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Psychic Finance Announces Its Service Offerings

Broker Representatives

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Old 13-02-2021, 08:29
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Default Psychic Finance Announces Its Service Offerings

With the increased adoption of blockchain technology for wealth creation, the need to take advantage of blockchain to generate passive income cannot be overemphasized.

In a bid to give more crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to increase their income streams, the team behind Psychic Finance is pleased to announce the introduction of its yield farming and prediction market. Psychic Finance is a blockchain-powered platform that gives investors the opportunity to earn income from yield farming and on the prediction market.

Psychic Finance has a native token with the symbol PSY. Users can pay for transaction fees, buy goods and services on the Psychic Finance protocol with the PSY tokens. In fact, users can stake PSY to earn a decent return on their investments. If you choose to join Psychic Finance's prediction market, your PSY tokens can earn you extra income. We will talk more about the prediction market in the next section.

How The Prediction Market Works

As with other prediction ecosystems, the Psychic Finance - prediction market rewards those who predict an event and it comes to pass. Most of the events that you'd be predicting are related to the crypto space. For example, if a participant predicts that by March 2021, the Ethereum price will level up with the price of Bitcoin, he/she will receive PSY tokens for the correct prediction.

You can use your earned PSY tokens to purchase more NFT prediction cards. This will enable you to earn extra income. However, keep in mind that the reward that is paid out to you is as per the value of your NFT card.

How Psychic Finance Is Different From Other Crypto-based Projects

Psychic Finance has a fun and exciting prediction market where users can place bets, list predictions, and participate in game voting for profits. The project gives room for participants to challenge the outcome of a bet if they feel aggrieved. The project allows participants to serve as betting executives, referees, or predictive registrants.
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