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VolkovYuriy 08-07-2014 02:26

re: FreshForex -
We expect a long EUR/USD decrease

The euro fell against the U.S. dollar, trading around week low levels after the disappointing report on the German industrial orders, while European Central Bank President Mario Draghi comments continue to exert pressure.
ECB President Mario Draghi reiterated the bank forecasts that rates would remain at current or lower levels in the long term. He highlighted that "the governing council also unanimous in their commitment to the non-traditional instruments use if necessary, to fight the too long low inflation period risk."

Trading recommendations

We advise to consider the short positions with the first target - 1.3535. When the price consolidates below the first target it will go to the level of 1.3480.
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Fresh 15-07-2014 05:31

re: FreshForex -
Withdrawal is even more convenient!

Dear traders!

We are glad to inform you that withdrawal from your "FreshForex" account got even more convenient now! Now you can transfer money to the most popular cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner Club International.

Every single client of "FreshForex" company can withdraw money this way. All you need is to be a holder one of these cards and to confirm your personal data in the Personal area. We remind you that confirmation requires not more than 3 hours on business days.

You may use new withdrawal way on condition that you top up your account by one of the following methods:

• Visa/Mastercard
• Visa/Mastercard (RBK Money)
• PayOnLine
• Bank transfer

Please pay attention that payment service provider will charge 3.5% from your trading account. Please take these terms into consideration while submitting your request.

You can learn further information and find a step-by-step guide on Deposit and Withdrawal page.
Evaluate all the advantages of a new financial service of "FreshForex"!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 15-07-2014 05:35

re: FreshForex -
"Sale of spreads" promo continues!

Dear traders!
We are glad to inform you that a unique "Sale of Spreads" promo is prolonged till 26th of July. Catch an opportunity to save up to 50% of your spread trading with the most volatile instruments!

Just make your deals daily from 5 pm to 5 am GMT and pay for spread twice as little. The instruments with high volatility like energy supply, index and metal contracts take part in the promo.
Increase your chances to gain profit! You can learn about all the instruments and terms on the promo page.
Make your trades in good time!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 21-07-2014 04:19

re: FreshForex -
Be in time to get up to 50% from spread!

Dear traders!
Let us remind you that "Spreads in half" promotion is valid till July, 31. You still have the chance to avail from a smart rebate service and get an additional profit from trading!
What are the advantages of this promotion for each trader?
• Think that your trade will be profitable? Having switched to this promotion plan, you will get $5 more for each profitable lot.
• Think that your trade can be loss-making? This bonus plan will return you $10 per each lot in case of failure.
• Reward is credited to your account weekly and is fully available for withdrawal.
• No open trades? Once a week you can change reward scheme and choose a more suitable option.

Check more details on the page of promotion. Be in time to take part in it!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 22-07-2014 03:15

re: FreshForex -
The Euro forms the new low

The Italian trade balance for April showed a decline from 3.89 billion euro to 3.51 billion vs. 4.27 billion. The business sentiment index in Germany ZEW, as we expected, came out with a significant decrease from 33.1 to 29.8 - a trend that lasted six months and worsened since the development of events in Ukraine is not on the European scenario.

Trading recommendations

We advise to short with the first target - 1.3490. When the pair consolidates below the first target, we can open deals to the level of 1.3435.

Fresh 28-07-2014 04:20

re: FreshForex -
Comfortable work with MetaTrader 4 build 670!

Dear traders!

We are glad to let you know that a scheduled update of MetaTrader 4 terminal to 670 build is taking place in the coming days. Demo server will be upgraded on 26th of July, whereas the real server will be upgraded on 27th of July.

The most important innovations:

• Now opening a new account is even more convenient
Currently new account creating Master has the same interface as one in MetaTrader5. It will speed up and simplify the process of creating a new account.
• Quotes will be also displayed in the form of market depth
Current market rate of a trading instrument now can be displayed in the form of market depth, which allows you to speed up the process of order management in many times.

• WebRequest function for work with HTTP requests was added
Thanks to the upgrade, MQL4 programs will be able to share data with web services and websites automatically. Trading robot will be able to make trades based on recent news and quotes, it also will be able to updare reports.

