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Old 24-05-2014, 06:36
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Hi Everyone i am officel representative from commexfx . if you have any any question regarding this broker feel free ask me here

About CommexFX
CommexFX is a fully regulated award-winning STP/ECN Forex Broker with an excellent reputation for offering financial services to both individual and institutional investors.

Founded on a solid base of professionalism and always striving to exceed in excellence, the satisfaction of our client is our target.

Our vision is simple: to offer our clients the very best trading conditions and expertise in order to make their trading experience both a pleasant and profitable one.

CommexFX strives to offer the best online trading conditions and tools, via state-of-the-art trading platforms, covering the world of forex, CFDs and commodities. All these markets can be accessed through a single CommexFX account.

When trading with CommexFX you have the security of trading in a safe and secure environment, due to the fact that it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), licence number 153/11.CommexFX is also governed by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).We are also on the registers of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we subscribe to the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

Our fully transparent STP/ECN model takes pride in offering highly competitive spreads with zero price manipulation or third party intervention, coupled with high execution speeds through a market network of liquidity providers. The most technically advanced trading platforms,and mobile platforms, including the MetaTrader 4 (MT4), allow you to trade at anytime from anywhere.

Our team consists of committed professionals who are always on hand to assist you with all queries. Our customer multi-lingual support is available 24/5.

CommexFX has been awarded by various prestigious bodies at recent events; such as for ‘Best Online Platform’ at the 2013 CIOT EXPO China, for the ‘Best ECN Forex Broker’ at the November 2012 Mena Forex Awards Dubai as well as receiving the prestigious Global Banking And Finance Review Award for the 2012 Best ECN New Comer Asia.
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Old 29-05-2014, 09:43
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Default CommexFX will be a platinum sponsor at the Jordanian Expo in June 2014 organised by J

Once again JFEX will be holding its annual investment expo in Amaan, the city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the 3rd and 4th June.
CommexFX leads the way by being the Platinum sponsor at this event; a showcase for an array of seminars, conferences and ideas. The JFEX is also a great opportunity for all industry leaders to mingle and exchange ideas on trading and investment related services. Due to the increased demand in the FX industry, the size of this event increases every year and as does its reputation.
Jordan is experiencing an industrial growth, being nominated by MENA as one of the best cities in the region as far as economic, labour, environmental and socio-cultural factors are concerned. It is an undisputed fact that a growing number of well-known international companies have entered the Jordanian market.
The event is expected to attract at least 2000 attendees, including important IBs, institutional and retail traders.
This excellent example of networking in an industry which is rapidly achieving popularity as well as international respect will be covered by journalists from all over the world, as well as local press from the MENA region.
For more information regarding the expo click here.
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Old 03-06-2014, 08:26
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Default Re:

Diana Minez of @CommexFX speaks about retail FX companies in Cyprus. #fx #forex
Dukascopy Forex Television

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Old 03-06-2014, 12:16
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Default Re:

The Coffee Beans are Jumping!
The substantial fluctuations in the price of coffee continues to make headlines as Brazil experiences its largest draught in 50 years and the US sees coffee rust devastate its plantations.
At present, Brazil and Vietnam are the biggest exporters of this impactful commodity, accounting for 60% of global exports. Vietnamese farmers have become quite savvy in the art of coffee production and it has become quite common for them to withhold production when they do not consider the market price to be good enough; hence deliberately influencing the price.
A slump in exports from the Sub-Saharan countries of Africa was also witnessed, and survival tactics may include developing ‘niche-markets’ , like Ethiopia and Kenya have already done in order to compete with the levels of Vietnam and Brazil. These niche markets refer to the production of high quality Arabica bean, like the one produced in Columbia.
So what is the future for coffee? It all boils down to consumption….interestingly enough, Europe, the more traditional coffee consumer, has been outpaced by the emerging markets, namely South America, which has experienced an increase of 136% in exports over the last 10 years, over taking the US and Canada. Asia has also increased its exports by 50% and the Middle East by 30%. This increase in production from these new markets will maintain the crisis and continue to push the price up, and the present figure of 2.25 billion coffee cups being drunk per day globally will continue to rise.
Coffee, a commodity to be watched carefully!
The Coffee Beans are Jumping | CommexFX
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Old 06-06-2014, 06:16
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Default LeapRate Exclusive: CommexFX launches JForex platform at Jordan FX expo

As leading edge technology continues to be a necessity for retail brokers, CommexFX launches Dukascopy’s JForex platform.

Emerging market economies are increasingly gaining ground among FX brokers as potential regions for growth, as several key retail FX brokerages headed to Jordan for the annual Forex Expo which takes place today and tomorrow.

One particular brokerage is Cyprus-based CommexFX, which has launched its version of Dukascopy Bank‘s JForex platform today at the event, which was attended by many retail brokerages with a client base in the Middle East, including FXCM, CitiFX, ADS Securities, Merex, ICM Capital, Merex and Noor.

CommexFX’s Diana Munoz spoke with LeapRate last week in a television interview, detailing the firm’s business model, an interview during which Ms. Munoz explained that Cyprus is an ideal location from which to gain a client base from not just Europe, but also Asian markets.

The company added the JForex platform, citing technological advancement and the security of operating with a Swiss bank as being key factors in the decision.

Jean El Khoury, Head of Marketing at CommexFX explained to LeapRate that “Any expo presents the ideal opportunity to meet our valued traders and clients face-to-face, but at this particular expo we also had the chance of sharing the experience with Dukascopy as we add their platform, the JForex to our list of prestigious trading platforms,which includes our popular MT4.”

“We are convinced that since we share the same goals for offering clients superior FX products and technical solutions, the partnership between Dukascopy and CommexFX will flourish and prosper benefitting both parties.”

Speaking from the event today, Luis Sanchez, First Vice President of Dukascopy Bank reported to LeapRate that “Just to give an example of the kind of professional relationships we have with our White Label partners, not only do we partner with them but we also accompany them to expos, share the stage and help them promote the JForex platform, along with their other platforms. We support them all the way, and I am pleased to announce that this new concept is put into practice today at the 9th Jordan Expo in collaboration with CommexFX, who are the Platinum Sponsor.”

Technological innovation has been a subject of importance more so than ever this year, as detailed by LeapRate’s interview with Dukascopy TV in Geneva last week, during which the forthcoming Forex Innovators conference in Tel Aviv, Israel was discussed, along with the rationale behind it.

The business to business conference will be launched shortly, and will be presented by LeapRate to an international audience encompassing the world’s most prominent innovators in the Forex industry.

LeapRate Exclusive: CommexFX launches JForex platform at Jordan FX expo | LeapRate
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Old 11-06-2014, 08:10
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Default Middle East witnesses excellence of CommexFX!

IMG 20140605 WA0001 Middle East witnesses excellence of CommexFX!CommexFX’s popularity sweeps through the Middle East and achieves recognition for its excellence by receiving the award for ‘Most Transparent Forex Broker’ at the 9th Jordan Forex Expo and Awards 2014 which recently took place in Amman.

CommexFX was also the Platinum sponsor at the event which not only succeeded in attracting over 2000 attendees, IBs and institutional and retail traders, but also proved to be a showcase for all industry leaders within the MENA region to mingle and exchange ideas on FX trading and investment related services.

The JFEX expo was also an excellent opportunity for CommexFX to launch its new platform, the JForex platform, a technically advanced software to add to its list of prestigious online trading platforms. The White Label partnership CommexFX has undertaken with Dukascopy, owner of the JForex platform, further enhances its determination to offer its clients nothing but the best brokerage services with superior trading tools and conditions; the security of operating with a Swiss bank was a key factor in joining arms with Dukascopy.

Middle East witnesses excellence of CommexFX! | CommexFX
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Old 11-06-2014, 10:05
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Default Forex Trading in China

China, does not have a free market economy, hence remains an unusual place to start a business. As a result, the political structure is closely tied to economic growth. The communist government in China, in one way suppresses development, but also fosters, and sponsors the growth of Chinese industry, and its expansion overseas. This in turn protects domestic industries, which gives it an edge as a nation over the others in the BRIC category.

A persistent difficulty for Forex brokerages is that China is more or less impermeable to western companies as the entire business methodology in China is in stark contrast to other global models. Strict restrictions on non-domestic companies operating for forex trading China, seizing financial assets of companies participating in JV’s with Chinese organizations, and blocking bank accounts of foreign companies operating in Chinese territory, makes it a hindrance for growth, sometimes.

