you gain profit from bitcoin rate fluctuations.
As of today, bitcoin is the most dynamically developing trading instrument, penetrating into more segments and embracing more users worldwide.
InstaForex is always one step ahead offering the latest services and products to its customers and partners. The new opportunity provided by InstaForex proves that the company is sensitive to any trends and novelties presented on the global financial market. The company’s clients may be sure that they will be the first to get the latest trading technologies.
Be first trading with InstForex!

InstaForex 05-04-2015 23:57

Re: Instaforex Company News
Option Trade on InstaTrader trading platform
InstaForex cannot wait to inform you that there is a new component available on the InstaTrader trading platform — IFX Option Trade. Enjoy broader opportunities of the facilitated options trading! IFX Option Trade enables you to buy and sell options, cancel operations, and view the history of the operations.

The Option Trade is installed manually to the trading platform folder. For your convenience and better performance, options trading is no longer limited to your client profile alone.

You can find more information and download IFX Option Trade here .

InstaForex 05-04-2015 23:59

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex now cooperates with Autochartist

InstaForex is pleased to announce its cooperation with Autochartist, an award-winning provider of graphical models analysis.
The Autochartist services allow every InstaForex client to trade more efficiently on financial markets as the system’s software helps to analyze more than 500 trading instruments in online mode with the purpose of identifying the best trading opportunities for a trader.
All customers of InstaForex can download the Autochartist service free of charge. The program can be used either as a web application or a plug-in.
Reliability and efficiency of the Autochartist service was acknowledged by the Best Technical Analysis provider 2013 award from UKForexAwards.
We believe that our cooperation with Autochartist company will help our clients to make more profitable deals on financial markets and achieve still more success in their trading.

InstaForex 06-04-2015 22:05

Re: Instaforex Company News
New trading instrument – Market Map
We are glad to offer a new instrument, Market Map, for the traders who deal with securities on the Russian equity market.
Every day we release data on trading sessions in real time with 15-minute interval. Based on this data, we built a schematic image of the market.
Market map is divided into nine segments: oil and gas, metal, finance, energy, telecommunication, chemistry and petrpochemistry, transportation and machinery. Each sector corresponds to the company, shares of which are traded on the Moscow Exchange.
Thanks to the Market Map instrument, you will keep track of a rise or drop in the price of Russian securities.

InstaForex 06-04-2015 22:08

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex Trading Platform for iPhone and iPad
InstaForex international broker is glad to introduce its customers and partners to a new iPhone and iPad version of the InstaForex trading platform. The new InstaForex development will enable easy and comfortable Forex trading on Apple gadgets!
A strategic priority of InstaForex Company is innovative trading technologies designed to meet the most sensitive demands of InstaForex customers. Comfortable trading will be ensured by the innovative mobile version of the InstaTrader trading platform developed by the best specialists of the international broker.
Keeping a full functionality of the standard version, the mobile trading platform opens new horizons for Forex trading. You will be able to execute orders, get market quotes on major currency pairs, crosses and world stock indices, as well as carry out technical analysis.
Moreover, a user-friendly InstaTrader interface enables easy setting of pending orders, while the Instant Execution technology provides rapid orders execution. Visit InstaForex official website to download InstaTrader trading platform for iPhone and iPad for free.
Wherever you are, you are with InstaForex!

InstaForex 07-04-2015 22:41

Re: Instaforex Company News
ForexCopy - an innovation in the world of trading
InstaForex international broker is happy to introduce an innovative service - the ForexCopy system which allows copying trades of successful forex traders in a real time mode.

The ForexCopy system is an InstaForex product that has no analogues on the brokerage market. This service is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it does not imply investment in profit sharing projects. Secondly, orders that have been copied are executed immediately. Thirdly, followers can choose currency pairs and trading instruments to copy trades on and enjoy subtle settings of volume of trades copied.
ForexCopy members are traders who allow others to follow their trading, i.e. to copy trades from their accounts, and followers who have activated the service of automatic trades copying in Client Cabinet.

As ForexCopy trader, you can have a commission for rendering this service to followers. Payments are calculated and credited to ForexCopy traders automatically. You can set a fixed payment rate for each day followed or for each trade copied. Otherwise, you can receive the commission equal to part of profit gained by followers after closing the trades copied. Once the registration with the system has been passed and the settings have been customized, the system functions automatically: followers choose you in the monitoring list and copy your trades, while the system ensures the commission crediting.