• Access to the base of signals and to subscription management was added

The whole range of processes was automated: obtaining of MQL4-program signals, its analysis based on the defined set of criteria, automatic subscription to the most required signals.The robot is by default forbidden to change settings of the signals, which allows to ensure trading security.
You can find the whole list of changes and their description on the official MQL4 forum. Use upgraded terminal and trade in profit!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 28-07-2014 04:31

re: FreshForex -
“Bonus 33х3” promo is coming to the end

Dear traders!
We remind you that the popular “Bonus 33x3” promo finishes on 31st of July. Haven’t you got extra money on your account yet? It’s not a problem – a new deposit promo is starting in a few days and it will be even more profitable!
Pay your attention that all the accounts which took part in the “Bonus 33x3” promo will automatically participate in the new promo. The bonuses gained previously remain in the “Credit” column but will be adusted according to the new bonus' terms.

The information about new promotion will be published on our official website on 1st of August. Stay tuned!
Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 28-07-2014 11:57

re: FreshForex -
S&P500, oil and platinum. Weekly review
Monthly chart: bulls continue to put a pressure, but in general uptrend looks like almost fully exhausted. Key resistance is based on 2050,7, from where reversal or a significant correction will take place with a high probability.

Weekly chart: oscillator's divergence confirms that reversal is close to come. Nevertheless, we are waiting for new highs to be reached before.

Day chart: divergence is also strong here, besides, resistance from the upper Bollinger band (1991.4) is still working. Support is based at 1956.6 ( bottom Bollinger band).

Conclusion: main scenario is descend from current levels to 1956.6 and a further growth to1991.4. Another option is the direct growth to 2050.7


Fresh 31-07-2014 08:00

re: FreshForex -
The popular promotion has been prolonged
Dear traders!

We are glad to inform you that the "Spreads in half" promo has been prolonged till 31st of August. Join it and get additional profit no matter what your trading results are!

With the "Spreads in half" promo, every trader may choose their own plan of spread's return: on failing either profitable trades. Payout of rebate can reach $10 per lot - the most profitable conditions on the market!

You can learn detailed terms on the "Promotions and bonuses" page. To join this and other promotions, proceed to your Personal area.

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 04-08-2014 04:28

re: FreshForex -
Get bonus for each top-up of the account!
Dear traders!
We are glad to inform you that from August 1 to 31 “FreshForex” grants traders with several deposit bonuses at once. Charge your deposit to a full power!

To obtain bonuses, you need to make just 3 steps:

1. Get ready for a start: open account, confirm personal data and link your account to the promotion in the Personal area.

2. Fund your account with the amount from $100 and get bonus 101%. If you choose minimum recommended deposit and top up your account with $200, then total amount on your account will be $402. Get a double filling for a successful trading!

3. With the second and all subsequent refills from $100 you will get extra 33% to your deposit as the bonus. Avail from this advantage to increase trading volume and obtain even more profit!

Trade with more energy using new bonuses from “FreshForex”!
Prior to taking part in the promo, please study its details terms.

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 04-08-2014 12:05

re: FreshForex -
S&P500, oil and platinum. Weekly review

Monthly chart: so, we see that the foundation of correction has been laid. The index is based deeply in the overbought zone. Divergence plays in hands of bears so that they can fully break the uptrend.

But now there is still a probability that one more upward dash (the last one) will take place in the direction of the upper Bollinger band (2062.8). Support is now based on the middle line (1716.5)
Weekly chart: support is on the middle band (1925.4) and resistance is at the point of 2003.4
Day chart: a reversal is coming into a full force here. Resistance is at the middle Bollinger band (1970.5). From here we can look into sales. A local support is based at 1906.1
Conclusion: we expect that support 1906.1 will be touched, rollback to 1970.5 and continuation of the downward movement will take place in the direction of 1716.5
Read more

Fresh 05-08-2014 07:57

re: FreshForex -
How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in July
Dear traders!

The second month of summer has come to an end and we are ready to summarize its results. Which events of July did impact on the market most of all? Which contracts did help traders of the company to achieve the best results? Our monthly report will let you know about this and many other facts.
As per results of July, EUR/USD pair lost 2.22%. The reason was weak macroeconomic data from Europe along with positive releases on GDP and labor market from the USA. GDP of the Great Britain for the second quarter did not show an expected acceleration, whereas toughening of monetary policy by the Bank of England is questionable. Hence, quotations of the British currency dropped by 1.3%.
Acceleration of bullish trend on the Japanese stock market along with positive releases from the USA contributed to growth of USD/JPY for 1.4%.

