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Okay I tried to edit my first post and add some stuff but I guess there is a 3 minute limit to edits. Anyway All I really was trying to add that I am going to touch on some things that affect profitability it this or any ea for that matter. I have been running WSFR live on hotforex currenex as of the last week or so and before that it was on a regular hotforex account. I am also running it live on fxopen.

I will compile some stats and put them up for all to see.

In the meantime some things that affect profitablity.

First and foremost, spread. If you are paying a high spread it will chew into your profits. This may not matter to ea's with a larger tp but for a scalper it is a very important consideration.

Another consideration is price feed and trade execution. Some brokers are better than others and all price feeds are different. I have run ea's on demo accounts and live, and I can say the only true way of knowing how an ea will perform is with a live account. Demo account will not suffer slippage, or requotes and therefore will not give you a true picture of an ea's performance

Another consideration is latency. That means how fast do things happen once the ea executes an order. To keep it simple I will just say faster is better. I have a VPS set up in the UK even though I am in the USA. By being physically closer I am getting better latency and therefore better execution.

Are you curious on how you can measure latency? Its actually quite simple (for windows anyway)

First click on start menu and in the search box type CMD
a blackbox will appear on your screen. This is for dos commands.

For hotforex you would type the following

For fxopen you would type ping

Then windows will ping the server and return a report. I know there are more advanced ways to do this but this will give you a good idea of how fast orders are getting executed.

Whoever you are using for a broker can be tested just add your broker's website after the word ping.

just to let you guys know I pinged from my USA desktop and from my UK server. here's the results...

USA to average 141 ms (milli-seconds)
UK to average 26 ms

okay I'll be back with some stats...
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