The Chinese government, and regulators view forex as a highly leveraged product which carries too much exposure. Specifically, in China, when we look at the huge population, huge losses in savings can end up in a crisis that would shake social stability. Chinese people have that inherent risk-taking attitude in their blood, and also have a lot of savings, due to lack of social welfare. Hence, the risk of losing out precious money, in lieu of forex trading, is very real, and dangerous.

The government, however, also considers forex as a more “fair game”. With the huge market, clients can become better off without market manipulators, but opening up to OTC is a huge step for them, both in forex and in futures.

A recent trend shows that more companies are trading goods and services with China, and pricing it in yuan instead of dollars. The fourth quarter of 2013 saw a 30% increase in yuan trade settlements, up from the second third quarter. Although the currency remains tightly controlled, the Chinese government and many fund managers are betting on the yuan becoming the new yen in Asia. According to the Bank, dollar activity in the 4th increased by just 2%, while euro,pound and yen trade, all declined.

Last year, China’s merchandise trade exceeded $4 trillion, making it the world’s No 1 trading country. Total cross-border yuan settlement was 5.16 trillion yuan, up 61% year on year.

Read More Forex Trading in China | CommexFX
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Old 12-06-2014, 09:11
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Default How Does an ECN broker Work?

Definition of ECN Broker

An ECN broker is an electronic system which links the market participants, the buyers and the sellers, to an automatic program which matches markets orders and then executes them. The markets participants are a basket of brokers, banks, hedge funds, liquidity providers and retail traders, all hoping to obtain the best possible price available. The ECN engine then displays the best available bid and ask quotes from the multiple market participants, and orders are then automatically matched and executed. The speed at which this is done is one of the main attractions of an ECN model; another attractive feature of the ECN model is the absence of a Dealing Desk.

So how does it actually work?

When the client selects his preference of currency pair, an ECN broker will provide him or her with market depth ( order book),that is the ‘bid prices’ of buy orders, the total volume of bid price, the ‘ask price’of sell orders and the total volume of ask price. All quotes come from the market participants and the ECN engine matches the best ones to each other and then displays them to the client directly, there is no middle man intervention, no Dealing Desk.

The orders processed by ECN agents are usually limit orders.

Because ECN spreads are much narrower than those used by everyday brokers, electronic communication networks brokers charge clients a fixed commission per transaction.

Electronic communication networks allow individuals to communicate almost instantly regardless of geographic location. This makes ECNs an effective way for individuals to come together and make direct trades.

ECNs have also made the financial markets more efficient and more global.

Advantages of ECN trading

No Dealing Desk
Spreads are narrower
Fast trade execution, clients trade forex instantly on live streaming, with immediate execution. 4. The market participants providing price quotes are world-class banks and financial institutions.
Transparency- all orders and rates can be seen, reflecting market depth and enabling the client to make better buying and selling decisions. This will help you analyze market depth, which in turn enables you to make better buying or selling decisions.

How Does an ECN broker Work? | CommexFX
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Default Re:

Forex trading Dubai- the know-how of business conducted in the bustling city

Banking divisions and other corporates facilitate Forex trading Dubai. The business know how is simple. Familiarize yourself with the advantages of Forex on a convenient trading platform and how you can make enormous profits just by trading with 8-10 major currencies. When you realize the business potential of the economy and how you can catapult to higher positions in life by effective trading, then smart moves are all yours. A few advantages of trading Forex in the bustling economy are as follows

Extensive FX product coverage
There are financial corporations or biggies which offer you to trade in more than 160 currencies across the world. This gives you the versatility of trading better. You are able to practice your moves on quite a wide forum. This expands your career horizons in the FX market rocket high. The bustling city Dubai is known as the “Real estate Empire of the world” and has no dearth of opportunities for the smart bees.

More than 1,100 training academies
You can find more than 1,100 training academies providing comprehensive training for FX trading. The presentations are made on a live demo platform where real-time business takes place across the world. You as a student can feel enormously confident on persuading a successful venture in trading with currencies upon completion of the course. Online courses or tutorials are also available with live traders/brokers giving you market updates from time to time.

Course contents
The training course includes

Charting and technical analysis
Know-how of performing on a Professional Trading platform
Enhancing your own personal techniques to trade in the FX market
Other benefits FX brokerage firms offer clients

Firms provide clients with a high level of liquidity. Liquidity is the capacity to convert an asset into cash. With currencies i.e. various form of cash used for trading as an instrument do you have any qualms on the liquidity factor? Most of the successful brokerage firms deal with currencies involving Euros, US dollar, Pounds, Swiss Franc. Two currencies are paired up and traded in the live market.

You are able to make great profits from the concept of leveraging. Leverage is ability to trade with a bare minimum deposit as the base but able to trade on 100 times the deposit value. Most brokerage firms offer you a leveraging ranging from 100:1 going up to 1000:1.

100:1 means with a $1 min deposit you are able to trade currencies to the tune of $100.

1000:1 means with a deposit minimum of $1 you are able to trade on a platform worth $1000.

These high leverages give you the desired amount of profits on a platter.

Certain guidelines new traders need to follow

a) Trade on a dummy platform for as long as you want till you perfect yourself with the moves. Sophisticated trading platforms like MT4 (Meta Trading 4) are available online. You can download a free trial and practice moves like the way it is done on a real market.

b) Read offer disclosure statements carefully.

c) Approach a seasoned broker and get yourself thoroughly trained. Familiarize with terms like liquidity, leveraging, trading on multiple platforms, how to interpret charts and graphs, etc.

When you do your home-work right you can emerge as a successful trader.

Forex trading Dubai- the know-how of business conducted in the bustling city | CommexFX
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Default Re:

Meta trader 4, UK- The Leading FX platform

The MetaTrader4, best known as the MT4, is the popular choice of traders worldwide. As the demand for FX trading increases, so do the number of FX disciples and software companies everywhere are continuously launching new forex trading platforms to compete with the MT4, but, up until now, it still sits on the throne as the most widely used FX trading platform worldwide.

The MetaTrader4 is a full-cycle trading platform that includes both back-office components and front-end terminals. So, with the MetaTrader4, a broker needs no additional software to get the brokerage business going. For the trader himself, the MT4 is completely user-friendly and offers a wide range of powerful tools, it enables to manage the set-up of groups, financial instruments, databases, data feeders and many others.

The following advantages are testimony to its popularity and growing success.

API –Application Program Interface, this allows the software to extend its functionality and integration with other systems. It also grants access to ready plug-ins designed to facilitate smooth operation of the platform.

ML4 language- this is the programing language of the Mt4, extremely popular as it allows the creation of new scripts, and integration of EAs, allowing full automated trading

The platform boasts a robust security system on the online operations as the MT4 uses 128 bit encoding

Full set of technical analysis tools and graphics are available

The platform offers multi-lingual and multi-currency support

The MT4 server can serve over 10,000 traders working with multiple accounts simultaneously. The server is capable of processing dozens of different financial instruments with quotes history going back years.

MT4 gives you a complete picture of graphs, algorithms and indices charts with clarity and precision. The software supports use of sophisticated methods of representation that even a non-MT4 trader will want to switch over to the MT4 platform.


MT4 allows its traders to customize trading operations within the market in sync with their level of expertise. It can meet their trading needs and practices. For example, if you want to start off the day with trading in gold, then switch over to FX trading in the middle of the day and finally end up with stocks and equities.

Meta trader 4, UK is therefore the most sought after software in town.

Meta trader 4, UK- The Leading FX platform | CommexFX
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Default How to Become A Savvy FX trader !

When trading in the exciting and lucrative FX markets, what should one look for? Which are the factors that make all the difference between a smart trader and a novice trader?

Spreads-the lower the better!
The spread is the difference between the buying price and the selling price of a foreign currency. Traders everywhere are looking for low spreads as this guarantees double the profit when trading volume.

ECN/ STP-trading environment
This involves no intervention of a third party, thus no Dealing Desk, allowing for transparency of live prices, all orders and rates can be seen by the client, reflecting market depth and allowing the client to make better buying and selling decisions.

