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okay guys my account is having a rough week. To be honest I think MDP may be a part of it. EUR/USD had 2 losers which hurt us a little but overall wallstreet did well. Some of the alternative pairs did real well while some not so much. Lets see what I have so far. I was going to do this analysis over the weekend but I need to "see where I'm at"

EUR/CAD hit a [COLOR="Red"]full stop loss -150[/COLOR] but several small winners totaling 33.7 total net pips -116.3

AUD/CAD had [COLOR="Red"]-2.4[/COLOR] in one trade

USD/CAD had 6 trades, all winners for a total of[COLOR="Blue"] +70.7 [/COLOR] haha! I almost called it CAD/USD guess its been a while since I traded this pair :D

So I will keep USD/CAD at 2% risk but the other two cad's are going fixed lot. .01 or something. EUR/CAD may have potential even though it hit a full s/l

EUR/CHF did real well so far with 11 trades, all winners for a net total of[COLOR="Blue"] +142[/COLOR] that one will remain 2%

USD/CHF on the other hand is keeping it's head above water. I've been running this pair since the beginning. I have dropped risk a little on this one in the past. I think I may hold steady on this one. It has had a total of 15 trades and is net positive with [COLOR="Blue"]+22.2[/COLOR]

AUD/JPY had 1 loser for a net [COLOR="Red"]-9[/COLOR]. Jury's still out but I've seen elsewhere where this pair did well so I will keep my eyes open with this one.

EUR/JPY had 6 trades all winners with a net total of [COLOR="Blue"]+72[/COLOR]. Very nice

USD/JPY I have been running all along has had 3 trades with a net total of [COLOR="Blue"]+10.8[/COLOR]

EUR/AUD had 4 trades 75% win rate and a net total of [COLOR="Blue"]+26.6[/COLOR]

AUD/USD had 4 trades 75% win rate but a net loss of [COLOR="Red"]-1.2[/COLOR]

EUR/USD has had 14 trades somewhere around 73% win rate and a net positive of [COLOR="Blue"]+20.7[/COLOR] Last week was particularly rough with her having 2 losers for a negative total of [COLOR="Red"]-16.6 for the week[/COLOR].

GBP/USD has had 9 trades a lousy 49.5% win rate but a positive net total of [COLOR="Blue"]+28.9 [/COLOR] I will be watching this pair closely risk on this pair is at 10% If it continues to do marginally I will reduce risk to 7.5% If it does poor I will reduce down to 5%

So if anyone is interested, not that it matters as much, but dun da da dun the net totals so far are...........

[COLOR="Blue"]+232 Pips
80 Trades
73% win rate
pf of 1.03


Could be better, could be worse. I will proceed with caution with all the new pairs and GU.

By the weekend I will have stats for MDP as well. It has been a rough week but I think it is still to early.
We have a lot of testing to do to see the overall picture of WSFR

Talk to you guys later,
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