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Default Million Dollar Pips

Okay here is an ea that has been on fire lately. Million Dollar Pips

Okay for starters how about some stats?

Since July 7.2011 (9 days ago)

52 trades: 34 winners 18 lost. Risking 1.5% and with a risk:reward of 1:1.18 meaning that you risk 1.5% but your winners earn around 1.77% per trade.

In theory it would look like this 34 winners x 1.77% = 60.18% - 27% (18 losers times 1.5%) for a rough total of around 33% in about 2 trading weeks. This is really just an approximation. My actual growth has been 37.34% in about 2 weeks. On a monthly basis my account is earning 71.1%

This ea is really incredible, but I have a way to make even more money for us. I want to show you something....

I opened an account with hotforex as an affiliate and than signed myself up under my link. Now I get 60% commission on all my trades. Last I looked I had earned $109 on my $600 account! That is 18% in 9 days. My rebates alone are making more money than most traders lol!!! Just kidding.

A lot of people in forex tell you things like oww if he was so successful why does he sell robots, or oww why does he market himself if he is so rich? I think of it as diversification. I never blame anyone who trys to make money. If you have a great product than awesome I hope you get rich. Just don't sell me crap. That is why I like clickbank. They will give you a refund up to 60 days no matter what. I have never ever had a problem getting my money back and believe me I must have asked for a refund 40 or 50 times over the past years.

So this account has a growth of 71% a month and approximately 36% growth if you include the 60% rebate. This is why I get excited, its like even if this robot breaks even I still earn 36% Its a no brainer! and if MDP has a strong month and you earn 71% than guess what you have basically doubled your account!

I'll post more tomorrow but ZI am really excited about this ea. I'm serious, this ea may be the one that takes me over the top! No matter what happens you guys will get my honest no bull doonkie review of how this ea is running, how she's performing. Whats the worst drawdown. Everything. I always run live right away. I just use a small account and see how things go in real trading conditions.

This ea will be very very sensitive to your broker's price feed and spread. You have been warned!! If you have big spreads you will get less trades and less profit. Hotforex currenex is doing great. I hear finfx is pretty good. I will be trading on hf currenex only and my results will come from there.

Anyone else testing this one I would love your results. Just make sure to tell us what broker you are using.

net total of 212.7 pips
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