Flexible Leverage-the higher the leverage the more risk involved!!
Leverage allows a trader to trade more money than he /she actually deposited into the account. So a client who deposits $100 and selects a leverage of 200:1 allows him/her to trade with an equity of $20,000. The higher the leverage the more risk involved as more funds can be lost.

Choice of Advanced Online Trading Platforms
Trading has never been so easy as it is nowadays with the use of user-friendly software. All trading platforms are easily downloadable and managed, with self-explanatory advanced features, widgets and other applications making the art of trading attractive. The ability to see all financial instruments, and different currency pairs or sessions on multiple screens, to generate historical reports of all trading activity, to integrate all EAs needed , to create graphics, follow technical analysis, to add other plug-ins, all these factors are essential in facilitating FX trading, not to mention the fact that most platforms are nowadays available in many languages too.

Read More How to Become A Savvy FX trader ! | CommexFX
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Default Re:

Mastering Demo Accounts

Plunging into live forex trading, without knowledge or experience in FX, can result in substantial losses to your bank account! Fear, along with ignorance, are the biggest enemies of FX trading, and these are immediately eliminated when trading in demo accounts.

Investing time in a demo account will undoubltly improve your trading strategy. A demo account simulates a live trading account, with identical trading conditions, including same real time spreads and leverage, as well as real time signals and forex charts, all with zero risk.

Advantages of a demo account

Virtual Funds
Since the funds are virtual, you trade with no risk; so the element of fear is eliminated and your trading strategy can improve with confidence.

Unlimited Use of demo account
You trade without pressure as a demo account, in most brokers, is available for an unlimited period. This improves practice, allowing you to learn more aspects of FX trading and increase your FX knowledge.

Gain experience
Practice makes perfect, and this applies to FX demo trading! The more you use a demo the more experience you gain, and of course, successful FX trading is all about confidence, knowledge and experience!

Many FX brokers will encourage even the most experienced and savvy trader to manage both demos and live trading accounts simultaneously, as they may want to trade different currency pairs or trade in different FX market sessions. In short, successful demo trading will improve the trading strategy of any serious FX trader; and a successful trading strategy leads to profitable trading!!

Mastering Demo Accounts | CommexFX
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Default Re:

Benefits of Forex trading

What is Forex trading?

Forex is an acronym for Foreign Exchange Markets. Forex is further denoted by the symbol FX a well known term among investors, bankers and stock brokers across the world. The Foreign Exchange Market or currency market is a global, decentralized market for trading of currencies. Major international banks are the core participants in the FX market.

Financial centers around the world provide a convenient platform for trading in currencies among multiple buyers and sellers round the clock with the exception of weekends. And the FX market operates on several levels.

Let us briefly look at some unique advantages of FX trading.

24 hour market
As already mentioned in the introductory paragraph the FX trading operates on a 247 basis with the exception of weekends. Trading across the world starts when the markets open in Australia on Sunday evening and closes when markets end at New York Stock Exchange on Friday evening.

High Liquidity
Liquidity is when you can easily convert an asset into cash with minimum price fluctuations. In FX market one can easily effect transactions by moving huge lots of foreign currencies in and out of the market with least price fluctuations.

Low transaction cost
As per FX terminology the cost for a transaction is added with the price i.e. Buying price of the currency itself. This in other words is called a spread. Spread is the difference between the buying price and the selling price.

The leveraging factor is nothing but the ability to trade more money in the market than what is actually available on the traders’ account. Forex brokers allow traders to make profits on the leveraging factor. If you are allowed to trade on a leverage factor of 50:1 ratio it means you can trade for $50 with $1 capital available on your account. You can control a trade volume of $50,000 with just $1000 worth of capital.

You need to open a Forex trading account online to be able to buy and sell foreign currencies. For every FX currency you buy, your account will be credited with the aforesaid amount. For every FX transaction you effect in terms of selling the corresponding currency will be debited from your online Forex Account. The profits you incur of the same will be wired directly into your account through Paypal.

Profit potential from rising and falling markets
You can trade freely in the market as far as your potential goes. If you feel a currency price will go up, you can buy it, in other words, go long. Increased currency price indicates you can sell it at the much increased price. You can compensate for huge profits by trading on volumes. On the other hand, if you feel the currency value is going to drop, you can sell it or go short.

Seasoned stock traders can make huge amount of profits and even become overnight millionaires. On the other hand, if you crave for huge amount of profits and start trading without following the tricks of the trade you can also end up losing a lot of money. Thus, you should exercise caution while you are operating in the Forex market or stock market.

Benefits of Forex trading | CommexFX
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Default Choosing A Forex Broker!

The FX market is such a fiercely competitive market that just thinking about which broker to approach will be a tiresome task, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for!

Role of a Broker

In order to trade in the FX markets you need an FX broker. But what is a Broker?

A broker (brokerage firm) is a place where buyers and sellers of different currencies, from the FX markets, come together to buy and sell. It operates as a middle man between the trader and the market, and it also provides the financial tools required to be able to carry out these transactions, such as the online trading platforms.

Factors to help choose a Broker

Regulation and licencing
A crucial point when choosing a broker, you are investing your money in this entity so it is important that it is regulated and authorized within its financial jurisdiction.

Safety of Funds
A reputable broker should take extreme measures to ensure that client’s funds are always 100% secure and governed by the principal of SAFETY.

Client’s accounts should be segregated and kept in different accounts to company accounts.

The broker should also guarantee it uses reputable banks for clients to deposit their funds.

Variety of Methods for Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds
A successful broker should cater for the needs of all its traders. Therefore, it should offer a variety of fast and efficient payment methods where deposits and withdrawals are carried out at great speed and without problems.

The methods of payment should also be safe and secure.

Tight Spreads
An attractive feature for traders as the lower the spread, the more profit they can make.

Fast Execution
The faster the execution of the trade the more satisfied a trader is, as he is obtains the price he wants, as well as seeing the market depth of the price itself. There is an element of transparency with the absence of a Dealing Desk.

Variety of Accounts
A good broker will offer its traders a variety of accounts, with different contract size, lots traded, different leverage and different stop levels and margin calls.

Online Trading Software
Since online forex trading takes place on trading platforms, make sure the broker you choose offers the latest trading platform, which must be user-friendly and reliable, as well as fats and efficient.

The platform should offer easy-to-use technical and charting tools, educational tools, financial instruments to use and should be available in different languages.

Excellent Customer Service
The importance of a good customer service remains undisputed. A client needs to have confidence that his problems and queries will be solved at all times, facilitating his trading activity.

All in all, the more experienced you become in FX trading and the industry itself, the easier the selection task for an FX broker!

Choosing A Forex Broker! | CommexFX
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Default CommexFX participates in World Cup mania by launching its own contest!

CommexFX participates in World Cup mania by encouraging FX traders to participate in a Football Contest to guess the winning teams of the contest.

The contest will ran throughout the entire World Cup season which starts on Thursday 12th June and ends on Sunday 13th July 2014.

There will be 3 prizes given to our winning participants and their names and account numbers will be posted on Facebook after the World Cup ends on 13th July 2014.

The prizes will be as follows: an iPad, an iPhone and a Tablet. All prizes will be named on Facebook.

Learn more FIFA 2014 Forex Contest | CommexFX
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Default Re:

CommexFX participates in World Cup mania by encouraging FX traders to participate in a Football Contest to guess the winning teams of the contest.

How to participate
Only new clients or CommexFX clients who have never deposited in their live trading account are eligible to participate. Existing clients of CommexFX who have previously deposited are not eligible for participation.

In order for any eligible client to participate, a live CommexFX trading account needs to be opened with a minimum deposit of $200. The supporting account documents need to be submitted as well (proof of ID and proof of residence)

CommexFX Facebook will post the table of games throughout the duration of the contest, as well as updated information of the game results. All you need to do is guess the overall winner of each of the 8 groups for the first stage which lasts from 12th June till 26th June and send us a message via Facebook quoting your full name and account number.
You do the same during the Round 16th Stage which last from 28th June till 1st July ; the same for the Quarter Final Stage , taking place on the 4th and 5th July ; and the Semi-Final Stage on 8th and 9th July. The date of the Final Game is the 12th July 2014.
Read More
FIFA 2014 WorldCup Contest | CommexFX - ECN Forex Broker
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Default Re:


Confidence is the answer to successful trading, it will help you master your trading strategy and enable you to conquer the world of FX trading!