As ForexCopy follower, you can automatically copy trades of professional traders on certain currency pairs and trading instruments. InstaForex Company provides followers with comprehensive statistical data on trading of every ForexCopy member for them to choose traders. You can also customize adjustments for each trader, including choosing a volume of trades to copy, selecting currency pairs and trading instruments to copy trades on and setting the daily limit of copying. You can start copying trades right after you have chosen a trader in the monitoring list.
ForexCopy - the best services for InstaForex customers!

InstaForex 07-04-2015 22:45

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex Benecard Debit Card
We are pleased to offer our clients InstaForex Benecard card, a prepaid bank card. A debit InstaForex Benecard card is linked to a European bank account. It is a universal instrument to top up your InstaForex trading account and withdraw funds from it at any spot on the globe.
Holders of InstaForex Benecard card enjoy an opportunity to get cash anywhere in the world at any ATM supporting MasterCard. Besides, this card serves to pay for online purchases by POS without any charges. InstaForex Benecard owners are allowed to withdraw up to $3,000 daily from their accounts to this card with the lowest possible commission.
To order a card, an InstaForex client should pay a membership fee which includes the card issue.
The fee equals $34.95 for a USD account or €29.00 for a euro account. The membership fee can be paid by several standard methods (bank wire, PayPal). Please note that payment via bank transfer is available after verification, while verification is possible after the order of the card.
Please follow this link to order an InstaForex Benecard card.
Please note that your InstaForex Benecard will be linked to all trading accounts with InstaForex opened in your name.
InstaForex Benecard advantages:
  • Possibility to use a card to get money from one or several trading accounts registered for the card holder’s name;
  • Possibility to deposit a trading account with no commission;
  • Possibility to check a card balance through internet and replenish it;
  • Possibility to use a card in over 200 countries;
  • Possibility to order a card in USD or EUR;
  • InstaForex Benecard is similar to a regular bank card enabling clients to pay for goods and services;
  • Unlimited total balance; daily limit on cash withdrawal in ATMs and online payments is $3,000 (€2,333);
  • Information on transactions is fully confidential which is ensured by a European bank issuing InstaForex Benecard card;
  • You may order InstaForex Benecard card in Client Cabinet on InstaForex official website.

InstaForex 09-04-2015 19:25

Re: Instaforex Company News
Forex Droid Fx Bot - InstaForex Team Member
The international broker InstaForex is happy to present a new member of its team - the first Forex robot in the world - Fx Bot, which symbolizes the company’s mission to offer the latest innovations of trading to its customers.
Fx Bot is know-how of the Russian R.Bot company, constructed on the principle of telepresence. The robot was presented at the financial exhibition arranged by ShowFX brand in Moscow in November 2011, where the project drew much attention of the audience.
Multifunctional droid of InstaForex company - being about one meter high and with three wheels - was operated by the broker’s representative with Wi-Fi, it was easily moving around the hall, introducing to the visitors, being attentive while looking at the guests with the help of its video cameras - eyes and consulting them on Forex trading with demonstration of video.
You can have a chance to talk to our Fx Bot at one of the financial exhibitions, where InstaForex takes part and presents its latest innovations and services.
Experience the future with innovations by InstaForex!

InstaForex 09-04-2015 19:27

Re: Instaforex Company News
The system of InstaForex trading servers is the largest in the world!
InstaForex international broker is happy to inform all its customers of the second trading server for cent accounts available - Thus, at the moment InstaForex trading system comprises as many as nine MT4 servers and one MT5 server, apart from about 50 datacenters, which makes it the biggest in the entire world.
The new server for cent accounts can be used for testing various strategies, beginners can employ it to practise trading; is very convenient in terms of volumes traded. Moreover, the new server is seen to boost the stability of trading on cent accounts: the popular server came to be overloaded on several occasions. Now we can confidently state that unstable connection has no more place in the world’s widest MetaTrader system.
We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that on the new cent server account numbers look like this: 35XXXXX. So, all cent account numbers as always have seven symbols, with the first of them being 3.
Trade and earn with InstaForex!