Despite Ukrainian crisis and conflict in Gaza strip, gold (XAU/USD) finished July with a 3.3% decline. Platinum (XPT/USD) lost 1.7%, because investors were fixing their profit on long positions following to a durable growth. Upon that, palladium (XPD/USD) was in a demand in July, which allowed this contract to finish month with increase in 3.4%.

In the result of correction on the US stock market, futures contract on
S&P500 stock index lost 1.58%. In general, macroeconomic data was positive and if not desire of investors to fix the profit on long positions, we could speak that ascending tendency would go on.

On the market of “black gold” Libyan government was the main news maker when told about increase in oil-production output. Traders hastened to close long positions, hence “Brent” oil lost 5.6%, whereas “WTI” lost 7.5%.

Results of trading of "FreshForex" clients in July:

• 1952.54% of deposit - is the earnings of the most efficient trader for the past month. He prefers long-term trades with WTI oil, thanks to which he
already made $7 000.

• 866 trades per month - result of the most active trader.

• 55% of traders with deposits above $10 000 and more finished July with a plus.

• $160 635 — the best result of the month.

Want to achieve the same figures as our leaders did? Take part in new bonus plans from “FreshForex” and trade in profit!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 07-08-2014 06:09

re: FreshForex -
Be the first to know about the best Masters of "Flagman Invest" !
Dear traders!

We are glad to inform you that RSS Subscription for the top list of Masters is now available in the "Flagman Invest" PAMM-platform. Watch trading conducted by Masters and choose the best ones!

To subscribe, you just need to be authorized in one of the RSS-services or install a special plug-in in your browser. In the right corner of the "Master Top" page you will find RSS sign. Once you click it, confirm your agreement to subscribe.

Thanks to RSS-report you will receive entire information about Masters of the PAMM platform on a regular basis. The table displays not only a percentage of total growth and dropdown, but many other figures:
• Number of investors
• Age of Master account
• Type of account
• Master's capital
• Profit factor
• Recovery factor

Subscribe to get updates of the top list and stay tuned!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 11-08-2014 03:27

re: FreshForex -
“Sale of spreads” is picking up steam!
Dear traders!

"FreshForex" company always cares of traders' opinion and strives to expand trading opportunities for its clients. That is why we decided to prolong the “Sale of spreads” promotion till the 23rd of August.
As our analytics point out, in early summer many successful traders have reduced the volume of trade with major pairs. More and more clients began to pay attention to the instruments with a higher volatility.

We decided to launch the “Sale of spreads” promotion for these very traders and came up trumps - the project became very popular. It is not surprising, because the benefit is obvious: traders save up to 50% of spread and they have rather more opportunities to maximize their profit.

It is interesting to note that the most popular instruments of the recent weeks are GBPJPY, #BRENT and #DAX30 - the biggest trading volume was made with them.

You can learn how to join the “Sale of spreads” promotion on its promo page. Hurry up to save your spread and gain the maximum profit!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 13-08-2014 04:16

re: FreshForex -
Make an instaneous deposit with FasaPay system!
Dear traders!

We are glad to inform you that now all traders of the company can fund and withdraw to/from thier accounts throughFasaPay system. Evaluate one of the most reliable payment services!
The new payment facility is available to all clients of "FreshForex" company, who confirmed their personal data. Money transfers are made in US dollars, deposit and withdrawal of funds are immediate.

Before you start the work with FasaPay service, proceed with a free registration in the system. User's data is completely and reliably encrypted, wherewith ensures an absolute safety of financial operations.
Prior to starting the work with FasaPay, we recommend you to check user's guide in "Deposit and withdrawal" section of our website.

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 28-08-2014 05:41

re: FreshForex -
Take profit with popular promotions!
Dear traders,

We are glad to inform you that "Spreads in half" and "Insurance against Stop-out" promotions are prolonged for three months - till the 30th of November. Join it and gain profit whatever the circumstances!

Many people wonder, why FreshForex Company prolonged these promos so often. The answer is very easy: we evaluate them on your performance, and select only those projects that are really popular. That is exactly what happened with the "Spreads in half" and "Insurance against Stop-out" promos. Our clients have appreciated the opportunity to receive additional income from a trade or to insure their own deals. If you haven't joined one of these promotions yet, we recommend you to do it right now!