The question we ask ourselves is how is this confidence achieved? The answer is not that simple as a number of intricate factors are involved in the confidence mechanism. First, one must arm himself with knowledge of the FX markets, how they operate, what tools are required, how do platforms work and, the most important, when to trade? All of these can be learnt, either by self-educating yourself with the use of webinars, seminars, manuals and other educational tools available online everywhere, and a demo account can be opened with any FX broker and serve as a practice tool since it simulates the exact trading conditions as a real live account but without the risk of losing funds as they are virtual.

Losing trades can serve to build confidence in your trading strategy, simply analyze why you lost that trade, or why it failed and that loss will be ‘the best teacher’ you will ever have. You can also evaluate your daily trading journal to check what went wrong and this will eventually prevent the losses from happening again.

Winning a trade or two is a great confidence-booster, but it can also give you a false sentiment of confidence that you have mastered the art of FX trading! Imagine the ‘first-time lucky scenario’ where you place some trades and succeed with all of them? This may urge you to invest greater amounts of funds into your trading account and rush to over-trade, with a great possibility of losing all the funds. This situation can be dangerous, as it derived from pure luck, no thinking or skills were actually involved. In fact, this situation could be described as ‘false’ confidence, and this is exactly what needs to be avoided at all costs.

As opposed to ‘false’ confidence, your aim should be to obtain ‘real’ confidence. This will be achieved by developing a trading plan, not over-trading until you are armed with both knowledge and confidence, never risking more than you can afford to lose and using positive trading habits. The golden rule here is to never ever rely on ‘luck’; this can be as destructive as it can be joyous!!

Perseverance is another confidence- booster; ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!’ A successful trading strategy will only be developed over time, so patience is a key factor. Learn from the ‘silly trades’ which failed to learn why they failed and avoid them the next time round. In fact, these ‘mistakes’ are the ones that will greatly improve your trading strategy as they will serve as a lesson. Remember, no one was born how to trade in FX, it is a process which requires perseverance, determination, dedication, knowledge and a lot of patience!!!

So having now learnt that luck is to be avoided when developing our trading strategy, let’s enter this intriguing and fast pace world of FX trading by building an indestructible confidence, arm ourselves with powerful knowledge and begin positive and successful trading!!!

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The love affair between the West and Asia continues to strengthen. While the rest of the world is dealing with a global economic crisis, the Asian markets are growing at a breathless pace, and this is even more noticeable in the financial sector.

Western firms have noticed this niche and eagerly want to gather clients from all over Asia, namely China, Vietnam and Indonesia, by signing strategic partnerships with local IBs and the set-up of offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and even Australia.

The attractive characteristics of the Asian markets are the fact that its financial markets are very developed, the traders are savvy and the region is free from financial and economic crisis which has infected parts of Europe. The number of people inhabiting these areas results in high volumes which is highly appealing to brokers. Technology is also very advanced in this region and this also contributes to the rise of these markets.

The key to a full penetration of the Asian markets is understanding the culture and the language. English is not widely spoken and the Asian people feel more comfortable dealing with someone in their own language, they also use certain means of communication which differs from the rest of the world; in China Facebook and YouTube are banned and they prefer to chat via QQ, and use YOUKU and TOUDU.

Another success story with Asians is the use of bonus credits as promotional campaigns; they love this. The ideal scenario for them is that they get either a no-deposit bonus when opening a real account ($50, $100 or $200) or that on depositing funds, they get a bonus credit of 50% or sometimes even 100% of the amount deposited. These bonuses are generally not withdrawable and serve as a cushion for trades.


Western firms have discovered that a safe way to enter the FX Far Eastern markets is via a local IB, or local representatives; or even with a White Label solution with Revenue Share. This way they have a local representative, promoting their products in their language and with their local know-how, guaranteeing more of a response.

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Default Re:

Awards Review-CommexFX Does It Again!

CommexFX does it again!! Yet another award to adorn the office mantelpiece, this last one for the Most Transparent Broker 2014, received at this month’s Jordan Forex Expo which took place in Amaan.

So far, in the first half of 2014, CommexFX has received 3 outstanding rewards from recognised bodies in the FX industry; apart from the award mentioned above, CommexFX also received the Best White Label Solution 2014 and the Best Global Trade Execution 2014, both announced at the CIOTEXPO in Shanghai in May 2014.

CommexFX ‘s brokerage services not only receive constant international recognition for excellence, supreme customer care and remarkable product innovation, but they are also committed to global outreach. CommexFX is not only attending international expos in a bid to create international product awareness, but will be opening offices around the world in order to service its clients on a local level and at the same time create jobs within the community. The CommexFX global expansion will soon hit the headlines, watch the reviews and keep your eyes

Awards Review-CommexFX Does It Again! | CommexFX
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Default CommexFX the Altruist

We have seen that CommexFX cares about its traders by providing them with the best brokerage services and trading conditions in the market, but did you know that it also cares about the environment and supports all cultural and traditional events that take place in Limassol, the city where it is based?

Last year, CommexFX was honoured to sponsor the 50th year Anniversary of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce, held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Cyprus. The Chamber encourages the economic development of Limassol by promoting all activities which raise funds for the social and economic sectors of the city; it is also fervently involved in the opening of new businesses, as well as offering substantial services to its businesses-members and solving local issues. The living proof of the Institute’s goals is the development of road projects, the Cyprus University of Technology, the Techno Park and a number of tourist infrastructure projects (e.g. marina, Conference Centre, etc.). Many reviews were written about this underlining a sentiment of admiration for CommexFX, and yet they just took it in their stride.

Yet again in September 2013, CommexFX demonstrated its commitment to tradition and cultural events by partially sponsoring the Afamia Grape festival, with its musical nights of folkloric dance and music. As per the reviews, the money raised from this festival, supports the Communal Volunteering Committee which provides services to senior citizens, including the provision of food and a 24 hour care.

CommexFX not only exceeds in excellence but it also cares about you, the trader, and the world you live in; it supports all worthy causes and believes that there is always room for improvement not only in the workspace but also surrounding us.

Trade with CommexFX and learn to be an altruist too!!!

CommexFX the Altruist | CommexFX
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Default CommexFX Goes Swiss

CommexFX is pleased to add Swiss credibility to its range of products by offering the JForex platform. The JForex is a leading web-based platform, tailored to the specific trading strategy for each client and meeting their technical requirements.

The JForex platform reflects Dukascopy’s testament to innovative technology, it is JAVA based and runs on any operating system, and can run on numerous devices simultaneously. It is available on iPhone, iPad and IOS platforms.

CommexFX’s new and existing clients can now access the SWFX (Swiss Marketplace), one of the world’s largest liquidity aggregators, meaning that execution is fast and reliable, there is no price manipulation or dealing desk intervention and pricing is transparent.

The forex platform is provided by Dukascopy, a well-known Swiss Bank and a White Label partner of CommexFX.

‘In keeping to our motto of exceeding in excellence, we, at CommexFX, are pleased to announce a partnership with Dukascopy Bank, which will add credibility to our already superior products and allow our clients access to the SWFX, as well as an excellent execution and outstanding customer service; all within a reputable ECN environment allowing a simple integration of spot FX online trading. We believe that FX trading and advanced technology go hand-in-hand so therefore this partnership with Dukascopy we hope will be a long-term relationship, focused on bringing us many benefits, both in client caliber as well a great international recognition.’

CommexFX Goes Swiss | CommexFX
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Default Account Types

At CommexFX we facilitate the choice for all types of trader, whether you are an individual or a large corporation, whether you are an experienced trader or a novice trader, we provide a choice of 5 accounts, allowing you to discover the benefits of our excellent trading conditions: a range of instruments, flexible leverage, tight spreads, fast execution and direct access to market depth, all within an ECN/STP environment.

Account Comparison | Online Forex ECN Broker | CommexFX
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Default Claim Up to $ 10,000 Bonus Now

Are you ready to receive up to $10,000 BONUS?
The minimum deposit is $500 and the minimum amount of lots traded is 200.
The promotion will run for a month from 1st July 2014.

More Info Claim up to $10,000! | CommexFX - ECN Forex Broker
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As with all FX brokers, CommexFX has been both admired and criticised, but we continue to strive for perfection, we believe in our goals and we know that we will be throned the Kings of the FX world in the near future.

