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Default EAs - Way out

Originally Posted by Johnnykanoo View Post
Okay guys here are my results so far....

GBP/USD 18 trades [COLOR="Blue"]+11.5 [/COLOR] pf .62 win rate 49.5% 16.17 A.loss-14.89
EUR/USD 31 trades [COLOR="Blue"]+80.7[/COLOR] pf 2.13 win rate 86% 4.75 A.loss -11.83
USD/JPY 7 trades [COLOR="Blue"]+.5[/COLOR] pf .85 win rate 58% 14.05 A.loss -18.57
USD/CHF 30 trades [COLOR="Red"]-26.1[/COLOR] pf .59 win rate 70% 10.83 A.loss -28.17

USD/CAD 25 trades [COLOR="Blue"]+49.4[/COLOR] pf1.18 win rate 83% 11.96 A.loss -50.43
EUR/AUD 12 trades [COLOR="Red"]-2.5[/COLOR] pf 1.03 win rate 68.5% 14.07 A.loss -43.03
AUD/USD 16 trades [COLOR="Blue"]+115.7[/COLOR] pf 3.53 win rate 95% 8.91 A.loss -17.90
EUR/JPY 35 trades [COLOR="Blue"]+128.4[/COLOR] pf 1.03 win rate 91.5% 9.73 A.loss -61.03
AUD/JPY 11 trades [COLOR="Blue"]+36.7[/COLOR] pf .93 win rate 70.5% 13.29 A.loss-23.20
AUD/CAD 11 trades [COLOR="Blue"]+81.3[/COLOR] pf 31.78 win rate 91.5% 8.38 A.loss -2.5
EUR/CAD 27 trades [COLOR="Red"]-61.5[/COLOR] pf .53 win rate 69.5% 8.27 A.loss -39.20

**Some notes**

GBP/USD still sucks so I am keeping my risk reduced for now
EUR/USD doing great and definitely the best performer of the 4 majors
USD/JPY break even at best
USD/CHF a net loser.

USD/CAD performing very solid right now
EUR/AUD basically breakeven
EUR/CHF Dropped. Performance was very poor
AUD/USD Turning into a superstar! Look at her stats! I got my eye on this pair
EUR/JPY still going strong. I have high hopes for this pair
AUD/JPY doing okay
AUD/CAD doing awesome! a profit factor of 31.78 definitely go my eye on this one.
EUR/CAD a net loser overall so far

Gentlemen, It seems to me that for an EA to be said to be performing well, it should be able to run without monitoring and interventions of dropping a particular pair or replacing another.

What we are witnessing now in terms of losses seems to me an evidence that a dependable EA is yet to exist. This is not to say I am against EAs. But I am saying we need honest EA disigners who must be active forex traders collaborating with honest EA coders. This is the way a dependable EA can be brought to existence. Most of the EAs we have currently are developed by brokers' representatives. This is why "LOSS" is usually the end result. If I am wrong, please show me a live account (not marketer's account) that is traded by any EA for 2 years and end up with profit.

Having said that, we can bring about a dependable EA on this forum if designers collaborate with coders.
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