You can learn the terms of participation in the "Promotions and bonuses" section. Subscribe and get the maximum profit from working with «FreshForex»!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 03-09-2014 02:30

re: FreshForex -
Charge your account with a double bonus!
Dear traders!

We are glad to inform you that "101% bonus" promo has been extended till October 30. Take part in it and get a double filling for a successful trading!

"101% bonus" promo has turned to be the most popular among all other promotions offered by "FreshForex" company. It is not a surprise, because each participant is granted not only with 101% bonus for the first deposit, but with + 33% for all further deposits as well!
Thousands of traders already enjoy energetic bonus - you try too!

Please pay attention that the minimum required amount of deposit under the promo is just 100$. Prior to taking part in the promo, please study itsdetails terms.

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 04-09-2014 04:21

re: FreshForex -
How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in August
Dear traders!
The summer has come to an end and we are ready to provide you with the data about activity of our best traders. But let's begin with the results of the month in terms of fundamental analysis.

Negative macroeconomic statistics on inflation and GDP in the euro area has led to a significant weakening of EUR/USDpair in August. As the result of sales, the united European currency lost weight and ended the month by 2.22% decrease. In the last summer month GBP/USD pair also decreased by 1.7%. Against the backdrop of the weak economy and the "bull rally" in the US stock market Japanese Yen has strengthened and increased by 1.25%.

Despite increased risks in Iraq, "bear rally" continues in the oil market, which puts many traders in a deadlock. In the dispute between bears and bulls on gold (XAU/USD) the last won the minimal victory over the month. At the beginning of the month, we have seen increase of geopolitical risks that supported the demand in precious metals, and in the second half of the month reduce of yields of the US 10-year's Treasuries encouraged bears to open short positions.

US GDP for the second quarter was revised towards better figures up to the level of 4.2%, which in sum with positive reports brought a futures contract on the S & P500 to a new historic peak 2005.3 p.

What were the results of “FreshForex” traders in August?
1085.27% - is the increase of deposit reached by one of the most successful clients. The trader mainly operates with major pairs and BRENT oil, partly using advisers.
1773 trades - were made by the most active client during the last month. Trades were made on the Market Pro account, without application of advisers and with AUD/CAD cross-rate. Trader has gained 169% of the deposit's increase.
47% of traders finished August with a plus - the proportion of clients which keeps deposits more than 10,000$.
188 100$ - the result of the most profitable client.

Are you interested in other indicators of the company? You can easily find them in the "Statistics of our work" section.

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 11-09-2014 04:25

re: FreshForex -
Join us in social networks!
Dear traders!

Are you an active user of social networks? Communicate, acquire new knowledge and make more friends in the communities of "FreshForex"!

Do you want to get quick links for news and reviews of the company? Follow us in Twitter.
Wish to read Forex materials in depth? Join us in Facebook and Google plus.

If you have a professional interest to keep contact with us, check LinkedIn.

Join our communities and stay informed about company and market!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 15-09-2014 03:25

re: FreshForex -
Find useful advisors in our "Huckster" store!
Dear traders!

Do you prefer automated trading in Forex? Download an efficient expert advisor from our "Huckster" store and get profit!
Specialists of "FreshForex" had tested hundreds of trading robots to select the most useful of them for you. The store offers both paid and absolutely free products from our developers that can not be found in other sources. Select the appropriate advisor and enjoy trading!

Each item has a detailed description and instructions on how to configure it. This will help you to find the right advisor quickly and start testing it in practice. For the convenience of our customers, we added posting reviews options about trading robots to evaluate their work. Try working with an expert advisor and share your experience!

We recommend you to learn the detailed instruction before buying EA. Here you will find the information about downloading free products. Use effective advisors and maximize your profit!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 19-09-2014 13:30

re: FreshForex -
The first gift in honor of the 10th anniversary of "FreshForex"!
Dear traders!

"FreshForex" company celebrates its birthday on October 11, but we begin to delight you with gifts and surprises as early as now!

In the honor of the anniversary of the company, we've decided to extend the "Sale of Spreads" promo for four full weeks. Earn on the most volatile instruments and save on spread until 11th of October!