Below are some CommexFX reviews from clients:

‘CommexFX is the best broker I have experienced..they are always fast when withdrawing my money and that suits me fine as I travel a lot!! I don’t care about what some reviews say about it being a scammer…my friends and I are very happy ‘

‘I had a problem with depositing funds as it was a weekend, once I spoke to customer support they informed me that this was because I need to support my account with documents in order to trade. This is all to do with safety and this certainly reassures me…’

Some traders reacted to some CommexFX reviews, assuming that it was the same company as CommexTrade :

‘What a ridiculous assumption! I have been trading with CommexFX for 10 months now and never heard of this CommexTrade name! For me the fact that CommexFX is a CySEC regulated broker, and a member of the ICF, provides sufficient security….sometimes you cannot believe everything you hear!’

‘CommexTrade? Never heard of them, as long as my funds are held in segregated accounts by an FX CySEC regulated broker such as CommexFX, the rest is not important!!’

‘Traders will agree that a friendly but professional customer care is one of the key features when selecting a broker. CommexFX has been criticised for not having a professional chat service but I enjoy chatting to them, to the extreme that I am on first name basis with most of the support staff!!’

As a broker we not only want to offer our traders the very best trading conditions, such as low spreads, flexible leverage and market depth prices, but we also want to offer the most technically advanced products around, this is why we keep adding new platforms to our range of trading platforms.

Some CommexFX reviews mentioned their trading platforms:

‘I love the cTrader! I trade on the go so it’s perfect for me and I particularly love the one click trading feature, as well as not having to calculate the spread difference, all done for me, great!! Love also the charting abilities, extremely user-friendly!!’

We have now added Swiss credibility to our range of platforms by joining forces with Dukascopy, the Swiss Bank, and offering the JForex trading platform!!

CommexFX cannot go wrong! Once again, they proof their seriousness, this time by offering the well-recognised web-based JForex trading platform!! I can’t wait to trade with this immaculate Swiss platform, although the MT4 will always be my favourite!!’

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Default Broker Forex Review

A Broker Forex review is based on the overall goodwill or reputation which the firm earns over a period of time. This tremendous feat is plausible if the firm has well performing investor traders forming a part of the business.

How does a good trading plan helps you with success in the FX markets?

A detailed look in the same

Having a good trading plan in place before you actually embark on trading is like having a map in hand before you start travelling. They both give you a headstart that helps you determine the purpose of trading/travelling or the path towards you are heading into. In particular, the trading plan helps you achieve goals in trading transactions with a clear vision in mind. You may be experienced on a demo platform but when you are about to trade with real money, it is required to plan before executing. This is because there are a lot of factors in the real time market which are more challenging and confusing with the monetary aspect involved.

In a nutshell, a good trading plan will help you to:

Identify your goals
Organize market research and trading activities
Decide when to take a position and in what direction and
Manage your emotions and trading risk once you enter a position.
Emotional balance-need of the hour

It is necessary to keep your emotions at bay while trading in the currency market. All of us know pretty well that the foreign currency markets are highly volatile and risky; one simply cannot be on a winning streak all the time. Simultaneously, it is also not likely to make terrible losses throughout your trading span. Do understand the fact it is a string of losses coupled with gains that makes up the market. Even experienced Forex traders are no exception to this.

Common emotions like greed, fear and too much of hope can in fact cause havoc to your trading performance. A savvy trader keeps invariably calm whatever the market circumstances may be.

Both Forex and Futures traders have a sound trading plan in place

A diverse trader will take part in all forms of exchange- day traders, scalpers, spreaders, open traders as well as brokers executing orders for their clients. Though the frenzie activities may sound confusing and chaotic, these traders manage to pull it off with ease.

How is it possible? They have a systematic trading plan in place. You may use the most sophisticated trading platform in the country, say Meta Trader 5, but if you do not resort to a strict plan and be disciplined on performing trade activities, you will turn out to be a real flopper. No matter how much effort you put in the business!

Elements to incorporate in a trading plan are as follows:

Profitability goals
How to determine the size of positions
How to manage positions once taken
Objective criteria that the trader will use for selecting, entering and exiting of trades.
Summing up, the core aspects on how to frame a proper plan have been thoroughly discussed. It is on your will to take action accordingly. Draft an effective plan, work on the demo and then open a real time trading account. The ladder to success is not very far away from that.

Broker Forex Review | CommexFX
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Default Economic and Social Indicators that affect a Forex Broker’s review

There is a number of both economic and social factors that affect a forex broker’s review. Included in a review is mostly the performance of brokerage firms discussed at length by different forums world-wide. The global turn-over in exchange of foreign currencies is what in finality distinguishes the best forex firms from the not so good ones. It additionally tells us about the state-of-affairs of a particular economy or a group of economies where businesses and commercial establishments form the hub of world trade.

Factors that have a major impact on FX market are as follows:

Government policy changes

When a poll of elections is finalised, the economic situation of the nation (any country for that matter) is in a very volatile state. The previous Government is required to hand over the papers to the newly formed Government. During the interim period political unrest prevails across the nation. This has a tough impact on the rising and falling of currencies. Either the currency rises sky high or dips very sharply.

The Government also keeps rolling new policies and updates on financial matters from time to time fact that also pretty much affects the smooth functioning of FX markets.

Economic factors

When the economy of the nation is optimistic about its current state of affairs then there is a boom all over. This in turn leads to a positive impact on the dynamic currency market.

On the other hand, when the economy of the nation is facing an extreme downswing, negative impact is felt in trade markets as well. Rising figures in terms of unemployment, political block outs or strikes by industrial associates and rising inflation cause the economy to swing in the negative direction. Of course, FX markets are no exception to this. At a point of time when the worldwide economy is facing an extreme recession, one has to exercise complete caution on trading with currencies.

Notes: Recession refers to complete economic un-rest or in-active state of affairs pertaining to the economic activities.

Retail sales index

The economic surge of activities is tested by the particular method. An average is taken from the sales turn-over reports of multiple products and services churned out by economies. A cluster of retail and service establishments participate in the survey and figure is finally arrived at. If an increased value of sales turn-over is achieved compared to the results of previous quarter it is estimated that the economy is experiencing a big time boom. Else it is facing a sluggish phase. This determines the rise and fall of currencies.

Consumer price index

Another yet economic as well as social indicator to gauge where the economy is heading towards. Consumer Price Index known as CPI denotes changes/amendments made to prices of goods and services in around 200 categories. This report can tell whether a company is making profits on goods and services or not. This also counts for whether the economy has a robust and exponential export growth leading to increased earnings of foreign currencies from different nations.

We have covered some of the socio-economic factors that can help you determine whether currencies are going up or dipping down. Further, this indicators are useful for Forex forecasters who are in this way able to predict market behavior.

Economic and Social Indicators that affect a Forex Broker?s review | CommexFX
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Default Growth of CommexFX

To exceed in excellence was our motto at birth in 2011, but as we grow and our popularity sweeps through across the globe, we now want to be identified as the ‘local, global’ broker.

CommexFX is growing; there is no doubt about that! We are not only attending international expos abroad and collecting numerous awards for Best ECN Forex broker(Dubai), Best Online Platform ( China), Best White Label Solution (Shanghai), Best Global Trade Execution (Shanghai), Best ECN Newcomer Asia ( China), but we are also being represented by a committed team of agents all over Asian countries.

Naturally, the ideal situation is to have offices worldwide, but until we achieve that goal, we encourage our Asian clients to communicate with the many talented and professional reps located outside their front door and personally hand-picked by CommexFX!

Having a local office breaks down language and culture barriers, traders feel more comfortable and the element of trust is established between client and trader. Trust is a key element as it can result in guaranteed referrals, and it is common knowledge that happy traders will contribute to the success of any broker!

Language is obviously one of the most important factors needed to service your army of foreign clients, but also you need to be able to provide them with payment gateways which they are used to and which are permitted within their financial jurisdiction, so the funding mechanism needs to be completely operational.

Many cultures, especially in Asia, need to trust a broker before they can trade, they need to have customer support in their language available at all hours; and once this is achieved they are very capable of spreading the word, so to speak, and that is the moment when referrals begin to emerge. Happy referrals generate volume and this is one of our goals…one of many !!

Growth of CommexFX | CommexFX
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CommexFX is a connoisseur of the FX markets and it uses this expertise to offer its clients the very best of trading conditions and products the FX industry has to offer!

