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Default ZuluTrade may be the answer!

Autotrade the FOREX market like never before! Let ZuluTrade drive trades by specialists into your FX account. (for US citizens) (for non US citizens)

Advantages of trading on Zulutrade:

1. This is regulated business – “ZULUTRADE INC - NFA, CFTC Member ID 0389149”. It means that there is government (US) agency that is regulating what this kind of business can or can not do. This is not 100% protection, but rather peace in mind that this is not “fly by night operation” that will disappeared overnight with client money. The brokers they are working with are also regulated.

2. ZuluTrade is very transparent. Everybody can look up list of hundreds of “signal providers” see their trading history, how they trade, what style is their trading and what one can expect from this trader.

3. Money management is a key to success. On ZuluTrade you as a client can follow “signal provider” rules or can overwrite those rules and adjust them to personal requirements.

4. Auto-trading is an excellent way to participate in Forex market regardless if you want to be involved in trading, learn how to trade or just diversify your holdings.

5. Liquidity is a “king” in this business – with their volume of transactions over 19 billion USD trading volume for 2009 you can be sure that you are not alone when you hold your position and there is time to close it. There is always somebody on the other side to partner with you.

6. You don’t even have to own your own PC or to have your PC on to do all that. There are people out there who will be happy to help you and you will profit from that.

7. They just make money.

8. Anyone can open free 30 day demo account: (for US citizens) (for non US citizens)

To be successful with ZuluTrade you have to follow few simple rules:

1. Do your homework first. Find out who your favorite signal providers are.
Investigate their trades. Look for warning signs like – loosing positions open for an extended period of time and with large losses, large amount of trades open in a short period of time, very large draw down.

2. Do not overlaverage your account.

3. Do not subscribe to more than 1-2 signal providers.

4. Know yourself, size your trading account and your risk tolerance.

5. Design your ZuluTrade portfolio adequately to your trading account size.

6. Before putting real money open demo account (even multiple demo accounts) and trade it like it would be your real money.

7. Learn this business first and then put your money and make profit.

8. Know your local regulations and account for them in your trading.

Trading on ZuluTrade may have many advantages for both new and experienced traders.

ZuluTrade`s auto trading platform is used by not only the occasional traders but also by the BIG investors. Clients using this service may receive the following benefits:

A multitude of brokers believed to be highly respected and established from which clients can select according to their desire.

More than 2,000 signal providers and systems from which clients can select the most appropriate ones according to their risk profile with the help of the innovative and proprietary technology of the ZuluRank algorithm and ZuluTrade`s auto trading platform.

More than 30,000 accounts, 15,500 traders, resulted in more than $100 billion trading volume for 2009.

A 400% growth in live traders in the period of one year. You could be one of them and take advantage of all the benefits offered by ZuluTrade`s platform!
24/7 multilingual support service that we provide to our customers from every corner of the world. (for US citizens) (for non US citizens)

Happy ZuluTrading ;)

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