We remind you that now promotion is valid from 9.00 am to 2 pm, GMT. List of the available instruments remains the same, you still can trade with exotic currencies, oil, metals and contracts for indexes.
Evaluate all the advantages of the "Sale of Spreads" promo!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" - fresh view on money

Fresh 24-09-2014 08:24

re: FreshForex -
Nikkei reached its new maximum

The pair euro/dollar was hit by the weak TLTRO auction results. The lending volume amounted only 82.6 billion euro, while economists expected about 150 billion euro. It again calls into question the ECB effective measures that were taken into account. The profitability differential on the US and Germany 10-year bonds was again expanded, that will provide some support to the American dollar.

Trading recommendations

It is advised to consider a downward trade with the first target 1.2810. When the pair consolidates below the first target, we can start a deal to the level of 1.2760.

Fresh 25-09-2014 12:51

re: FreshForex -
10 promotions in celebration of "FreshForex" birthday!

Dear traders!

On 11th of October "FreshForex" company celebrates its jubilee and as early as from September 29 we start a marathon of the most lucrative promotions and bonuses. Take part in them and get gifts from your favorite broker!
Just visit our holiday page, select suitable promos and bonuses and get your reward for work with "FreshForex". We are sure that each of you will certainly find the plan in our calendar which will bring him/her the best possible profit and benefit.

For your convenience, we enabled filter option promos and bonuses. Select the plan which is ideal right for you: promotions for new clients, partners, PAMM managers either fans of communication. The same page will also guide you through detailed terms and instructions for participation. Get your gift from "FreshForex"!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

Fresh 01-10-2014 03:07

re: FreshForex -
We double non-deposit bonuses for articles!
Dear traders!

From September 30 to October 14 take part in the promo “Bonus for the article” and get a double reward!
A double bonus – as much as $60 for each article published in the “Clever FX Encyclopedia” is given to you within two weeks."FreshForex" values each word of you!

Traders of the company have always been sociable and active. That is exactly why we have decided to present you one of the most suitable gift – increase of bonus for the article. Share your knowledge, communicate without limitations and get double bonuses for this!

On the holiday page of our website you will find the terms of providing of the bonus. Get more gifts to celebrate birthday of “FreshForex”!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

Fresh 02-10-2014 03:21

re: FreshForex -
We present PAMM masters 5 USD per lot!
Dear traders!

Our marathon of festive promotions continues: here is a special offer to Masters of "Flagman Invest" PAMM platform. Manage your investments and get an extra profit!
From the 1st to 31st of October we give all PAMM managers 5 USD from spread per each lot as a rebate! Now each master can not only earn fee for maaging PAMM-account, but also get a nice bonus for the trading activity. Pay attention that the funds are credited to Manager's invest account and fully available for withdrawal!

You can learn detailed terms of the promo and instructions on a special page of our web-site. Get the maximum out of management with your PAMM-account!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

Fresh 03-10-2014 10:07

re: FreshForex -
Your start with “FreshForex” will be successful!
Dear traders!

We are always glad to give our support to beginners! From October 3 to 17 switch from demo account to real, fund it with the amount from 20$ and get the "First aid" package!
For a good performance on the Forex market any trader needs basic knowledge. Many traders start using EAs and indicators from the very first days of trading. We present three well-tried indicators from "Huckster" shop at once to each participant.

Get a superb support and start you way to success!

You will find more details on the promo page. In our holiday calendar you will see even more interesting promos.

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

Fresh 06-10-2014 03:37

re: FreshForex -
The dollar keeps strenghtening against majors
The Bank of England deputy governor Ben Broadbent’s comments acted as a catalyst for the downward movement. The optimistic data about the supplying managers index for the UK construction industry were not accepted by the markets. Instead, they decided to focus on the Broadbent’s comments. The Monetary Policy Committee member made it clear that the UK is not ready for a rate rise and that buyers should think carefully about the debt levels.

The bulls have very little chances for the upward movement development - the UK 10-year bond yield is located near the annual lows that points out to the inflationary pressure decline.

Trading recommendations

We advise to short with the first target – 1.5850.

Fresh 06-10-2014 08:59

re: FreshForex -
"Spreads in half": payments are increased by 10%!
Dear traders!

From October 6 to November 2 join our promotion called "10% to Spreads in half" and get even more benefit from spread rebate!