CommexFX’s CySEC licence offers a client the feeling that he is dealing with a regulated broker, which is a key factor nowadays. The company is also authorised by European regulatory bodies, such as FCA, BaFIN, MiFID and so on, adding credibility and a touch of seriousness to trading with CommexFX.

All clients’ accounts are segregated, which is an additional plus, and all clients trade in a pure ECN /STP trading environment, with no dealing desk and price manipulation; the clients get to see the market depth of real prices too.

At CommexFX, clients have a choice of various trading accounts offering unique features and functionality all specifically designed to simplify the clients trading strategy, whether you are a novice or experienced trader.

Clients can trade forex through the award-winning, state-of-the-art platforms, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal; and we are on the verge of launching the popular web-based JForex trading platform, adding Swiss credibility to its high calibre range of products!

The latest CommexFX review talks about the joint venture between CommexFX and Dukascopy, the Swiss Bank.

So apart from these superior trading conditions of low spreads, flexible leverage, fast execution, ECN trading environment, various types of accounts, various types of funding methods, and technically advanced online trading platforms, what else does CommexFX offer?

As per the latest CommexFX review, CommexFX has just launched an impressive affiliate program offering the best payouts in the industry, we have all the tools you need to capitalise on promoting us and in return we will pay you high commissions. All you need to do is join us as an IB, and maximise your profitability, or become our affiliate and refer your clients to us! Either way, you will join one of the most rewarding programs around!

So with all of this in mind, is it a surprise that the excellence of our brokerage services has caught the eyes of multiple international awarding bodies? Of course not, and we have a lot more eye-catching coming up, soon!! Follow us on Facebook or twitter to hear of our success stories, and check out all our latest CommexFX reviews for more information!

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Default Re:

ВІА Гра Live in Cyprus – Sponsored by CommexFX!

In collaboration with Tagcy and Breeze, CommexFX flies VIA Hra (ВІА Гра), one of Russia’s most popular bands, in Cyprus for the first time in a spectacular live performance.

The concert will take place on August 7th in Limassol. The show will see VIA Hra, who are famous all over Russia and Ukraine, bewitch the audience with their stunning looks and eye catching outfits to the rhythm of Russian pop music.

Come join us on this special night at Breeze Summer Club right on the beach under the dancing stars. For reservations please call 70005868.

CommexFX is a CySEC regulated FX broker. Built on excellence and professionalism, they are deeply dedicated to providing their clients with stellar financial services. CommexFX has been awarded by the 2013 CIOT EXPO China as “Best ECN Forex Broker”.

??? ??? Live in Cyprus | CommexFX
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Default Re:

Wherever you are, at CommexFX, we speak your language..

We speak your language - CommexFX - YouTube
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Default Re:

Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary

U.S. Review
Growth Returns to a Solid Footing
The economy stretched at a 4 percent pace in the second quarter of the year, with wide based development over every real division except for net fares. Modifications to former quarters additionally demonstrated that the economy was a bit stronger in the second 50% of a year ago and contracted less in the first quarter.
Vocation climbed 209,000 for July, denoting a solid begin to the second from last quarter for the work market. The unemployment rate rose to 6.2 percent.
The ISM assembling file rose to 57.1 from June’s 55.3 perusing.
Development Returns to a Solid Footing
Monetary information this week strengthened our perspective for a robust development environment after a withdrawal in GDP in the first quarter. Second quarter GDP development climbed a robust 4 percent with broadbased additions. Livelihood information discharged this week for July demonstrated that 209,000 employments were included the month, while the unemployment rate rose to 6.2 percent. Particular wage and using information kept on reflecting stronger customer essentials, with pay and using both climbing 0.4 percent. Given the second quarter GDP information, we have overhauled our gauge this week. We now expect GDP development in the 1.9 percent range for 2014.
The second quarter GDP figure discharged this week demonstrated that the economy extended at a 4 percent pace with development in customer using, business venture, private development and government buys. The main negative for development for the quarter was net fares, which subtracted 0.6 percent from feature development. The biggest deviation from our figure for the quarter originated from inventories that added 1.7 percent to GDP. The robust GDP perusing for the second quarter put to rest reasons for alarm of a decelerating economy after the frustrating first quarter perusing. Information updates to past quarters demonstrated that last year finished on a stronger note and the withdrawal in Q1 GDP was not as incredible as initially thought.
July’s job report indicated that the second from last quarter was headed toward a strong begin. The country included 209,000 employments for the month, as the unemployment rate edged higher to 6.2 percent. Work development was expansive based over various businesses including proficient administrations, retail and assembling. The ascent in the unemployment rate originated from a build in the work power interest rate for the month. In a different report, livelihood costs climbed 0.7 percent for the second quarter to a 2.0 percent year-over-year pace. The predictable change in the process of childbirth economic situations and climb in the occupation expense file keeps on indicating less slack in the work market.
Particular salary and using information for the last month of the second quarter demonstrated that force behind customer using kept on building. Salary climbed 0.4 percent for June headed higher by compensation and pay development. True disposable wage recorded a 0.2 percent climb for the month. Purchaser using climbed 0.4 percent, headed by nondurable merchandise buys. Additionally on the customer front, buyer certainty for the month of July posted a sizable change, climbing to 90.9 from
June’s upwardly reexamined 86.4 perusing. The solid trust perusing gives some proof that shopper using will remain a key backing to GDP development in the current quarter.
Information on the assembling division from the ISM assembling review demonstrated that movement in the production line segment kept on improing in July, with the list climbing to 57.1. We keep on anticipating that the assembling division will post change as the year advances, in lock venture with stronger general household development.

Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary | CommexFX
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Why do people trade? Obviously to become quick rich! Interestingly enough, only a small minority of traders ever make any profits worth mentioning-yet, despite this reality, trading still excites people and many see it as a fast money-making tool, and plunge into it, unaware of the risks involved!

Trading is not simple; it is a cocktail of many factors, such as knowledge, experience, confidence, patience and even psychology.

Let’s define them for the sake of argument, shall we?

The more knowledgeable and experienced a trader, the greater his chances of success. Armed with these two factors, he can anticipate market volatility, study the market trends (with the help of indicators and other trading tools), recognise the strength of certain currencies and will know when to close an order to make a profit. The more experienced a trader, the less mistakes he will make.

Knowledge and experience boosts confidence and this last factor is essential in developing a successful trading strategy. Confidence comes with time and it provides the ammunition to combat the complexity of trading, it allows you to succeed in making a better judgement of market trends, and makes you confident when choosing which currency to trade. Confidence also allows you to accept any mistakes you may make, reassuring you that it is not the end of the world and that mistakes can be a positive tool in avoiding all repetition of the same mistakes.

Patience is a virtue, and not more so than in FX trading! Patience is required to evaluate the markets and identify trading patterns, grasping golden opportunities to place orders, learning how to employ all indicators to assess the markets, etc. With patience, as a gift, a truly successful trading strategy can be developed. But patience is difficult to master in an environment of excitement and fast trade movement, which can bring both profits, whether expected or unexpected, and disappointment.

Psychology, how is this a factor, I hear you ask? Well, trading involves high risk, and any type of financial loss affects our psychology causing anger and disappointment, and the real feeling of failure sets in, so how do we deal with this? Well, we need to have a solid state of psychology when trading, we need to be armed with enough knowledge to enable us to trade to avoid any disappointment of losing, which can trigger anger and make us surrender. We need to also understand that being lucky is not the answer to trading; so if we make a win through luck, we should not imagine that this ‘false luck’ will continue to prevail in our trading strategy. This false hope may lead us to invest all our funds, and then maybe even losing them. Believing in ‘luck’ can be disastrous to any trading strategy.

So now that we have learnt all about how the above factors can affect our trading strategy, let’s venture into the fascinating world of FX trading and become savvy traders!!

CommexFX wishes you a pleasant and successful trading experience!

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One of the first things a trader will ask a broker is if there is slippage? Slippage is what all traders try to avoid but due to the unexpected volatility of the FX market it is sometimes inevitable.

Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade, and the price the trade actually executes at. This means that the orders are not filled at the desired price!

Slippage occurs in different situations. Market volatility causes unpredicted volatility so it’s difficult to fill an order; the broker then finds the next similar price to execute your trade.

