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Default FX Pusle Awesome Free currency analyzing plugin.

Hi all,

This is a very nice analyser tool that is currently FREE (beta) and available for download from ForexEasy systems.

I dont know how long it will remain free, but its worth downloading it. It has all the on chart inidcators that I use( clock,session time,currency spread,swap,trend colourisation etc..) rolled into one, but the most significant part of this indicator is the real time currency chart reflecting news results in terms of positive/negative impact against current and/or expected forecast and/or previous results.

Have a look at the image.I would recommend checking it out if you think it might be valuable to you in supporting your trading decisions.

Key graphical elements are:
  • Market Direction from the currency pair the trader trades
  • Economic News including accurate forecasts and previous numbers
  • Market time zones to know which financial centers are active
  • Account information including information about spread and margin

Kind regards
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