The company's clients connected to the "Spreads in half" promo are already aware of its main advantages. Thanks to a smart rebate of spread, a trader can get profit in any situation.
For each lot of a profitable trade you get $5, and in case of failure, you will still get rebate $ 10 per lot. To celebrate the birthday of "FreshForex", we decided to make this promotion even more useful and prolonged the payout for a whole month!

Now each trader will be able to return 10% extra of spread, which means benefit is 10% more. Please pay attention: if you have already linked your account to the "Spreads in half" promo, payments will be increased automatically!
You can check instructions for participation in the promotion and its detailed terms on a special page of our calendar.

Wish you success in trading!
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Fresh 09-10-2014 03:45

re: FreshForex -
Become a partner and get two gifts at once!
Dear traders!

From 8th to 22nd of October become a partner of "FreshForex" and get two gifts at once: a website and an active assistance in its promotion!
Year by year the number of partners of "FreshForex" has been growing and, to celebrate our jubilee, we decided to make a present to all new participants of our affiliate program. Now it is even easier to start earning with a reliable broker!

Just open a partner account within the period of the promotion, verify your personal data and send us a request with the subject “Website as a gift”. Each participant of the promo receives not only a ready-to-go partner's website, but an assistance in its promotion as well. A referral link to the website will be published in all active social networks of "FreshForex".

Have already become a partner of "FreshForex" but have not received a partner's website yet? You also can take part in this promo! On our websiteyou will find detailed terms of the “Lucky partnership” promotion. Participate and get useful gifts!

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

VolkovYuriy 11-11-2014 10:28

re: FreshForex -
How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in October

Dear traders!

October was one of the most suitable month for active trading. How did clients of "FreshForex" use upsurge of market volatility?

Trading results accomplished in October:

Over the last month the highest growth of deposit was 870%. This result was achieved by a participant of the "Welcome bonus" promotion, he showed a great trade, after having received a prize of $20.

The highest number of transactions made was 1766. It is worth noting that this trader did not use trading expert advisors and was working solely with AUDUSD pair.

The best result of the month was the profit in the amount of $132,827.

67% transactions were profitable.

What happened in the financial markets?

- 0.83% Strong US GDP data along with weak releases on inflation in Spain and Germany had put united European currency to test the annual low. GBP/USD -1.33% Compression of inflationary pressures in the UK forced the Bank of England to refrain from tightening of monetary policy.

+2.44% The Bank of Japan increased its stimulus program in October, now the monetary base will increase by 80 trillion yen per year. This background allowedl Bullish rally to start, allowed the pair to finish the month with a positive result.

+2.45% Positive corporate releases and macroeconomic statistics, the soft rhetoric of the Federal Reserve regarding monetary policy - all these reasons forced growth of the American stock market.

-2.91% Low inflation expectations in the world's leading economies is the main factor that puts pressure on the XAU/USD pair and promotes a strong sale of "yellow metal."

You can learn the additional information in the "Statistics of our work" section of our web-site.

Wish you success in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

VolkovYuriy 12-11-2014 04:15

re: FreshForex -
Trade with "FreshForex" on the new level!
Dear traders!
From*November, 17*"FreshForex" starts to cooperate with one of the most prominent and reliable hosting providers of Europe. It allows to improve quality of order execution to a significant extent and make trading even more comfortable.
This transfer will be performed on*November 16*from 3 am to 2 pm, GMT. In this regard, short intervals in the work of trading servers, our website and other services may take place.
A new trading week will be opened in its due time and as early as in uts beginnig you will be able to enjoy all advantages of the innovation.
Wish you success in trading!*
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

VolkovYuriy 28-11-2014 09:55

re: FreshForex -
Which offers of "FreshForex" company can I use to improve trading?
Dear forum members!

We would like to offer you a short digest of releases of “FreshForex” company so that you could avail from the most profitable offers.

Premium trading

Do you want to trade on the most profitable terms? Enter "GoldMan" premium cluband estimate all benefits of top-class trading

Statistics for managers and investors

Just open Master account without setting active offers and use it for your regular trading operations.

Advanced statistical data will help you to conduct deeper analysis, adjust and improve your trading strategy.

Swap Free accounts are now available in “FreshForex”

You can find more details about Swap Free service and instruction on its activation on our website.

"Black Friday" with "FreshForex"

Till November 30 trade volatile instruments under our promo "Sale of spreads" and pay up to half the spread!

