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there is where you are wrong. Good ea's need monitoring. no such thing as free lunch but for the record the 4 majors + usd/cad are all that wally suggests. I am taking it upon myself to test other pairs to see if we can squeeze more profit from this ea.

Also Im not sure how long you've been trading but basically everybody knows August sucks and summer is sluggish. Also everybody knows that December is basically worthless.

So I am playing with risk but if I wanted to be conservative I would make it 2% accross the board.

Read the results wally is net positive and has been for the duration so far so could you be specific in what proof that there are no good/profitable ea's?

**also for the dropped pair, try to remeber I am testing. Testing means monitoring and tweaking. When you create a "system" don't you fine tune it?
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