In slippage, it may also depend on the broker’s liquidity and its ability to fill the orders. Orders need to be filled in order to make a gain. Let’s keep in mind that the market is composed of buyers and sellers, so, when you want to make a sell, there has to be enough buyers at that desired price level in order to maintain the expected price of the trade. If there are not enough buyers then slippage occurs!

An imbalance of buyers and sellers will cause prices to move up and down. Slippage is not always negative, it can also be positive. So imagine that there was a flood of people wanting to sell their currency at the time the order was submitted, a seller could be found who was willing to sell them at a price lower than what was initially requested, resulting in positive slippage.

Slippage cannot be 100% controlled, but the following can be created to help curb it.

Limit Orders

These can only be filled at a requested price or better, so if the best available price is worse than the limit price, then the order will not be filled, it will be killed!

Market Range Orders

This allows you to set an acceptable price range ( in pips) to execute market orders. The order will only be filled within the range selected, otherwise it will be cancelled and no trade will be opened. This limits the amount of slippage your order could succumb to.

Slippage cannot always be avoided, but with the help of some of the above tools, the orders you place will be filled and not killed!

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CommexFX celebrates all important calendar dates with irresistible promotions which will give traders an opportunity to make some money!

From the festive season of Christmas, throughout the long awaited World Cup, CommexFX promotions are always innovative and fun!

We are always looking for ways to catch the interest of the trader, and seduce new clients. This can be done with crediting client accounts with bonuses and credits, based on just simple account opening or the trading of a certain amount of lots.

Some CommexFX promotions promise up to 10K bonus if certain lots are traded, and these can serve as a challenge as the trader will try to achieve the lots to be eligible for a 10K bonus.

The CommexFX promotions can run with live accounts as well as demo accounts, and both are equally challenging and an ideal way to enhance your trading strategy.

It would be true to say that apart from just striving to offer the best trading products and conditions in the FX markets to traders, a broker needs to be constantly evaluating what its competitors are offering and trying to keep up with the latest trend. So if this includes rewarding clients who perform better with gadgets such as iPads or iPhones, or even a big credit deposit into an account, then all steps have to be taken to be the best and CommexFX promotions are amongst the top in the industry!

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Default Re:

Forex Steam Review

The know-how of 100% automated trading

A lot of discussions have been made on FX trading, the markets, functionality, what to expect and not to expect from a good broker, etc. This particular write up focusses on trading in the lucrative currency markets, which enables 100% automated trading.

How has the whole concept of an automated trading solution started?

Core Forex expertise and excellence oriented brokerage firms wanted to provide new traders with a platform that enables 100% automated solution. Hence the pilot idea of Forex steam review, analysis came up in the world of currency markets. The system provides long term growth in a low risk environment.

As we all know, FX markets are very dynamic and volatile. Therefore the team needs to update the software periodically. This helps the trading platform stay ahead of the curve. New features are upgraded every now and then. Some of the salient features of the new enhanced trading platform are as follows:

Instant download after purchase

Once you purchase the Forex steam software the technology installation takes place instantly free of charge including relevant videos. Just as you get a steamy cup of coffee with its flavor in-tact, similarly you get hot piping updates of Forex market just about in a jiffy.

Regular updates

You have a 247 back up team in coordination with the makers/ pioneers of 100% automated trading team to keep adding new market updates from time to time. This ensures the trading platform is the latest. As a fresh trader, you can take an advantage of this, you can thus determine the type of weather conditions prevalent in the market and effect trades accordingly.

In this context, weather conditions mean market conditions. These are as unpredictable as the daily weather itself.


Forex companies offer you 4 trade licenses in case you enroll for the steam review platform. You can use these on the demo as well as on a live account. The particular advanced feature makes the automated platform fun and interesting to work with. A boon for the present generation traders indeed!

Long term success and mega gains

The Forex teams and forums world-wide have been conducting reviews and surveys with customers who are using the 100% automated trading platform. This data has been collated for over 4 years and customers operating on this new software are really happy with what they are getting. It has been tested and proven that members are able to see long term success and great gains in this way.

Enhanced features

Other enhanced features of the automated trading platform include easy filters. You can customize a lot of features suiting your requirement. If you are good at working on Excel spreadsheets or vice then advanced features help you work on the trading platform a real cakewalk. You have an effect on trailing stop, you can set your own break even, set margin to stop losses and do so much more on this magical platform.

All of you might have been dreaming on this 100% automated trading platform to make lucrative careers in currency markets. Your dreams are coming true with the advent of new user friendly trading platforms. Available for you to test and see the magic is just a doorstep away!

About CommexFx

CommexFX is a fully regulated award-winning STP/ECN Forex Broker with an excellent reputation for offering financial services to both individual and institutional investors.

Founded on a solid base of professionalism and always striving to exceed in excellence, the satisfaction of our client is our target.

Our vision is simple: to offer our clients the very best trading conditions and expertise in order to make their trading experience both a pleasant and profitable one.

Forex Steam Review:The know-how of 100% automated trading | CommexFX
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Default Re:

Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?
Published: August 11, 2014
The Week Ahead


Market Movers: Weekly Technical Outlook

Is the business valuing in QE from the ECB?

What’s in store in the Bank of England’s August Inflation Report

Look Ahead: Stocks

Look Ahead: Commodities

Worldwide Data Highlights

Market Movers: Weekly Technical Outlook

Technical Developments to Watch:

EUR/USD close to 9-month lows, safety still weaving machines 1.3450

GBP/USD back pressing 1.6800 after frail ricochet

USD/JPY pulling back 102.00 on general danger abhorrence

EUR/GBP in play, close term extent made somewhere around .7880 and .7980

1 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?

* Bias controlled by the relationship in the middle of value and different Emas. The accompanying pecking order decides predisposition (numbers speak to what number of Emas the cost shut the week over): 0 – Strongly Bearish, 1 – Slightly Bearish, 2 – Neutral, 3 – Slightly Bullish, 4 – Strongly Bullish.

** All information and remarks in this report starting pretty nearly 16:00gmt on Friday **


12 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?

EUR/USD amplified its downtrend a week ago, hitting another 9-month low

MACD still bearish, and Slow Stochastics have now bobbed out of oversold region

Merchants may in any case look to blur any oversold skips to 1.3450

The EUR/USD proceeded with its progressive toil lower a week ago, setting another 9-month low close to 1.3330 on Wednesday before ricocheting back unassumingly. The essential major impetus for a week ago’s value activity was a disintegration in German financial information, and an inconspicuous dovish movement by ECB President Draghi his month to month ECB public interview. The auxiliary markers are artistic creation a bearish picture, with the MACD slanting lower beneath its sign line and the “0″ level, inasmuch as the Slow Stochastics have now bobbed out of oversold region, possibly making room for an alternate leg lower one week from now. Advancing, bears will begin to turn their eyes to past backing around 1.3300, while more progressive brokers may be holding up in the wings to offer any humble revives to 1.3450.

3 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?


5 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?

GBP/USD bobbed early a week ago before coming back to test its lows on Thursday

Moderate Stochastics still in oversold domain, raising the likelihood of a close term ricochet

Potential for more medium-term shortcoming as long as rates stay underneath 1.6900-50

The GBP/USD attempted to bob early a week ago, yet venders ventures in rapidly in front of the 1.6900 level and rates are once again around the past week’s lows as we go to press. The shallow ricochet, if affirmed by a break to new lows, recommends that the merchants remain solidly in control of exchange and proposes we may see a solid continuation lower if 78.6% Fib help at 1.6800 is broken. The MACD shows solid bearish force, however the oversold Slow Stochastics recommends rates may ricochet eventually this week. As long as the unit stays underneath 20-day EMA safety around 1.6900-50, more shortcoming is favored.

6 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?


8 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?

USDJPY pulled once more to 20-day EMA help a week ago

MACD still bullish, Slow Stochastics generally won’t in overbought region

Predisposition still stays higher above backing at the 102.00 round handle

The USD/JPY pulled back a week ago, however weathered the offering weight (counting an obvious “fat finger” blaze crash on Wednesday) to hold above key help levels. The late breakout from the 7-month dropping triangle example remains the overwhelming specialized subject, and a week ago’s pullback took the Slow Stochastics pull out of overbought domain. During the current week, the specialized predisposition in the pair will stay to the topside as long as rates hold above backing in the 102.00-20 zone; a break underneath that range would move the viewpoint once again to impartial.