Auto call service

Let us remind you that in case of delay of SMS confirmation you can always order “Auto call”. It helps you to get confirmation code in the moment to continue you comfortable work with “FreshForex”.

Insure your deposit or enjoy smart rebate

We are glad to inform you that “Insurance against deposit” plan has been extended for one more month (till December 31) and "Spead in half" promotion has been extended till February 28 of 2015 year.

Fresh 11-03-2015 11:35

re: FreshForex -
Get ready for incredible bonus! We give you 500$ to test “FreshForex”!
Dear traders!

Do you want to check how good*“FreshForex” broker is? Go ahead: we give*$500*to every new client to test-drive trading terms and speed of execution!

Just make*three steps*to take part in the outstanding “Test-drive” promo and get a simply huge bonus on your account! With the best traditions of “FreshForex”, this promotion gives you unmatched and useful benefits:

- Trade using this bonus for two weeks: it is quite enough to assess our trading terms even if you prefer a position trading!

- Make profit with the help of the bonus and withdraw it!

- Use $500 to trade on any type of account including a superfast ECN!

Even without funding your account, with the help of “Test-drive” bonus, you'll be able to make sure that “FreshForex” provides superior trading terms. Get*$500,*trade and make profit with us!

Wish you good luck in trading!*
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

Fresh 20-03-2015 07:16

re: FreshForex -
We give +50% for choosing us - and that's not all!

Dear traders!
Till March 25 join FreshForex and receive all advantages at once - bonus up to 50%, excellent trading terms and package of benefits important for a successful trader!

From the first minute of our cooperation you will feel the difference and make certain that opening account with FreshForex was a right decision. There are at least three reasons for that:

- Bonus up to 50% will increase your chances to obtain your target profit and give you a better chance for bolder decisions, because it withstands drawdown.
- A great choice of instruments in the FreshForex terminal opens a door to success on market which undergoes unprecedented volatility now.
- A prompt withdrawal of funds will become a pleasant addon to a successful deal, because money will be in your pocket for as soon as 10 minutes.

Open account now, receive*bonus up to 50%*for changing your broker and enjoy a full package of privileges of FreshForex traders!

Fresh 24-03-2015 07:53

re: FreshForex -
Be on time to receive a no deposit bonus 500 USD!
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You have the last chance to apply for a no deposit bonus in the amount of 500 US dollars from FreshForex broker! "Test drive" promo will be over on 25th of March, time is running - open an account right now!

Thanks to this promotion, you can assess all benefits of trading with FreshForex without having to invest your own funds. You have 2 weeks to trade with any instruments, earn and withdraw your profit - we provide you with no deposit bonus on the most beneficial terms!
To take part in the promo, you only need to register account in the company using a special link and verify personal data.

Be on time to take part: you don't see that such bonuses are given everyday!

Fresh 25-03-2015 11:57

re: FreshForex -
Are you ready for the bonus 50% right now?
Dear traders!

Let us inform you about our desicion to prolong ''Change your broker bonus 50%" till April 27. For those who still doubt whether to join it, we have prepared the check list from 5 items.

Choose "Change your broker bonus 50%" promotion if you:

- look for a broker with fast execution of orders;
- trade both with major pairs and instruments with a high volatility (Stocks, Index, Energy Futures, Metals);
- want to get your profit at once rather than a week after you apply;
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Fresh 07-04-2015 07:43

re: FreshForex -
Who will gain main prize of the "Battle for profit"?
Dear traders!

The most fascinating contest for traders from "FreshForex" has come to the end. We are ready to announce its winners.
Who are these 10 lucky traders attained the best results in the fight for 50 000 US dollars?

1 place and $25 000 —Revansh
For less than one month of an active trader, this master increased his capital by 387,5%. Only one long trade on gold brought him more than 1000 profit points and helped him to pull away. Here is how a skillful trader can benefit from a noble metal!

2 place and $10 000 —Dust
This master also prefers volatile instruments which helped him to reach a honorable second position. Trades on #DAX30 made on start of the contest allowed him to shake off and he managed to save his position till the end of the contest due to a proper handling of capital.

3 place and $4 500 —GAS
This contestant has chosen exotic pairs USDMXN and USDZAR as his main instruments — and did not lose. Short trades on these pairs made main profit for him in the amount of 11 762 points.