InstaForex 10-04-2015 18:17

Re: Instaforex Company News
VPS Hosting for InstaForex Customers
InstaForex Company renders a new VPS hosting service for its customers. Today VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a front-rank option allowing to use a virtual private server for arranging activity in Forex market. VPS hosting grants you access to a full-function virtual dedicated server. Application of VPS hosting gives an opportunity to take all advantages of a single-unit physical server. Your trading stability will no longer depend on your personal computer capacity and Internet access. You will be able to control your trading from any spot of the planet without installing the terminal every time.
You can employ this server of InstaForex Company on the most beneficial terms in Forex market. The company clients are allowed to choose one of three types of VPS server configurations with Windows system and with reinstalled InstaForex terminal. Depending on a trade balance, you can get access to VPS hosting for free or paying from 3 US dollars.
You can draw up an order for one of chosen VPS hostings in the Client Cabinet. Besides, your Client Cabinet will show statistics of a server active period, amount of funds withdrawn from the balance and your order status.
With this option of VPS hosting by InstaForex your trade on Forex will reach a brand new technological level.

InstaForex 10-04-2015 18:19

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex brand merchandise shop is open
InstaForex international broker would like to present you its official brand merchandise online shop only available for the Company’s clients. In InstaForex shop you can find a wide variety of business souvenirs, promotional clothing and other brand products with original design. Their high quality is verified by InstaForex logo.
Shopping will not take long as you don’t need to enter your bank card number in order to pay for your purchase. Just specify your account number in the convenient order form and the cost of the purchased products will be withdrawn from it.
You will have the option of tracking current status of the order and an email will be sent to you as soon as the status changes.
Choose and order a present for you or your trader friends and it will be delivered as soon as possible!

InstaForex 10-04-2015 18:35

Re: Instaforex Company News
Geography with InstaForex
​Driven by the call of duty, InstaForex TV team travels all around the world to prepare interesting material for you!
Being an international broker, InstaForex Company runs a great number of offices across the globe and regularly partakes in large-scale financial expositions. Not only do InstaForexspecialists solve business problems during such trips, but they also go sightseeing to tell InstaForex clients about remarkable places of the world.
On the official website of InstaForex Company, in the Geography with InstaForex section, you can find videos about Rio de Janeiro, Abu Dhabi, London and cities of other fascinating countries. Take a break from work and dive into the atmosphere of travelling! Learn more about the world financial centres, economic peculiarities of other countries and amazing cultural and natural heritage of the Earth!
Presently, the Geography with InstaForex section contains 10 video reports on places visited by the company’s representatives during the last year. We went to Malaysia to congratulate the winner of the Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign; in London we were given a prestigious financial award; and in the Czech Republic we filmed everyday life of InstaForex Loprais Team. InstaForex representatives attended the Forex&Investment Summit yearly exposition in the United Arab Emirates. They also went to South America to cover the Dakar Rally 2012. In Spain the company supported Ilona Korstin, the face of InstaForex, in the national basketball championship, in Kuala-Lumpur InstaForex TV team attended the opening ceremony of a new office on the fortieth floor of Petronas Twin Towers, in Singapore InstaForex participated in Finance and Investment EXPO 2012.
New video materials will be regularly added to this page. We hope you enjoy the videos!

InstaForex 10-04-2015 18:50

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex is Serving Over 1,000,000!
​InstaForex Company is happy to announce that the number of company’s clients reached a landmark figure! Now more than 1,000,000 clients preferInstaForex to other companies!
Due to our partners and clients’ dedication we always keep abreast of the times. We do everything to make your cooperation with InstaForex comfortable and fruitful. A wide range of services of high-level, trading experts, and individual approach help us to be on top of brokerage services market. Up-to-dated informational technologies, reliability, comfortable and qualified servicing allow InstaForex to create all the necessary conditions for beneficial work of both newcomers and seasoned traders.
Success and confidence of our clients are of great importance for InstaForex. That is why we are interested in amicable collaboration based on mutual trust, honesty and commitment to reach the desired goals.
Thank you for choosing us!

