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Well my account has sprung back nicely! I am loving the returns so far! I want to continue to test WSFR, especially alternate pairs. Every time I look my account is climbing. It feels nice but I won't let it go to my head. Last week was humbling for my account and stresses the need for money management. Ea's can and will go into drawdown periods. Sometimes the dd lasts a day sometimes it can last weeks. We have to remain vigilant and constantly analyze our results.

Also the other noteworthy thing I do is constantly test new ea's for there viability to add to my portfolio. Its a process that keeps the account strong for the long haul. BUT I would say in all honesty I see WSFR being a part of my portfolio for months and months and hopefully years and years! This ea itself is very stable. Last week was actually the first time I experienced dd with wally. The alternate pairs may or may not hurt stability thats why I'm testing it. In reality so far the alternate pairs are performing well. I will continue to test.
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