9 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?


11 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?

EURGBP solidified a week ago in the wake of breaking out from a 4-month bearish channel

The MACD has turned unobtrusively positive…

…be that as it may rates must break key even safety at .7980-.8000 to turn the predisposition to bullish

The EUR/GBP is our coin combine in play because of various high-affect monetary reports out of the Eurozone and UK this week (see “Information Highlights” beneath for additional). From a specialized point of view, the pair moved sideways a week ago in the wake of breaking a 4-month bearish channel the past week. As of right now, rates seem rangebound in the 100-pip range from .7880 to .7980, a thought affirmed by the moderately nonpartisan readings on the MACD and Slow Stochastics. This week will be discriminating for deciding the close term heading of the pair: a tear over .7980 would open the entryway for further additions throughout the span of August, while a drop through .7880 would continue this current year’s constant downtrend.

13 Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB?

Is the business sector valuing in QE from the ECB?

A week ago’s ECB gathering was emphatically downbeat and President Draghi sounded more concerned than common about the financial standpoint and the geopolitical dangers confronting the cash alliance at this time. Despite the fact that the ECB left strategy unaltered, Draghi was more sincere about the future arrangement stance of the Eurozone, saying that the business sector was right to surmise that Eurozone and US fiscal approach would be on a disparate way for quite a while.

Two focuses in the Draghi question and answer session are significant: firstly, the ECB’s gauge that it anticipates that the TLTRO project will discharge between $450bn – $850bn into Europe’s keeping money framework, which will be restrictive to expanded giving to the private division. This is a decently substantial presumption in our perspective, particularly as we accept that interest for advances in the money coalition is the issue. Unfortunately for the Eurozone, interest for credit may not enhance in the current financial environment of elevated geopolitical dangers.

The second point was Draghi’s rehashed references to QE. He said that the ECB is prepared to leave on more approach backing if important, and that QE is one alternative open to the bank. He additionally said that the bank is utilizing an outside specialist to improvement an ECB-style variant of the QE. At the point when required what kind from holdings the ECB would buy, Draghi indicated that it could be sovereign bonds.

Some may contend why would the bank try to set out on QE when German yields, ordinarily considered a benchmark for the Eurozone, are low; the 2-year yield dipped underneath 0% last week. Nonetheless, with the ECB’s fundamental rate at 0.15%, it is just common that legislature security yields are additionally amazingly low. Thinking of some as examiners imagine that investment rates need to be numerous many premise focuses lower than they right now are, at 0.15%, then QE could help to push sovereign yields further into negative region in an exertion to goad loaning development.

Negative investment rates have a tendency to weigh on a cash and since cresting in March, the exchange weighted EUR has fallen more than 3%, and is near its least level in over a year. Along these lines, if the ECB is not kidding about QE then there could be further drawback to come. Transient help levels to look for in EURUSD incorporate 1.3248 – the 38.2% retracement of the July 2012 – May 2014 development, while 1.3105 is additionally in perspective, which is the September 2013 low. In the event that the ECB does begin a QE program then we could see a structural move lower, and 1.20, the most reduced level since July 2012, may return into perspective.

At the end of a week ago the EUR figured out how to settle, in any case, the disappointment to get over Monday’s high at 1.3433 was a bearish advancement and recommends that as long as Draghi and co. at the ECB keep QE on the table then any upside in EURUSD could be constrained. As should be obvious in the diagram underneath, restricted of taking a gander at the effect of a potential QE program on EURUSD is taking a gander at this pair nearby the spread between 2-year German and US yields. In the event that this spread keeps on falling deeper into negative region then we could see further misfortunes for EURUSD.

Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB? | CommexFX
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As Forex trading becomes more popular every day so do forex scams, out to find their targets in many forms, some of which appear quite alluring and legitimate.

All over the world traders are looking for the magic FX broker that will make them rich, they open both live and real accounts to try their luck, convinced that ‘luck’ is a solid component of trading! Traders with less experience are also more gullible and will inevitably fall into the web of the Forex Scammer.

Forex Scams have it easy as many FX markets are not regulated so they can trick traders into anything they want, promising them an outstanding trading strategy to make jaw dropping amounts of profits!

How does one avoid such scammers? Well, it takes a while to master the art of dodging the Scammer Bull!

A scammer will entice you with what you want, quick wealth! He will dangle this prospect non-stop. He will also try and convince you that other people have reaped profits from their investment and he will underline a sense of urgency in ‘closing the deal’. This should always provide a certain amount of suspicion.

A scammer will pretend to be legitimate and professional by talking about his experience and so on; but the gullible trader should then demand to see the regulatory status of the company, and overall performance history.

The FX market is volatile and carries substantial risk. No trader should ever invest funds they cannot afford to lose. Margin trading should be completely avoided as it can cause losses which you had not predicted.

FX trading has become the ‘fraud du jour’, with numerous Forex Scammers playing on the minds and the pockets of gullible traders. The only way to avoid them is to be cautious and do background research on the ‘scammer’ himself!

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Default Trading equals an army of traders plus peace of mind in regulation

An army of traders is searching for that miracle FX bróker that will make them rich overnight!

Incessantly searching the internet for no deposit bonus where they do not even have to invest funds to actually trade and earn profit!! That gives them the peace that they can earn some kind of money if they trade successfully, and even if they do not succeed, it is not their own funds that they are losing.

For this reason traders prefer to select FX brokers which have an army of fans, excellent reviews, and are recommended by other savvy traders! They discover the best ones in forums and test them out, either by opening demo accounts which gives them the peace of mind that all risk is eliminated from their trading activity as they trade with virtual funds, or simply opening real accounts and invest the minimum deposit.

As FX trading increases in popularity, so does the competition between FX brokers. It is simply up to each broker to identify the niche in the FX market to seduce an army of clients; an array of outstanding trading products and brokerage services need to be offered, as well as the latest bespoke technology, all in keeping in line with the legal regulatory framework of each environment, provided the required peace of mind for each trader!

Trading equals an army of traders plus peace of mind in regulation | CommexFX
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Default COMMEXFX Myfxbook AutoTrade

As the FX trading fever continues to grow, new trading tools are emerging from every corner. Social trading is another of those booming activities and requires very highly advanced trading software. The CommexFX Myfxbook Autotrader is an example of state-of-the art software designed for social trading.

What is social trading I hear you ask? It is a community of traders who follow each other’s trading strategy. The object is for less experienced traders to follow the profitable trading strategy of more experienced and successful traders, achieving a more diversified trading style.

In turn, the successful trader whose trades are being copied, will be rewarded with up to half a pip per standard lot traded by the followers. So it’s basically a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The Autotrader is owned by Myfxbook, and one of its many advantages is that it provides traders with an in-depth analysis and statistics of their trading as it is immediately synchronized to their trading history – free of charge! The CommexFX Myfxbook Autotrader is only available to traders with an existing live account.

With the CommexFX Myfxbook Autotrader, you can also upload trades from your system to your account-all trading history is directly copied from the CommexFX platform to your AutoTrade account to monitor your trading strategy.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that the CommexFX Myfxbook Autotrader hand picks the best systems for you, simplifying all social trading activity.

COMMEXFX Myfxbook AutoTrade | CommexFX
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CommexFX Ltd is not just another FX broker, it recognizes that competition is fierce but also challenging. With this in mind CommexFX Ltd sets out to conquer the FX industry by offering its clients the highest quality service, advanced technology trading solutions and personalized support all within the safety and security of a regulated environment.

CommexFX Ltd is an ECN/STP broker based in Cyprus and is regulated by CySEC under license 153/11. Its motto is to exceed in excellence, its bespoke brokerage services are nothing short of transparency and regulation.

The trading conditions offered by CommexFX Ltd are amongst the most respected in the industry. Our spreads are amongst the lowest, there is no Dealing Desk intervention, leverage is flexible, fast execution, market depth of prices, different types of accounts to accommodate the needs of all traders, trading on the go is made possible by a range of trading platforms. Last but not least is the professional multi-lingual support offered around the clock, making the trader feel comfortable at all times.

So it should not come as a surprise that CommexFX Ltd has received many awards from internationally acclaimed bodies, and a number of FX awards adorn the office mantel piece.

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