InstaForex 10-04-2015 18:55

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex: Reach for the Sun
In summer 2012 at the international trading convention, InstaForex Company demonstrated its branded aerostat with the official logo on it.
Trading with InstaForex is an opportunity to rise above the routine, work troubles and financial problems and plunge into your favorite activity. You trade anywhere and anytime earning your living in comfort. Now flying with InstaForex is much more than a metaphor! InstaForex branded aerostat allowed the company's clients to feel themselves the kings of the sky!
The balloon was launched in summer 2012 during the international trading convention in Crimea. Traders could see the bright and assertive logo of the company soaring in the sky.
InstaForex balloon is a symbol of freedom and positive mood of our traders, who determinedly climb the mountain of their success.

InstaForex 11-04-2015 20:24

Re: Instaforex Company News
The number of InstaForex customers exceeds 500 000
The sixth year of work brought InstaForex international broker another landmark figure: 500 000 traders from various countries of the world have registered accounts with the Company. Such an achievement is crucially important and remarkable for any organization, regardless of its specialization. This result has been achieved by InstaForex team by working hard every day, bettering the services and offering InstaForex customers the most reliable and effective solutions on Forex. Moreover, during the last several years InstaForex Company has introduced principally new technologies and systems to its clients. We mentioned just a few of the numerous Company’s advantages which have brought it half a million customers.
InstaForex team expresses gratitude to every client for high estimation of our work, quality of the comprehensive services we provide and our innovative approach. All these factors have been prerequisites to your confidence and fruitful cooperation with you on the foreign exchange market.
Presently, InstaForex international broker is one of the leaders on Forex. This fact has been proven by many awards. InstaForex Company was titled the Best broker in Asia by World Finance (2009-2011), the Best Broker in Asia at ShowFx exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia (2010 and 2011), the Best Retail FX Provider by European CEO and at Forex & Investment Summit in Abu Dhabi (2011) and so on and so forth.
Thank you for having chosen InstaForex as your broker and for being one of our 500 000 customers! We are together which means there are no unattainable goals!
Trade and earn with InstaForex!

InstaForex 11-04-2015 20:30

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex - official partner of Marussia F1 Team
InstaForex became a partner of the Marussia F1 Team, regular participant of the prestigious and challenging FIA Formula One World Championship.
The Marussia F1 Team and InstaForex have common goals. Like InstaForex, recognized worldwide Forex broker, it has proved to be an ambitious team, determined to win each and every race.
InstaForex supports the aspiration for high achievements and an active lifestyle, being the sponsor of young and promising sports teams. Partnering with Marussia F1 Team the company continues a good tradition - back in 2011 the company started to co-operate with InstaForex Loprais Team, the participant of the international Dakar Rally and the winner of the Silk Way Rally 2011.
Marussia F1 Team appeared in 2009 when the Russian supercar maker Marussia Motors first sponsored and then acquired the controlling stake in the British-based racing team. In 2012 Marussia F1 Team took part in Formula 1, being the first team participating under the Russian colours.
It is a debut year for Jules Bianchi, Max Chilton, however the drivers have already demonstrated their potential, good reaction, and technique. Alexander Rossi is another promising talent, waiting in the wings as Reserve Driver. The team is confident that good results shown during the last Grand Prix give hope for high performance at the end of the championship.
InstaForex sincerely wishes Marussia F1 Team members success and impressive performances.

InstaForex 12-04-2015 20:02

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex Star Andrei Kulebin has become a 22-time world champion
Andrei Kulebin, the official face of InstaForex, has just become a 22- time world champion in Muay Thai, having won the central battle against Thai Petchaswin Seatransferry. The fight for the title was a part of the prestigious Muay Thai tournament in Thailand.
Thus the battle ended after a classic knockout by Andrei Kulebin — a smack in the head. In fact, Andrei Kulebin and Petchaswin meet for the second time this year. Their first fight occurred in Grodno at The Kings of Muay Thai, which also resulted in the victorious knockout by Kulebin. InstaForex was the title sponsor of the event. In semi-finals of Max Muay Thai 2013 Kulebin took care of the representative from Uganda Umar Sematu.
InstaForex would like to congratulate Andrei Kulebin with another outstanding result and wishes more victories and new titles!