The rest part of awards are distributed as follows:
4 place —fat
5 place —Lover
6 place —1408
7 place —POLICE
8 place —simba
9 place —GoHard
10 place —RakeTTa

These participants will also obtain prizes from "FreshForex" - reward of each of them amounts to $1 500. We congratulate each trader who managed to reach the top of rating and deserved to become a prize winner of "Battle for profit".
If you did not have a chance to participate on our contest, it is the right time to start your preparation for the second tour. Open Master account in our "Flagman Invest" platform, attract investors by your successful trading and get an extra income!

Wish you good luck in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

Other news:
  • Now RBK Money depositing is available for all «Freshforex» clients!
  • Contracts for indices – a new opportunity for traders of “FreshForex”!
  • Trading schedule changes during the Summer bank holidays
  • Fresh Forex news - a new feature of your terminal!
  • “Flagman Invest” platform was acknowledged as the best on the market!

All news

Fresh 21-04-2015 11:55

re: FreshForex -
500 USD as a gift for the new "Test-drive"!
Dear traders!

“Test drive” promotion is coming back — "FreshForex" again gives a no deposit bonus 500 USD to all new clients!
You only need to make three steps to use this bonus successfully:

1. Open an account through the link;

2. Receive bonus and start trading;

3. Leave a review about your work with "FreshForex"

Pay attention: review is a mandatory requirement but we do not limit you on choice of web-sites.*You can share your opinion in social networks, personal blog or one of the Forex-related web-sites. The review must have at least 150 symbols and be useful for other traders: help them in their choice of a broker!

There is only one step left to start your work with "FreshForex" - receive a bonus right now!

Wish you good luck in trading!*
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

Fresh 27-04-2015 10:24

re: FreshForex -
Battle for Profit is coming back!
Dear traders!

Join the second round of the "Battle for Profit" championship — even more fascinating! During a month the most skillful and brave traders will fight for a prize fund of the contest —50 000 USD. Are you ready to join them?

Before May 22 register for the contest and become a candidate for the main award. Win the top of rating as you trade in a usual mode without restrictions:

apply Expert Advisors;
open several accounts at once;
attract investments, withdraw profit.

Prizes from 25 000 to 1 500 USD will be awarded to top 10 Masters of rating who attain the highest gain on their accounts. Register and take up the struggle for leadership right now!

Wish you good luck in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

Fresh 14-05-2015 11:29

re: FreshForex -
$15 559 – for just 10 days!
Dear traders!

Today's report presents the most important information on trading of our clients in April. Learn how leaders earn!
The highest increment on account in the amount of 758% was reached by a trader whose initial deposit was just 20 USD. He operated intraday with both major paires and spot metals and complied with the risk management rules by putting Stop loss and Take profit for absolutely all trades.

We would like to particularly mention one of the most successful examples of application of the middle-risk strategy. Client of the company who opened 14 deals on WTI previously in March, managed to earn more than 8 000 USD the next month. Upon that , the increment of deposit was 72.51%. He had been locking trades in profit during the whole month and kept opening new deals on XAGUSD. We wish this client success in further business!

The leader in profit-making obtained revenue in the amount of $261 161 through a successful trading with EURUSD. One of these trades is the most successful trade in April, because it brought its master $15 559 for only 10 days. To increase his trading volume, he used “35% on deposit” promotion, which helped him to achieve a desired goal.

Activity record in April - 1771 deals per month;
66% trades in April were locked at a plus.

How did markets behave in April?

Deflation is retreating from Euro zone which supported demand in EUR/USD. Based on results of the month, this currency pair added 4.54%.
Macroeconomic growth in the USA slowed its paces which encouraged bulls to open long with GBP/USD. This pair increase its weight by 3.58%.

Weak macroeconomic releases from the USA on labor and GDP pressed USD/JPY, which lost 0.6% by the end of April.
Cut of the number of drilling rigs in the USA moved oil quotes upward: Brent and WTI added 20.3% and 24.4% respectively.
Toughening of monetary policy is not on the Fed Reserves agenda and it supports demand in S&P500. This US index reached its new High and closed April by growth in the rate of 0.92%.
As car sales in the USA and China grew, Palladium (XPD/USD) quotes went up and added 5.8% by the end of the month.

Wish you good luck in trading!
"FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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