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So, do you know of any EAs that are designed for the more position trader types?

Perhaps any EA can be used for any time frame?
To be honest I can't think of any off the top of my head. Most ea's are definitely more daytrader or scalper than position trader. I will look into it and see if anything worthwhile is out there.

As for wally. I decided to dial down my risk on GU. I had it at a whopping 15% and that is high for her right now. We had 2 big losers since the 15th. It has cost me 8%. If gu continues to suck for the rest of summer it would only take weeks to wipe my account out at that risk level so I am dropping risk down to 10% or around 50% less risk than I have had. I just lost around 4% per trade. If I have another loser of a similar size it will cost 2.5-3% and if I lose another couple of gu trades over the next week I will slash the risk in half to 5% and hopefully only lose around 1%

This is how I do it. I adjust risk and tweak for the long run. If wally's gu trades bounce back and wally starts extrapolating pips from the market again than I will increase my risk back to 15% I would rather lose a little potential profit than lose my equity.
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