InstaForex 12-04-2015 20:04

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex recognized as the best broker in Asia once again
​According to the results of the China International Online Trading Expo (CIOT EXPO) held in April 2013, InstaForex has received another prestigious award – the Best Broker in Asia.
The top-notch products and services for customers and partners have enabled InstaForex to maintain its status of the best Forex company on the Asian market for five years already. To date, InstaForex has been awarded as the best broker in Asia 9 times and got a lot of other awards and prizes, including the Best Retail Forex Broker, Best Broker CIS, Best Retail FX Provider, and other nominations.
This award is further proof of our credibility. Thus, the number of our clients and partners has topped 1,000,000 now and keeps consistently increasing.
We would like to thank the administration of the exposition for the granted opportunity and vote of confidence. InstaForex has always strived to satisfy its customers’ needs, so we will keep sticking to the policy of ensuring most favourable conditions and innovative services that meet modern standards.

InstaForex 15-04-2015 11:24

Re: Instaforex Company News
55% InstaForex bonus
InstaForex customers can take the opportunity of a fascinating offer, the 55% Bonus to every deposit, regardless of the date of the trading account opening.
Every time you top up your trading account, you can increase your deposit by more than 1.5 times.
The 55% Bonus by InstaForex has no limits on the maximum and minimum amount and is credited to every deposit irrespective whether the deal was profitable or not.
To obtain the 55% Bonus:

InstaForex 15-04-2015 11:27

Re: Instaforex Company News
Team of Analysts
Analysts of InstaForex international broker is a close-knit team of highly qualified professionals united by one target: conducting analysis of the current Forex conditions. They work hard to provide InstaForex customers with the reliable analytical articles such as daily news, detailed market reviews and forecasts. In this section one can learn more about InstaForex professionals specializing in Forex analytics. Every InstaForex analyst is very experienced both as a Forex trader and an observer. Many analysts presented on the corresponding webpage are authors of methodological articles on Forex trading topic.
InstaForex Company has been enlarging its staff with the goal to provide its customers with comprehensive and highly reliable analytics.

InstaForex 15-04-2015 11:54

Re: Instaforex Company News
InstaForex club
InstaForex introduces a unique opportunity to become a full member of the elite InstaForex Club.
InstaForex Club membership provides a range of exclusive options - the ability to obtain special bonus points for every replenishment is one of them.
Having registered with InstaForex Club, you, being a member of the elite community, can partake in the raffles of Porsche Cayenne and Lotus Evora on favourable terms. In addition, you can take part in other contests and campaigns organized by InstaForex with the total prize pool exceeding $500,000.
Absolutely every InstaForex customer is able to join InstaForex Club.
Fill in the request form in the corresponding section of Client Cabinet to get InstaForex Club Card.
After the request is completed, the client receives PIN code for InstaForex Club Card while the card itself linked to the trading account is sent to the club member by post in the letter.
$10 will be charged from a customer’s trading account on the card issue as a security measure. However, after activation of InstaForex Club Card in Client Cabinet, you automatically receive 1,000 InstaForex bonus points which are equal to $10. InstaForex bonus points can be spent in InstaForex shop. Thus, you can get InstaForex Club Card for free.
After the InstaForex Club Card is activated, the client is liable to get the Сlub Bonus for every replenishment. InstaForex bonus points can be received via the link in Client Cabinet.

InstaForex 15-04-2015 11:58

Re: Instaforex Company News
Team up with us - win with InstaForex and Zvolen!
InstaForex is the general sponsor of HC Zvolen, one of the oldest Slovak hockey clubs that drafted into the national hockey league. The team is also nicknamed as Knights.
InstaForex has a good tradition to support promising sports teams which, as the broker itself, aim to achieve profound results and strive for victory. For the lifetime, Zvolen had proved its mastery, determination and desire to win over and over again.
Such international hockey legends as Jozef Golonka, Vladimir Orszagh, Michal Handzus and Richard Zednik played for the club. Currently, Slovak Knights are represented by young and talented players. Marek Simko and Michal Chovan are the rising starts of the national hockey league. Moreover, such experienced and well-known sportsmen and participants of World Championships as Andrej Podkonický and Ladislav Cierny are also members of the team.
It is not surprising that such experienced team has been on the top of Slovak Extraliga since 90th. The HC Zvolen has already gained six medals (one gold, four silver and one bronze). The club has played in IIHF Continental Cup 5 times and won in 2004-2005 against HC Dynamo Moscow

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